Where to Buy Used Office Furniture

where to Where to buy used office furniture

Anyone would choose new furniture over used furniture. But if you’re just starting a new company or setting up a home office you might not have the budget for brand new furniture.

The high prices may push you to opt for used furniture.

Most times, the used furniture on sale has been gently used and is still in great condition. However, depending on the source you’ll need to inspect it, just in case.

Wondering where to buy used office furniture? We’ve got you covered:

Local Consignment Shops

Your local area might have a consignment shop. Usually, these shops buy furniture from owners looking to let go of it. Pop in and find what you like, within your budget. The great thing about this source is you can see the items physically, so you know exactly how they look. Also, you don’t spend on shipping. Just load your furniture on your truck and drive home.


This online platform has some items with a fixed price while other items require you to place a bid on them. If the furniture you like is popular, there’ll be several bids on it, making the final selling price high. Less popular items with fewer bids will be cheaper. Some sellers may list their items as ‘local pick-up only’. Sellers that include ‘free international shipping’ will have a high price point.

Facebook Marketplaces

Facebook contains several pages and groups for users to buy and sell items. It’s a popular way for buyers and sellers to connect and trade. It doesn’t cost a penny to access these marketplaces. As long as you have a Facebook account, you’re good. Delivery of your used furniture is dependent on the seller who may agree to deliver at an extra cost.


Buy your used office furniture on this popular online platform. With lots of traffic and no charge for sellers to post their items, you’re bound to find a sea of office furniture items to choose from. The prices are generally low and can be negotiated. Agree with the buyer whether they will deliver or you will pick up the furniture.

Garage Sales

Look out for garage sales in your neighborhood. Your neighbor might have some office furniture that you can use in your home office. Usually, garage sale prices are low and you can negotiate with the seller. You can physically inspect the furniture to confirm that it is in good working condition. Since you’re in the neighborhood, you can take it home as soon as you pay for it.


This platform is not limited to handmade crafts as many buyers may think. It’s also a great source for unique and vintage furniture. Some office furniture items include rustic office desks, distressed wood desks, custom handmade desks, midcentury stackable office chairs, and much more. These items are generally more expensive than other sources but if you want a unique piece, it’s well worth it.

Apt Deco

AptDeco is an online platform with a variety of used office furniture items like ergonomic office chairs, leather office chairs, wooden and industrial desks. The platform verifies its sellers and ensures that items are in good condition. If you’re in the New York greater area you can agree with the seller whether you’ll pick it up or they’ll deliver it.


Finesse and elegance is what 1stdibs is all about. If you’re into not-so-new unique, quality pieces, this is one of the best places to be. The platform vets all the sellers to ensure quality and high standards. They also handle shipping and offer buyer protection. The vintage office pieces are highly-priced, but you have the option to check out their sales section for items up to 60% off.


When thinking about where to buy used office furniture, you probably won’t think about Pinterest, but you should. Pinterest is a visual platform used by 250 million people per month. Businesses and individual sellers have discovered that they can use high-quality images to sell their items here. Get onto the platform and search for used office furniture, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Are you looking for upscale, vintage pieces to compliment your office space? The prices of pre-owned office furniture on Chairish are definitely higher than other platforms. However, they are carefully selected and high quality is assured. Also, you can find good deals in the sales section. You’ll find modern, vintage, mid-century and antique office furniture.

Buying Tips and Cautions

Before you make the decision to buy any used office furniture, make sure you have inspected it well. This especially applies to consignment stores and yard sales. If you’re shipping in the furniture, you can arrange with the seller to offer a limited warranty. This will assure you that the furniture will be in good condition when you receive it.

Are you shipping in the furniture? Confirm the total shipping amount with your shippers beforehand. Read the fine print to ensure there are no hidden costs. Make sure the total cost is not more than the cost of a new item.

You can combine old and new to create the look you want at a low cost. For example, you can buy used office chairs and fit them with new upholstery. The fabric can be in the design or color you want, or that matches the rest of your office.

Create connections with your neighbors at home and at work. If you work in an office building, let the estate's manager and neighboring offices know that you are looking for used furniture. In case one of the tenants is vacating and selling theirs, you’ll be the first to know.

Now you know where to buy used office furniture and what buying tips to follow. Whether you’re into vintage and unique, or comfortable with the ordinary, there are sources for everyone. Don’t make a rushed decision. Do your research until you’ve found furniture items that compliment your workspace and are within your budget.

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