Tips for Keeping Your L-Shaped Desk Clean and Organized

L-Shaped Desk

A clean desk is, in itself, inspiring and energizing. It gets you focused and ready to get work done.

Yes, it's possible to look forward to work.

However, maintaining a clean and organized desk always seem elusive to many. It's even worse if you have an L-shaped desk that you thought would provide you with more storage space, order and flexibility while working but you always end up with a cluttered desk. 

Well, if you are in such a situation, there is always a way to turn things around. If this is a space you are going to spend a considerable number of hours at, then you need it to be at its best and working for you.

Here are some 10 tips that will help you keep your L-desk clean and organized all the time.

1. Put the Desk in the Right Position

The first step towards having a desk that is clean and organized is ensuring that it is positioned at the right place. L-shaped desks are best suited for corner workspaces. Pick a space that is wide enough to accommodate the L-shaped desk and other accessories that come with it. 

Proper positioning and spacing ensure that you have enough room for everything you might need on the desk and not strain when maneuvering around.

2. Get the Right L Shaped Desk for You

Another important primary consideration is getting the right L-shaped table for you. Here there are a number of things to look at. Firstly, it’s size. If you know your desk will accommodate a lot of items, consider getting a wide L-desk. This will make it much easier for you to organize things on the desk while avoiding clutter. You can go for the one with drawers and shelves.

Secondly, consider the design of the desk. Get either a right or left-sided L-desk depending on your primary hand. People tend to put things on the side of their strong arm. Therefore, if you have the storage spaces to the side of your stronger arm, it will be easier to access them and keep your L-desk more organized.

Remember, the more comfortable you are on your L-desk, the easier it will be for you to keep it clean.

3. Designate Particular Spaces on the Desk for Particular Things

Another great trick to keeping your L-shaped desk clean and organized is to designate particular spaces on the L-desk for particular things.

For example, you can decide that your computer will be on the left side, paper tray at the end of the right side and your files in the drawers. The middle space can be your working space. This is just an example. You can do it in a way that works best for you.

If you have the drawers, ensure that each drawer only carries specific items. This makes it easier to locate them. Here are more insights on how to set up your L-desk.

4. Get All the Necessary Accessories

The small accessories like the paper tray, the pen holder and the trashcan, among others, are also, very important. The trashcan, particularly, should always be within reach to get rid of any unnecessary trash.

When getting accessories, get those that complement the design and style of your L-shaped desk.

5. Come Up With a Filing System

Instead of just stacking up all your paperwork into one file, consider having a file system to keep them more organized. The system doesn’t have to be complicated. You can file your papers alphabetically or according to the purpose. Just be sure to have a filing system that is easy to use and one that makes sense to you.

6. Purge All That Is Unnecessary

Clutter often develops when all the unnecessary paper and items still find a place on your L-desk and in your storage spaces. While some items may offer sentimental value to you, if they are holding you back from achieving order, throw them away.

Your main aim should be to keep only the items you will need on your desk. This helps in keeping the space clean while leaving space for new and important documents that may come later.

7. If You Can Do Without Paper, Do So

Paper is always the main hindrance towards achieving a clean and organized desk. As such, if you can completely transition to being paperless, do so. This will give you more space and order on your L-shaped desk.

Other than reducing clutter on your desk, storing your documents digitally makes it easier for you to keep track of records. A good example is substituting sticky notes with online reminders.

8. Add a Desk Lamp

This might sound weird but it actually works. The lamp will help in keeping your desk lit. Light, not only helps in keeping your desk looking bright and attractive but, also, helps you easily notice a cluttered desk. Other than the lap, you can other small pieces of accessories or even a plant to make your L-desk attractive.

The more personable your L-desk is the more you will be motivated to take initiative and keep the desk orderly all the time.

9. Set Aside Time to Organize Your Desk

If you have managed to organize your L-shaped desk just how you want it, the task that remains is ensuring that you maintain the order you have achieved. To do this, set aside about 5 minutes every day at the close of business to get things in order.

This is the time to return items in their rightful positions. Always ensure that the trashcan is clear and that you have wiped the surface of your L-shaped des before you close the day.

Other than the daily 5-minute cleaning, you should set aside time every week to do general cleaning. This is when you can clear everything from the desk and clean even the drawers.

After cleaning, rearrange the space and get rid of any unnecessary items. Also, this is when you take note and replace the stationary you have run out of but you need.

10. Always Finish Your Projects

Lastly, remember to always finish your projects. Unfinished projects always lead to clutter. Therefore, you should endeavor to always finish your projects.

In addition to making you more efficient and productive, you will be able to keep your L-shaped desk more orderly by only retaining items needed for your current and future projects.

Achieving order many not happen overnight. It takes dedication. However, following the highlighted tips will go a long way in ensuring you maintain a clean and organized L-shaped desk. This article provides a nice summary of the tips you need to achieve a clean and organized desk.

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