Metal Desk Reviews: Top 6 Options

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Our pick:  Crank Adjustable Metal Desk

You need a desk for your office and you think any desk will do, right? Wrong.

Ever spent a long day at the office and by the end of the day you were feeling miserable? Your back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet hurt – even your fingers and hands because you spent most of the day typing. That’s probably because you were using the wrong office desk, and chair.

wood metal desk

The right desk can increase your level of comfort and determine how productive you are each day.

It can make the difference between being happy and miserable at the end of the day. And wouldn’t you rather be happy than grumpy at the end of each day?

But as we said earlier, any desk won’t do. You need a desk that’s comfortable (think ergonomics), stylish, functional, sturdy, and durable. 

With these features in mind, we scoured the worldwide web and came up with a list of the best metal desks. We won’t take too much of your precious time, let’s get right to it.

Comparison Table: Best Metal Desk

The Best Metal Desk


D x W x H (Inches)





Out of 5

Adjustable Metal Desk

28.25 x 59 x 33.5 - 47.25


Metal & Melamine


Metal Computer Desk

24 x 50 x 29.5 - 44.25


Steel, Particle Board & Vinyl


WE Furniture Glass and Metal Desk

20 x 51 x 29


Steel and Tempered Glass


Folding Steel Desk

23.5 x 48 x 30


Steel & Particle Board


Wood and Metal Desk

23.6 x 55 x 29.2



Metal & Thick MDF


Metal Frame Desk

24 x 60 x 30



Metal & Veneer


The Best Metal Desk

The perfect combination of quality and affordability, this adjustable metal desk is what you need if you are a hardworking professional who is conscious about your health.

Forget about sitting at a desk for long hours on end – and acquiring many lifestyle diseases in the process – this desk is what you need if you want to say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle.

There are many reasons to love this adjustable metal desk. For starters, it is ergonomic. Secondly, it has a strong frame and two gorgeous desktops.

Thirdly, you can change its height in under a minute. The desk is mobile and made to last. It allows you to change the look of your office any time you want as you can move it to any part of the room.

Crank Adjustable Metal Desk

The best thing about this metal desk is that you can use it while sitting or standing. It is easy to adjust and features two tiers: a lower surface and an upper surface. The height for the lower surface ranges between 29 inches and 43 inches while the height for the upper surface is between 33.5 inches and 47.4 inches. The desk meets ANSI/BIFMA standards for safety and performance.

Both of the tiers have 59-inch work surfaces. The upper surface is 14 inches deep while the lower one is 16 inches deep. The two are separated by 4.6 inches of space. This ensures your monitor and keyboard are always at the proper height.

The metal desk promotes ergonomics by ensuring your arms maintain a 90-degree angle as you type. Its upper surface keeps your monitor or PC at eye level, boosting posture and diminishing discomfort.

The desk is fitted with casters at its bottom that enable it to move smoothly on different surfaces. When you find a perfect spot for it simply lock the front wheels.

This adjustable metal desk offers long-lasting health benefits. It helps you to burn more calories, improves your posture, and boosts your productivity. If you get tired because of standing, adjust the desk to sitting mode and take a break for a few minutes.

The metal desk is highly durable as its frame is made of resilient steel. The steel is powder coated to enhance its style and durability. The desk’s overall dimensions are 59 inches (width), 28.5 inches (depth), and 33.5 – 47.6 inches (height). It comes with all the tools you need to assemble it.

We could go on and on about the amazing features of this adjustable metal desk, but we don’t want to bore you with the tiniest details. Simply get it then tell us what you love about it.


  • It is a perfect fusion of quality and affordability
  • It meets ANSI/BIFMA standards for performance and safety
  • It has a strong and hard-wearing steel frame
  • It is well constructed and all its metal parts are heavy-duty with solid welds
  • It is mobile and allows you to change your office’s style whenever you want
  • It is ergonomic and ensures you maintain a healthy posture as you work
  • It has two working surfaces that allow you to sit or stand. Additionally, both surfaces are spacious
  • The desk’s crank allows you to easily adjust it from sitting to standing position – has a built-in height adjustment mechanism
  • Its casters are heavy screw-in casters and the front ones have locks. The desk slides effortlessly
  • The working surfaces are made of high-quality vinyl veneer which is easy to care for
  • The crank handle isn’t bolted on so you can remove it and put it out of the way when you’re not using it


  • The bolt that’s supposed to go through the steel support just under the keyboard is way too long. As you tighten the bolt into the fixed nut on the underside, you have to keep checking the desktop as the bolt will go through it and form a lump if you are not careful
  • Instructions are in form of pictures, not words

Looking for a comfortable workstation that keeps your office essentials close by? Get the Studio Designs metal computer desk. It will help you to create a small workplace at home or in the office. The three-piece unit offers a comfortable working surface and comes with an adjustable desktop.

The metal desk’s top is adjustable (up to 20 degrees) and features a pencil ledge that slides and locks into place. Because the desk is adjustable, it is perfect for both artistic work and desk work. The feet of the desk are fitted with floor levelers which lend stability to the desk even on uneven floors.

A padded stool and 3 drawers increase the convenience of this desk.

When you get it, you won’t have to buy an office chair separately. 

Both the desk and stool feature heavy gauge steel construction for durability.

Studio Designs Metal Computer Desk

There is a long shelf beneath the desktop that offers additional storage. But the shelf might limit your leg room so you may want to think twice about installing it.

This metal desk provides plenty of space for office supplies and other accessories. You’ll also like the padded stool which is convenient and comfortable. The desk comes in a variety of colors like white, blue, pink, purple, and silver.

The metal desk is 50 inches wide, 23.75 inches deep, and its height ranges between 29.5 inches and 35.5 inches. The working surface is 23.75 inches deep and 36 inches wide.


  • The edges of the desk are smooth and the finish looks awesome
  • The desk is ideal for both artistic and office work
  • Both the desk and the stool feature heavy gauge steel construction
  • The desk features a sliding pencil ledge that locks into place
  • It comes with a padded stool
  • The desk offers storage in its 3 drawers and bottom shelf
  • It comes with levelers which make it stable on any floor
  • The desktop can be adjusted up to 20 degrees
  • When assembled properly, it is very sturdy. Use a drill and not an Allen wrench when putting it together and it will be solid
  • While some parts of the desk are made with particle board, it doesn’t look cheap


  • Assembly directions are in form of pictures
  • The stool is not comfortable and is small for adults
  • To assemble the stool, you need a 4-head screwdriver which is not included
  • The 3 drawers are lightweight and cannot hold heavy accessories
  • The welding job could have been better

3. WE Furniture Glass and Metal L Shaped Desk

Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This desk is the personification of simplicity. It has a simple, attractive design and is devoid of shelves and drawers.

But this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have ample space. It has a spacious desktop that can hold several monitors. If you have a single monitor or pc, you can place accessories on the desktop – like a family picture, a desk plant, or a desktop aquarium.

Crafted with thick tempered glass and long-lasting steel, this glass and metal desk is very popular.

You’ll love it for its versatility; it looks good in a home office, a traditional office, and even in a transitional office. The desk’s sleek contemporary design makes it look good anywhere.

WE Furniture Glass and Metal Desk

The desktop and the pull-out keyboard tray are made of 6 mm smoked tempered glass. The glass is polished and beveled and is both strong and safe. The desktop is comprised of two rectangular pieces and a corner piece.

The corner piece adds more space to the desktop. The rectangular pieces are 21 inches deep and the corner piece is shaped like a quarter-circle. Join all three together and you have a spacious desktop that’s the envy of all office workers.

Since the desktop is made of clear glass, it doesn’t take attention away from the décor in a room but complements it beautifully. Another integral part of the desk is the independent CPU stand. You can place it wherever you want to create more room under the desk. You can mount the keyboard tray on the left side or the right side of the desk.

The desk’s frame is made of steel. It is powder coated to make it both beautiful and durable. If you are not too fond of the black frame and clear desktop, you can get the desk in another color. It is also available in black, white, silver, and smoke colors.

This glass and metal desk makes a lovely addition to any home or office and will accentuate any item placed on it. It measures 29 inches (height), 20 inches (depth), and 51 inches (width). It ships with step-by-step instructions so you shouldn’t have a hard time assembling it.


  • The desk is solid and looks very professional
  • You can use it as a single desk or separate it into two desks
  • You won’t complain about leg room as it offers more than enough
  • The desktop is made of polished, beveled, tempered glass
  • The desktop is spacious and can hold several monitors
  • The desk’s frame is made of steel
  • Its glass top is easy to clean. In addition, the edges of the glass are not sharp so you never have to worry about hurting yourself
  • It comes with additional screws which are very handy if some go missing
  • Each of the parts is clearly labeled for easy assembly


  • There is no storage option
  • The pull-out keyboard shelf is small
  • The desk is hard to put together as the bolts that come with it don’t easily screw in
  • The glass desktop is supported by suction cups
  • There are no cable-management features so you have to find your own solutions
  • While WE Furniture ships an Allen wrench with the desk, it is not of high quality. You have to use a drill if you want assembly to go smoothly

Perfect for those who have limited space, the Origami folding metal desk is easy to open and close. You can use it in your living room for work and quickly put it away if you have guests coming over. You can also use it in the bedroom, guest room, or any other room.

The metal desk is easy to assemble as it doesn’t require any tools whatsoever.

It features two-part construction which makes it lightweight. 

You can easily move it from one room to another with ease. While it is lightweight, do not take that to mean that it’s flimsy.

Origami Folding Steel Desk

The desk has a steel frame which makes it very tough. You can use it every single day and it will not fall apart.

When you’re not using the metal desk, fold it and put it out of the way. It folds flat so you can store it under a sofa, a bed, or another furniture piece. You can open and close the desk in less than 40 seconds.

The desktop is detachable and makes the desk very easy to store. When you want to use it again, unfold the frame and place the desktop on it. The metal desk features a two-piece folding system with dual locks.

The desktop is roomy and offers 7sq feet of space. It can accommodate a monitor, a keyboard, and a few office essentials. There is a large shelf underneath the desktop that can hold a computer tower and a few other items. Place your computer tower on it and keep it away from dust. The desktop is made from particle board.

The Origami folding metal desk comes with levelers that keep it stable on all surfaces. When the desk is open, it is 30 inches high, 23.5 inches wide, and 48 inches long. When it is folded, it is 6.25 inches high, 25 inches wide, and 51 inches long. The shelf measures 23.5 inches x 28 inches.


  • The metal desk is very easy to assemble as you don’t need tools
  • It is well constructed and very strong
  • It has a large desktop that can hold a monitor, a keyboard, and other accessories
  • You can open and close the desk in seconds
  • It is lightweight and you can easily move it from room to room
  • It has floor levelers which keep it stable on different surfaces
  • The shelf beneath the desktop can hold a CPU tower and a few office supplies
  • The desktop is detachable, which makes the desk easy to store
  • The desk has a 2-piece folding system with dual locks


  • It does not have a keyboard drawer
  • The shelf beneath the desktop limits the leg room. If you like to move your feet a lot as you work, this desk may not be ideal for you
  • The desktop scratches easily as it is made of particle board

The modern Tribesigns wood and computer desk is simple yet stunning. While it is small in size, it has space for everything you need while working. Its desktop can accommodate a monitor, printer, stationery, and writing or study materials.

The desk offers plenty of leg room – the height from the floor to the desktop is 29.2 inches – and is perfect for tall people. Its small profile makes it perfect for small rooms.

This metal desk features a minimalist design and looks good in any work space. Its open concept makes a room look sleek and modern.

The desk is versatile and can be used in a home office, a modern office, a bedroom, or a dorm room. You can use it for work, as a craft table, or for other activities. It has black legs and a light walnut desktop.

Tribesigns Wood and Metal Desk

Adjustable leg pads keep this metal desk even on uneven floors. The pads allow the legs to adjust 1-2 cm. The desk has a heavy-duty powder coated steel frame and legs which make it very durable. The frame measures 1.57” x 1.57” and is sturdy enough to hold heavy objects. The track-style legs give it lots of stability.

The desktop of this metal desk is made of thick medium density fiberboard and is resistant to water and scratches. It has a laminate finish which protects it from normal wear and tear. E1 MDF is used to make the desk, a material that is both safe and hard-wearing.

This metal desk is easy to assemble. All you need to do is attach the 4 legs and the 2 bars for the legs using a hex key. The whole process should take you no more than 20 minutes. When attaching the legs, make sure that the holes align.

The dimensions of this metal desk are 55 inches (length), 29.2 inches (height), and 23.6 inches (width). It weighs 63.8 lbs. and can hold up to 900 lbs., more than 10 times its weight.


  • The metal desk has a minimalist design that makes an office look modern
  • Tribesigns offers 18 months quality assurance for the desk
  • The desk is versatile and can be used in different places
  • Its desktop is made of E1 MDF, a safe material
  • The desktop has a laminate finish which is water-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • The desk can support up to 900 lbs, more than 10 times its weight
  • It has a metal frame and legs which make it stable and durable
  • It is very easy to assemble as all you need to do is attach the 4 legs and 2 bars. All the tools you need to assemble it are included
  • It is a great desk for the price


  • The MDF desktop has a texture which makes it impossible to use it for writing
  • The support beams that run under the desktop are large and set right at the edge. This makes it hard to put a chair under them and monitor arms may not clamp to the edge

6. Monarch Specialties Metal Frame Desk

The first things you’ll notice about this desk are its minimalist design and unique style. Unlike other desks, it has a floating desktop and track metal legs.

Its white color makes it a perfect addition to any home or traditional office. It makes a room bright and airy and does not draw attention to itself. Instead, it complements the décor objects and beautifully highlights them.

The Monarch Specialties metal desk gives a room a minimalist, contemporary ambience. If you work better in a place with no clutter, you’ll love this desk.

It perfectly merges function, style, and durability. Its sleek style will make even the dullest of rooms to come alive. Pair it with a white office chair and complete the look of your office.

Monarch Specialties Metal Frame Desk

The metal desk provides sufficient storage in its two storage drawers and one file drawer. The file drawer accommodates letter-size hanging file folders. The useful storage options will help you to stay organized and ensure items don’t clutter your desktop. The drawers have metal pulls which go well with the metal legs.


  • It makes an office look bright, airy, and modern
  • Its storage options allow you to have a clutter-free desktop
  • Its metal track legs/frame give it a very unique look and also make it very durable
  • Its floating desktop enhances its looks and makes it a focal point in any office
  • The desktop is large and can hold at least 2 monitors
  • The desk is very sturdy and does not wobble


  • The drawers are not of good quality
  • When assembling the desk, you have to insert the metal rods (the legs) in the drawers before screwing the desk together. Don’t attempt to insert them afterwards as they will not bend to accommodate the drawers. This crucial piece of information is missing in the instructions

We all know that no office is equal to another. Whether you work in a home office, a traditional office, or a transitional office, there are specific features you want your desk to have. You need a desk that reflects your personality and helps you to stay productive and creative.

We’ve created this informative list of metal desks with you in mind. Each metal desk is different from the other but they all have one thing in common: some great features. Get the perfect one for your office and transform its look.

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