The Best Loft Beds with Desk

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Our pick: DONCO Kids Loft Bed with Desk

Are you looking for loft beds with desk for yourself or your kids? You’ve come to the right place. A loft bed is ideal for tight spaces because it offers usable space underneath.

Bed Desk Combo

Unlike a bunk bed, it doesn’t have a second bed. This enables it to provide space for reading, playing, or studying.

Loft beds are not only ideal for kids, they are perfect for busy professionals who want a multipurpose furniture piece or young people who want functional furniture for their dorm room or first apartment.

We know that choosing the best loft beds with desk can be a difficult task as there are plenty of options out there. That’s why we’ve created this list. Go through it and pick the one that suits you perfectly.

One thing is for sure, a full size loft bed with desk will allow you to make the most of space.

Comparison Table: The Best Loft Beds with Desk

The Best Loft Beds with Desk


H x W x L






Out of 5

Loft Bed with Desk

41 x 43 x 79


Solid Pine & MDF


Loft Bed with Desk Underneath

57 x 74 x 77.5




Twin Loft Bed with Desk

42 x 68 x 79




Full Loft Bed with Desk

72 x 58 x 80




Full Size Loft Bed with Desk

72 x 57.5 x 80





White Loft Bed with Desk

41 x 43 x 79


Oak Wood and Eco-Friendly Leather


The Best Loft Beds with Desk

Do your kids love to build a fort in the living room using sofa cushions? They’ll forget about that game as soon as you get them this bed.

The multifunctional bed loft with desk has room for a twin mattress at the top and a roll-out desk, a chest of drawers, and a bookshelf underneath. Your kid will fall in love with the desk as it will transform their bedroom into a fun, creative space.

The loft bed with desk is available in a myriad of finishes so you can choose the one that suits your kid’s personal taste.

Add a twin mattress to the bed, put your kid’s favorite books in the bookshelf, their clothing items in the chest and voila!

The bed is complete. The 3 drawers in the chest have metal knobs which stand out beautifully.

DONCO Kids Loft Bed with Desk

The storage options on this bed put everything within reach and ensure your kid can easily access whatever they want. We all know how forgetful kids can be. This loft bed with desk will ensure your kid doesn’t have to search for a book or a clothing item for hours.

The bed with desk boasts a simple, modern design that is perfect for any room. Its cappuccino finish allows it to go well with any décor. The unit is made of solid pine and MDF. Almost all the parts are made of solid pine except the bases of the drawers and the back of the chest.

The bed is 79 inches long, 41 inches high, and 43 inches wide. It requires assembly but the process isn’t hard as the instructions are easy to follow.


  • It is perfect for small rooms
  • It is of high quality and very sturdy
  • It offers a lot of storage for books, toys, and clothes
  • Almost all the parts are made of solid pine (90%)
  • When you pull out the desk, there is a “fort” space underneath where your kid can play
  • The safety rails are perfect for kids who wiggle a lot
  • The bed holds a normal twin mattress and is ideal for older children
  • It is a low loft bed and not too close to the ceiling like most loft beds
  • You can use the space behind the desk and chest for storage
  • You can move the bookshelf and the chest of drawers around as they are not attached to the bed
  • The drawers glide smoothly


  • The desk is small and short. Since there is space at the back, the manufacturer could have made it longer
  • Some of the edges on the bed are sharp and may hurt kids
  • The slats that support the mattress are made of soft wood and bend easily

DHP's loft beds and bunk beds are popular for 2 good reasons: They maximize small spaces and are fairly-priced. This loft bed with desk underneath is a master at saving space. It is comprised of a bed, a desk, and a bookshelf. There are multiple shelves under the bed (on each side) that offer plenty of storage.

DHP Loft Bed with Desk Underneath

This bed with desk underneath has a ladder at the front that offers easy access to the bed. The bed has multiple metal slats for great support. The rails make it safe.

The loft bed with desk has been designed with small spaces in mind. However, it does not compromise on comfort. It flaunts a powder coated metal finish.

The bed is not only ideal for a kid’s room, it looks good in a spare room and a dorm room. It can be used in different spaces.

The loft bed with desk underneath comes with a 1-year limited warranty that’s valid from the date of purchase. You have peace of mind when you’re buying it.
When assembling this bed, ensure you don’t use power tools as they may damage it.


  • It is made of metal and is very strong
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • The metal brackets that support the shelves and desk give the bed a cool look and also make it more stable
  • The multiple shelves provide a lot of storage
  • While the shelves and the desk are made from thick compressed cardboard, they are set on metal panels which enhance their durability
  • The bed is easy to put together as the instructions are simple
  • It offers great value for money


  • The material used to make the shelves and the desk is light duty
  • The ladder’s mounting holes are only located on the right side of the outer rail
  • The ladder rungs are hard on bare feet or feet with socks. You will have to add foam pad to them
  • The bed is very high so your kid may have a hard time getting down – especially in the middle the night when they have to go to the bathroom

This twin loft bed with desk is loved by parents because of its small footprint. Kids love it because it is fun. Don’t be surprised if you see it in many homes because families love it. The bed adheres to Consumer Product Safety Standards.

WE Furniture Twin Loft Bed with Desk

This bed with desk is made with steel and features a powder coated finish. Its white color allows it to go well with any décor.

Its high-grade MDF worktop is painted and can serve as a study area, a workstation, or a spot for creativity. To create more space, you can remove the workstation whenever you want as it is detachable.

The twin loft bed with desk is also available in mint and coral colors. If white is not your favorite color – or your kid’s – get one of the other colors. The bed also comes with all the necessary slats so you don’t need a box spring.

WE Furniture provides brackets you can use to anchor the bed to the wall. However, since the bed is very strong and stable, you may not need them. The bed does not wiggle as someone climbs on it. During assembly, make sure you tighten the bolts well and it will be firm.

There is a warning label on the bed – and in the instructions – that says the height of the mattress should not go beyond 7 inches. If you get a mattress whose height exceeds 7 inches, the safety rails will not do much.

The measurements of the loft bed with desk are as follows: 68 inches (height), 79 inches (width), and 42 inches (depth). It weighs 105 lbs and can support up to 250 lbs.


  • It looks like a wood bed although it is made of metal
  • It is available in white, mint, and coral
  • It is very sturdy and durable, it doesn’t wiggle or squeak
  • It has flat steps which are more comfortable than the rounded steps found on most metal beds
  • It comes with brackets you can use to anchor it to the wall (which aren’t necessary as it is very stable)
  • The bed offers a lot of space underneath that you can use
  • The color is exactly as pictured
  • The slats have security features which keep them in place
  • Assembling the bed is easy as all the parts are clearly marked using numbers
  • It is a lovely bed for the price


  • You have to buy a low profile twin mattress because a pillow top mattress will be almost at the same height with the guard rails
  • The ladder rungs are slippery
  • The ladder is a bit narrow and hard to climb

If your kid’s room has limited space and there isn’t much you can do about it, get the Coaster Home Furnishings bed with desk. It transforms a sleeping area into a useful work space where a kid can play, learn, or study.

Finished in black and boasting a contemporary design, this full loft bed with desk will add class and sophistication in any room it’s placed in. Since it has a neutral color, it adds function and style to a room without overwhelming the décor.

This bed with desk offers enhanced safety thanks to its full length guard rails. Built-in ladders on each side allow your kid to access the bed easily.

Coaster Home Furnishings Full Loft Bed with Desk

The desk on the bed is fitted with a keyboard tray that accommodates a standard keyboard. Above the work space is a large shelf that can house study materials, books, and décor objects.

The bed qualifies for free replacement parts. If there is a part you wish to replace when you get it, simply reach out to Amazon Customer Service Support.


  • It is well constructed and adds a lot of space to a small room
  • Has a simple, modern design
  • The desk has a keyboard tray, an uncommon feature in most beds with desks
  • The bed doesn’t wiggle or shake as one climbs or moves around
  • It creates a small workstation/office which is very convenient
  • It features full length guard rails for enhanced safety
  • The shelf and desk are made of high-quality particle board and have a resilient coating
  • The bed perfectly fits a full size mattress
  • When you pair the bed with a memory foam mattress, it becomes very comfortable
  • If you place the bed in a corner, you can use one ladder as a mini bookshelf


  • You can’t climb the ladders on bare feet as the rungs are very uncomfortable. You have to add foam pad to them
  • Changing sheets is difficult as the mattress snugly fits the bed and it is hard to get sheets to fit over the mattress. You have to climb on the bed to change sheets
  • The bed squeaks if you don’t tighten the bolts
  • You need a desk lamp or you won’t be able to work from the desk at night
  • The bed comes with stickers on its legs that are difficult to remove

This amazingly versatile loft bed with desk is highly functional and looks lovely in any room. You will be delighted by its black color which is modern and stylish and its metal frame which makes its solid and durable. The bed, desk, and the shelves are all colored black.

DHP Full Size Loft Bed with Desk

The loft bed is created for small spaces and its desk and shelves make it versatile. The bed and desk make the unit the perfect furniture piece for sleep and study.

Since the desk is set to one side, there is plenty of room under the bed for décor objects, a small sofa, or storage bins.

This full size loft bed with desk has two ladders: one is located at the front and the other to the side. Guard rails on the side of the bed make it both comfortable and safe. You’ll never have to worry about your kid falling off the bed in the middle of the night.

The bed accommodates a full size mattress. However, you have to buy a mattress separately. The desk is a tad higher than normal so be sure to check the seat height when buying a desk chair to ensure the user maintains a healthy posture.

You’ll love the affordable price of this bed with desk as it means you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa. The bed is 17.5 inches high, 12.5 inches wide, and 77.5 inches long. Its recommended weight limit is 300 lbs.

When assembling the desk, don’t tighten the screws until you have joined all the parts. Tighten them at the end and putting it together won’t be hard. Get your kid to help you assembling it and make memories together.

The bed qualifies for free replacement parts. If one part arrives dented or is missing, you can contact Amazon Customer Support and you’ll get the help you need.


  • It can accommodate up to 300 lbs and is also perfect for adults
  • It is made from metal and is sturdy and durable
  • Its black color goes well with any décor
  • There’s enough space under the bed for a small sofa
  • The two ladders on the bed allow you to change the look of a room whenever you want
  • The desk and the shelves are sturdy and stable
  • The bed accommodates a full size mattress
  • Putting it together doesn’t take time as assembly instructions are clear and the parts are labeled


  • You can’t walk up and down the ladder on bare feet as it is very uncomfortable. You can hot glue foam pad or craft foam cushion to the rungs
  • The desk area is quite dark and you need a desk lamp even if you have good room lighting
  • Since the bed is high, it is ideal for rooms whose ceilings are higher than 8 feet. This gives the user plenty of overhead room for getting in and out of bed and sitting up
  • The bed wriggles a bit as one climbs up or down but it is nothing to be alarmed about

The DONCO Kids white loft bed with desk will allow you to create the right environment for your kid. It is a great solution for small bedrooms – and large ones too – as it really opens up the space.

DONCO Kids White Loft Bed with Desk

White is a popular color for any room because it blends in with any décor. It looks awesome on this bed as it allows its beauty to shine. 

You can examine the bed’s standout features without focusing too much on the color.

This loft bed with desk is perfect for a kid’s room because it comes with a bookshelf, a chest of drawers, and a pull-out desk. This means you won’t have to buy these furniture pieces separately – at an additional cost.

The storage options provide ample space for your kid’s clothing items, books, and toys. The drawers in the chest have wooden knobs which make it easy for your kid to slide them in or out.

The bed is strong and durable as it is made from pine. It accommodates a twin mattress. Since it is low, it doesn’t get too close to the ceiling and your kid can easily climb on the bed and get off.

The dimensions of the bed are 43 inches (width), 41 inches (height), and 79 inches (length).


  • It is of excellent quality
  • It comes with a desk, a bookshelf, and a chest of drawers
  • Its white color does not overpower the décor in a room
  • It has a small profile and is perfect for small rooms
  • It is made from pine and is solid and durable
  • There is a little space behind the bookshelf, chest, and desk where your kid can play. If you pull out the desk, you create more playing space
  • The guard rails are high enough which means a kid can’t easily fall


  • The desk doesn’t extend far out enough so you can’t use a regular chair. Be sure to measure the desk first before buying a chair
  • The chest of drawers and bookshelf look cheap when separated from the desk – because of their huge silver screws. You can’t position them on their own
  • The white paint starts to peel after some time
  • The material used to make the bed, pine, is prone to scratching

Why You Should Invest In a Good Loft Bed with Desk

As cities and towns become more and more polluted, homes are becoming smaller and smaller. Life has become more expensive and kids sharing rooms is no longer a surprise – in fact, it is the norm.

If you want to make the most of the available space, get a loft bed with desk. It is built to maximize space without compromising comfort. Some loft beds with desks offer space underneath where your kid can play or exercise his creativity.

The options we have included in our list are stylish, functional, and built to last. What’s more, they are fairly-priced. Get one for each of your kids and open up the space.

But before you buy the beds, you can ask your kids what they think to ensure you get something you all love. You may even be spending some time on the bed, or the desk, from time to time.

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