What is a Credenza Desk?

What is a credenza desk

A credenza desk is a desk that looks like a credenza. It's typically placed next to the wall and used as extra desk and storage space in an office. 

It should be close enough to a user’s desk so that they can easily reach it by turning or wheeling their chair to it. Most times, owners will place their computer on it and use it from this desk. 

Other furniture pieces similar to the credenza include a sideboard, console cabinet, and a buffet. Over the years, these terms have been used interchangeably causing confusion. Interestingly, even furniture makers and sellers confuse these items.

These pieces are distinctively different and each serves a unique purpose. Probably this confusion is due to the history and evolution of this unique piece.

A Brief History of the Credenza

In the 14th century in Italy, credenzas were simply decorative furniture pieces. The word ‘credenza’ originates from the English word ‘credential’ and the Latin word for ‘trust’. Later on, in the 16th century, the aristocrats faced a prevalence of food and drink poisoning in their homes.

The servants in these homes practiced the custom of testing food and drinks for poison before serving their noble guests.

This practice became known as ‘credenza’. Later on, the testing room became known as ‘credenza’ and after that term was used to describe the furniture item on which these servants placed the food and drinks for testing.

Over the years, the design and use of the credenza have evolved and taken on many forms. From the dining room to the office, it has served as a decorative piece, a serving table, and office storage space.

How a Credenza Differs from a Sideboard, Buffet, and a Console Cabinet


Sideboards are typically used in the dining room or living room. They have ample storage space for table cloths, napkins, serving ware, and dishes.

They are versatile and they can be used to serve food or as an entertainment center. Some sideboards even have a hutch to display decorative pieces.


A buffet is similar to a sideboard, however, it has more spacious cabinets and shorter legs than a credenza and a desk. Therefore it sits lower than a credenza and sideboard.

It’s perfect for serving food and drinks to your guests, especially the younger ones because they can easily reach the surface. They store cutlery, plates, glasses, and linen.

Console Cabinet

A console cabinet comes in various shapes and sizes. It is typically placed in the living room or bedroom to hide electronics.

A console in the living room is a low table with the TV sitting on it and drawers to hide the wires. In the bedroom, owners hide the TV in a console cabinet with doors.

Design and Features of the Credenza Desk

In the past, credenzas were designed to stand flat on the floor without legs. Most modern credenza desks are flat and a bit lower than the main desks. They have a long shape with lots of surface space, sliding doors, and short slender legs.

Some credenzas have a hutch above the flat working surface. This hutch includes a set of drawers, shelves, and a nook. Credenzas are now used more in the office as credenza desks providing ample work surface and storage in addition to the main desk.

Uses and Benefits of a Credenza Desk

The credenza desk is a unique furniture piece that stylishly provides extra storage space in an office. The fact that some of them are low lying without a hutch is great. It means that if you require additional storage surfaces, you can easily and cheaply install floating shelves above it.

Provides Extra Work Surface

When you are tackling a large project in the office, lots of paperwork is inevitable. You’ll need all the surface space you can get. The credenza desk provides the additional space you need to lay your files and documents.

Useful for Meetings and Collaborations

The credenza desk is useful when you’re holding meetings in your office or collaborating with other colleagues on certain projects. You’ll all be able to spread out and comfortably take down notes and open files.

Keeps Your Office Organized With Extra Storage

This desk is a solution to unsightly clutter. You can keep all the items you don’t need on a daily basis inside the desk.

These include some basic office supplies and paperwork, which you can easily access when you need them. You can use the flat surface to display family photos, office décor or a lamp.

Sophistication and Style

Various credenza desks are designed for top-level executive offices. Their unique style and sophisticated designs will give you an instant status upgrade.

Various Styles

Credenza desks are made in various styles, materials, and finishing. This means that they can fit in any office with its preexisting décor and style.

Keeps You Focused

Some credenza desks come with a wall design. When you’re working at your desk, this design prevents distractions and keeps you focused on your work.

Types of Credenza Desks

Credenza desks come in various styles and the type of credenza desk you buy will depend on where you will place it and what you will use it for.

Executive Credenza Desk

Having a large executive office space will give you the freedom to choose a large-sized, elaborate executive credenza desk to compliment your decor. The rich and dark finish on most executive credenzas will give your office and executive and stylish touch.

Home Office Credenza Desk

For a home office, it’s important to select a credenza desk that is practical while properly utilizing the available space. A desk that has drawers, cabinets and a hutch will give you the storage you need to keep your home office organized.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a combination of ample storage, functionality, and style for your office space, the credenza desk offers it all. Their stylish and sophisticated designs will brighten up your workspace and give it a touch of class.

Some credenzas come with matching desks. If you don’t have a desk yet, why not invest in a credenza that comes with one.

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