White Office Chair Reviews: Get More Bang for Your Bucks

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Our pick: The Modway Mid-Back White Leather Office Chair

Ever gone to a friend’s office and the moment you step in you are taken aback by how beautiful it looks? If you take a keen look you will realize that the beauty is mainly due to the furniture in the room. In most cases, the chair plays the biggest part.

There are many benefits to having a white office chair. To begin with, a good office chair offers visual appeal. Secondly, your productivity increases because of the chair’s comfort. Also, you reduce healthcare costs that might come with poor sitting postures.

There are a whole lot of reasons for you to get a white office chair. No color is as neutral as white hence the furniture piece will go well with any décor.

White Leather Desk Chair

You can never go wrong with white office furniture. It gives your office unique style and elegance and you can easily detect any lost stuff.

When looking for a white office chair, you may be confused by the wide variety of options available. White office chairs come in different styles, sizes, and designs and have different features.

However, you need to know exactly what you want from a chair as this will help you to choose the perfect white office chair. While there are many things to consider when buying an office chair, we would advise you to focus on the major ones.

Comparison Table: the Best White Office Chairs 

The Best White Office Chair


L x W x H (Inches)

Maximum Weight





Out of 5

22.5 x 26 x 37.5



Chrome Aluminum & Vinyl


16 x 18 x 19


PU Leather and Metal


13.8 x 25.5 x 29



Leather & Heavy-Duty Nylon


24.5 x 26 x 37


Suspension Fabric, Foam, & Metal


16.5 x 17 x 34.8


High-Density Polymer & Chrome


25.8 x 27.5 x 43.5


Nylon, Mesh, & Foam


Things to Consider When Buying a White Office Chair

  • The Material: Consider the material of the chair you are buying; do you want a leather chair or one made of fabric? Keep in mind that the material will determine the chair’s durability and maintenance.
  • The Price: You should set a budget. This will help you to narrow down your search as you won’t be looking at chairs that are way beyond your financial capability.
  • Adjustability: Most chairs have adjustable heights. Others have arms and backrests that are adjustable. Get a white office chair with adjustable height. Look at the adjustment range and other adjustments that are possible with the chair.
  • Lumbar Support: Having a seat with adjustable height is common, but getting one with lumbar support is rare. Look for one with lumbar support.
  • Ergonomic Armrests: Like we previously stated, some white office chairs have adjustable arms. Armrests, too, can be ergonomic. Get a white office chair with padded and ergonomic armrests to increase efficiency when typing or doing any task.
  • The Size: How big or small is the chair? Will it be ideal for your desk? There’s no need to buy a chair only to realize that it is too small for you or too big for your desk.
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: Chairs have a maximum recommended weight that you should take seriously. The higher the maximum recommended weight, the better.
  • Control of the Chair: Some chairs have tilt knobs and height levers to help you control their position and posture.
  • Other Important Features: You may be looking for a white office chair that merges style with function. Do you want a chair with wheels? Want one that swivels? Which other additional feature is important to you? Think of these when buying the chair.

To make it easier for you to choose the best white office chair, we have reviewed six great options. You don’t have to search online for hours on end, simply pick the one you like.

The Finest White Office Chair: 6 Picks

Our top honor goes to the Modway white office chair. It is an office chair worth buying. Modern and stylish, it is thoughtfully designed and has ribbed sling seating. It offers you ergonomic support as you go about your daily tasks and allows you to move around however you want. 

It can rotate 3600 and is constructed in a superior manner. It is built for everyday use and boasts a chrome aluminum frame. The chair can easily move around thanks to its five wheels. You do not have to worry about the height too much as it is adjustable.

The Modway white office chair is 22.5 inches long, 26 inches wide and the height can be adjusted between 35 inches to 37.5 inches. The seat, on the other hand, is 19.5 inches long and 19.5 inches wide while the backrest is 17.5 inches wide and 18 inches high. The armrest is 8 inches above the seat.

This white vinyl office chair is very flexible. Its base has five wheels which help you to move around without having to get off your comfort zone. The chrome-plated aluminum frame makes it strong and easy to clean.

The arms are also made from chrome-coated aluminum and are sturdy and durable. To make it easy for you to type, the armrests are designed to maximize a 90° wrist angling. The durable backrest is ribbed and provides you with maximum support.
So, how do you assemble it? Easy.

Start by attaching the wheels to the base then slide the stem into the base. Afterwards, mount the seat onto the stem. Secure the arms with bolts and cover the bolt holes using the plastic pieces provided. You’re done!


  • The ribbed sling seating which makes the chair so comfortable
  • It offers ergonomic lumbar support
  • The height is adjustable
  • The frame is made of chrome-coated aluminum which is strong and long-lasting
  • The seat is sturdy
  • The seat, backrest, and armrests are padded
  • The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs
  • The seat can rotate 3600
  • It is easy to assemble


  • The ribbing makes it difficult to clean the chair
  • It is not as comfortable as most expensive chairs – has a stiff back

This posh computer chair is the symbol of comfort and flair. It offers you everything you need in an office chair – and then some. You’ll love its white appearance and PU leather material. It is easy to clean and does not allow dust to seep through.

Its soft seat and backrest have ample padding and you’ll never get tired even when you work for long hours. The white office chair is not only water-resistant but also oil-resistant. It measures 18” by 16”, while its height can be adjusted between 16” and 19” – thanks to the pneumatic gas lift.

To make moving around easy, the chair has 5 wheels and its seat has the ability to swivel 3600! The seat and the backrest are large as well. Once you order this chair, it is shipped with all bolts and tools required to assemble it, plus extra bolts. Its base is metallic, making it sturdy and heavy.

Assembling this chair is easy, you’ll take less than fifteen minutes. To help you adjust the seat to a height of your own preference, there is a lever under the seat that you can use to lift or lower it.

It can also be used to recline the seat or prevent it from reclining by pulling it out or pushing it in.

There’s a tilt tension knob that can be twisted clockwise to ease seat reclining or twisted anti-clockwise to make reclining impossible.

How do you set it up? Well, the five wheels are already fitted onto the metallic base. Above the base is a pneumatic gas lift that will help with adjusting the seat.

Four bolts are used to secure the tilt knob while the seat’s front end is lined up with that of the base before being screwed. Each bolt is screwed half-way then tightened with the 5mm allen wrench that comes with the unit.

This leather office chair weighs 18 pounds and supports up to 225 lbs.
Finally, the seat is set on top of the cylinder that is on the metal base.


  • It is made of PU leather and doesn’t allow dirt to seep through
  • This chair is easy to clean
  • It is water-proof and oil-proof
  • It is adjustable
  • The seat is sturdy, supported by an equally sturdy metal base
  • The seat can easily move around a carpeted room, thanks to the five wheels
  • You can swivel 3600 with this chair
  • The PU soft leather has some padding to make sitting more comfortable
  • It is easy to assemble


  • The highest height of this chair may still be too low for some people
  • The chair’s bolts may come out after some time
  • The chair is quite heavy. If you have kids, ensure they stay away from it as it might fall on them and injure them

This white desk chair flaunts an ultra-contemporary design that makes it stand out from the crowd. With inbuilt lumbar support and a headrest that promotes a healthy posture, it reduces back strain and muscle fatigue. Its stylish flip-up arms are padded to alleviate pressure from your shoulders and neck, flipping up and out of the way as required.

The chair’s leather upholstery is comfy and stylish and features contrasting inserts that beautifully accentuate its white color. The seat is padded with 3 inches of fire retardant foam and has a unique edge designed to relieve pressure and support healthy blood flow. Under the seat is a tilt tension and adjustment knob that you can use to regulate the amount of force you need to rock or recline your chair.

Use the tilt lock mechanism to lock your white office chair in place and adjust its height using the pneumatic height adjustment lever, also located under the seat.

As for the base, it is one of the sturdiest you’ll ever come across in a chair. It is made of heavy duty white nylon and features black end-caps and dual wheel-casters that match the white color beautifully.

These wheels ensure that you do not have a difficult time moving around the office. Just like the other chairs, this one is also made from leather, something that makes cleaning it easy. It measures 29” x 13.8” x 25” and weighs 41 pounds.

Weight limit? You can weigh 300 lbs but still spend your whole day in this chair.


  • The design of this white office chair is something else
  • It offers lumbar support
  • It promotes healthy blood flow
  • The flip-up arms make the chair easy to use
  • It has adjustable height
  • It can support up to 300 lbs
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • The upholstery may peel off after sometime
  • The armrests aren’t very strong

Herman Miller is synonymous with innovative designs. This award-winning white office chair attests to that. It is super-elegant and will look stylish wherever it is placed. It stands out for two innovations; the ArcSpan and the Y-tower. The Y-tower is the backbone that provides support and stretches the suspension fabric while the ArcSpan anchors the fabric and also shapes the back.

When getting a white office chair for your home or traditional office, it is important to consider the shape. This white office chair boasts an organic shape that makes it look stunning from every angle.

If you’re an environmental-conscious person, don’t hesitate to get it. Why? It is 93% recyclable and most of its structural elements are hollowed out, something that greatly reduces its volume and weight. The chair is not only eco-friendly but greatly dematerialized.

The best feature of this chair is its 3D intelligent technology. 

It has a 3D intelligent suspension back that eliminates the need for a frame and hard edges as it offers all the support you need. 

Totally flexible, it adjusts itself to accommodate different body shapes.

The arms are 9.8 inches above the seat and they are fixed hence you cannot adjust them.

The height can be adjusted between 15.5 inches and 20 inches. The chair weighs 38 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs (159 kgs).

This white office chair gives you an unmatched level of freedom without compromising your comfort. To cap it all, it comes with a 12-year warranty!


  • This office chair is eco-friendly and dematerialized
  • It features 3D intelligence technology
  • It has two awesome innovations: the ArcSpan and the Y-tower
  • It has a breathable unframed back
  • It can support up to 350 lbs
  • Comes with a 12-year warranty


  • The arms cannot be adjusted as they are fixed
  • If you lean on it, you can’t type comfortably

Picture yourself sitting on this very comfy white swivel chair that’s molded like a tractor. Won’t you have a great time? It weighs only 8 pounds so you won’t have a problem moving it around. Its plastic seat is designed in such a way that it offers maximum comfort to your legs.

This contemporary white office chair is constructed using high-density polymer and has a heavy duty chrome base. The backrest is supported by two metallic bars which you can get rid of if you want to convert your chair into a stool. The chair is tremendously comfortable and can rotate 3600, giving you easy access to anything you want.

If you want to get something that’s beyond your reach but you’re too tired to get off your comfortable chair, make use of the dual wheel casters on the base to move around the room easily.

The chair’s height is adjustable between 18 inches and 24 inches. A pneumatic adjustment lever allows you to increase or decrease the height to your liking.

If you’re worried about this white swivel chair taking up a lot of space in your room or workplace, don’t be. It is only 17 inches long, 16.5 inches wide and 34.8 inches high. However, it is important to note that the chair is designed for residential use only. Its maximum recommended weight is 250 lbs.


  • It is one of the lightest office chairs – only weighs 8 pounds
  • The chair is adjustable between 18 inches and 24 inches
  • It has a small frame and doesn’t consume a lot of space
  • The molded tractor seat makes it comfortable
  • You can easily get rid of the backrest and convert it to a stool if need be
  • It can rotate 360°, helping you to easily move around
  • It has dual wheel casters
  • It is very easy to assemble


  • This chair is designed for residential use only
  • The seat is made from plastic
  • The backrest forces you to sit upright, you can’t always lean on it as it might not support heavy weights

This gorgeous chair closes off our roundup of the best white office chairs. It gives you numerous options to increase your comfort and productivity. No matter how high the temperature gets, this chair will ensure proper air circulation thanks to the transparent wire mesh on its back.

Inbuilt lumbar support prevents your back from straining. In fact, you can adjust the height of the backrest by two inches above or below the set level. As well, you can alter the seat’s height, back angle, or tilt angle using the paddle mechanisms just beneath it.

The three paddles under the seat have different functions: one adjusts the height, the second adjusts the seat angle, and the third one adjusts the back angle by almost 45 degrees.

This white computer chair’s seat is filled with two inches of fire retardant foam to boost your comfort as you sit. To take some pressure off your neck and shoulders, adjust the arms which are padded.

If you want to reduce or increase the pressure needed to recline or rock, simply twist the tilt tension adjustment knob. To lock the seat in place, make use of the multi-lock system.

The base of this white office chair is sturdy and durable, made of nylon with silver highlights. You can easily move the chair across a room without causing any harm to the floor or carpet thanks to the dual wheel casters. The chair weighs 36.94 lbs and measures 27.5” x 25.8” x 43.5”.

Despite the base being sturdy, the dual wheel casters are made of plastic.


  • This white office chair has inbuilt lumbar support
  • It offers various options to increase your comfort and efficiency
  • It is easy to clean
  • Apart from being stylish, it is extremely durable
  • The wire mesh on the chair’s back allows free circulation of air
  • You can adjust the backrest’s height by 2 inches up or down
  • The seat is fitted with fire-retardant foam which enhances your comfort
  • The chair has dual wheel casters which make moving around easy
  • The base is sturdy enough to support your weight
  • The arms are adjustable


  • The wheel casters are made from plastic hence not strong enough
  • The arms don’t last long
  • It is not ideal for tall people

As you can see, choosing the best white office chair is not an easy task. They all look classy, beautiful and you might spend the whole day trying to make a decision. Choose a chair based on your needs, how you work, and your budget.

A white office chair is perfect for any office because it goes well with any décor. We’ve made the job easy for you, simply read the reviews and choose the chair you like best. Buy a seat that will rock your world for longer!

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