How to Choose an L Shaped Desk with Storage

L shaped desk with storage

You’ve just landed that dream corner office but are undecided about the kind of furniture that will go with the swanky setting. 

Or perhaps you want to set up a personalized workspace at home. How do you choose from all the choices available?

An L shaped desk has plenty of benefits – ranging from more desk space to more legroom (it’s just more room to swivel with the office seat when you’re bored). 

Whether you are setting up a new space or upgrading your workspace look, this guide answers all your questions about getting an L shaped desk with storage.

What Are The Benefits Of An L Shaped Desk?

More Comfort

While the traditional desk is always a classic choice, an L shaped desk allows you more room to move around while still seated. Sitting for long hours can get tiring. Occasionally, you could use a bit more legroom to stretch your lower body.

Most modern work environments require that you sit at your desk for long periods of time. According to health studies, sitting for too long can cause health complications. These include weight gain, slower metabolism, and increased blood pressure.

An L desk could help you maintain focus and break the monotony of one posture.

Bigger Working Area

An L shaped desk does more than add your working area. It gives you a great surface to organize what could be a messy desk into a built-for-efficiency workstation. You can have designated areas for business-critical material and separate areas for personal items.

This kind of layout allows you to focus on your tasks, depending on the placement of items on the desktop. With enhanced mobility around your small enclosure, you can tick off a lot more tasks in your checklist without having to disorganize your space.

Efficient Use of Space

An L shaped desk with storage makes ample use of a small space. In a conventional office plan, this desk solves at least 3 important issues: limited space, storage, and working area. The desk design allows you to utilize the least available space and store important material.

If you settle on an L desk for your working space, you are likely to feel a semblance of privacy. Even when it is used in an organization’s open office setup, the L-shape desk gives each occupant a private working area that allows them to carry out their daily operations with ease.

Customization Options

L shaped furniture is typically associated with luxury – and for good reason. With this kind of furniture, you can make the best out of any office design.

Most L shaped desks have dedicated storage space on one side of the desk. This layout has proven beneficial even to users who have extra storage needs.

Still, the side that is left unutilized can be customized to offer more storage space. You can add a file cabinet to handle more documents. If you handle private documents, an L shaped desk is a great option for securely storing and monitoring the documents as some have locks.

You can use the unused spaces for other components such as secondary desktops and other office machinery.

Choosing the Ultimate L shaped Desk

Now that you have set your sights on an L shaped design for your desk, what factors should guide your purchase?

Build Quality

The first thing you will look at when choosing a desk is the quality. There’s more emphasis on quality if it’s an L shaped desk with storage. Assuming the desk meets your high-quality standards, the storage drawers need to pull out to full length for more convenience.

Some of the best-quality desks will have metal runners for their drawers. You should have an easy time pulling out the storage drawers even when they have maximum load capacity.

Choice of Material

Aesthetics aside, the choice of material influences the performance of the desk. Here, you have 2 options. You could go with the classic wood material. High-quality wood will give your desk that rugged yet sophisticated charm.

On the other hand, you can choose veneer. A veneer is a layer of wood added to plain wood to give the final product a glossy finish. Although it gives the desk a shiny look, we would not recommend it for traffic-intensive areas of the office. Wood veneer desks tend to age faster and are more susceptible to chipping.

Laminate is also a good material for an L desk.


Your occupation makes the difference between a neat desk and a messy one. If you are in the creative field, you probably have to clear out your desk a few times a day due to the mess you might leave. A more formal work environment, on the other hand, is associated with a neat desk. 

If you handle large amounts of paperwork, consider getting a desk with storage on both sides. An L shaped desk is also a superb option for occupations that utilize more than 1 computer per person.

This desk layout is also ideal for the workman who operates small yet sensitive parts. A standing L shaped desk is a great station for a technician who wants to keep sensitive material separate from the main work area.

One-Side Storage or Dual Storage

When choosing the L shaped desk, you can opt for one that has a pullout shelf just below the desktop and a row of drawers on one side. You can also go for one with a row of storage drawers on both sides. Both these options will serve you well according to your storage needs.

Consistent handling of cash or sensitive documents requires privacy and extra security. A custom-fitted L shaped work desk is one of the best buys as it features both normal and high-security storage. You can have storage drawers on one side and a small safe installed discretely on the other side.

A good L shaped workstation will make your work area tidier, allow for movement, and elevate your productivity. When picking the best one for your work and storage needs, quality, size, and capacity should be the biggest influencers of your final decision.

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