23 Desk Accessories – and An App – You Need to Be More Productive

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Your desk is a reflection of who you are – your personality, how you work, and your likes.

You may not know it, but your desk accessories can determine your productivity, creativity, and even your happiness at work. Since we know how crucial desk items are, we’ve created a list of our favorite must-have desk accessories. The best part? They are also affordable.

1. Cable Clips

Wayward cables can be quite annoying. They can not only make you trip as you walk in the office, they can also decrease your productivity (because clutter affects the mind negatively).

Get some magnetic cable clips and say goodbye to wayward cables.
They are mostly sold in sets and will keep your desk organized.

Some cable clips, like ​the TedGem cable clips, are magnetic and will ensure you never spend time untangling cords. Get some and focus more on what you should be doing – work.

Cable Clips

2. A Wireless Keyboard

Logitech Wireless Mouse

A smart keyboard is a great addition to your desk as it simplifies all your computing work. It works with a PC, a tablet, and a smartphone and allows you to type quietly and comfortably.

It is equipped with a full set of keys, including a numeric keypad. To connect it to your device, simply use Bluetooth. Get one that’s compatible with different operating systems and a range of devices. Both Anker and Logitech have great smart keyboards. Go wireless and never look back.

3. A Wireless Mouse

After getting a wireless keyboard, the next thing you should get is a wireless mouse. Get a mouse like the VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse because it doesn’t require a USB dongle to work. You’ll find it very useful if you have a laptop that doesn’t have many USB ports.

The VicTsing mouse is so powerful you may end up getting two: one for office use and one for home use. It is comfortable, very affordable, and ideal for different hand sizes and grips. Its sensor tracks well on different surfaces and it connects to devices through a wireless dongle.

VicTsing Portable Wireless Mouse

4. A Multiport USB Wall Charger

Anker 6 port USB Wall Charger

We all use many devices at work and ensuring they are all charged can be a difficult task. Say goodbye to tangled wires and get rid of clutter on your desktop with a 5-port USB charger.

Anker’s 6-port USB wall charger is more popular than Apple’s single-port USB power adapter (12W) as it can charge many devices at once and is more powerful. You’ll love the fact that it can charge several smartphones and iPads at the same time. It plugs directly into a power outlet and is the most powerful of all multiport USB chargers.

5. A Portable Power Bank

We are all guilty of using our smartphones a lot. In fact, some of us use our smartphones from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. But that’s understandable because smartphones are like personal assistants, they help us to keep appointments and to attend to tasks. Some of us even use smartphones for work.

The last thing you want is your phone’s battery dying when you really need to use your phone and you don’t have your charger close by. This is where a portable power bank comes in – it saves the day. You can charge your phone wherever you are – even on the go!

Anker PowerCore 10000 mAh Portable Power Bank

When it comes to power banks, no one does it better than Anker. The Anker PowerCore 10000 mAh and the Anker PowerCore 20100 mAh portable power banks are excellent. 

​They have slim designs, high-capacity batteries, and more than one port. This means you can charge your smartphone (or laptop) and another gadget simultaneously.​​

6. A Powerful Portable External Hard Drive

If your computer’s hard disk lacks enough space to store the programs it needs to run, or if it has gotten so full it’s slowing down your computer, you need an external hard drive. Instead of getting just any external hard drive, get a portable one.

We love the 2 TB and 4 TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim as they are thin and much faster than other portable external hard drives. They are also light and very reliable – won’t let you down when you need them most.

2 TB Seagate Portable External Hard Drive

7. Flash Drive

While portable external hard drives are very useful, they can be cumbersome to carry. USB flash drives are virtually weightless and can ensure you always have important files and documents close at hand.

Simply plug one into a computer and access documents or run programs without installing them on the computer. You can also save program settings on the drive.

SanDisk Cruzer 128GB Flash Drive

You can use a flash drive to store important files and information, repair computer problems, run a different operating system, make windows run faster, or to save browser and program settings (to use securely on any gadget with a USB port). Our all-time favorite is SanDisk Cruzer 128GB Flash Drive.

8. LED Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is a common feature in most homes and offices. However, if you usually work at night, don’t just get any lamp. Traditional desk lamps use fluorescent or incandescent lights. Fluorescent lights contain harmful chemicals like mercury which harm the environment when disposed in landfills.

LED lights are energy-efficient as 95% of the energy they produce is converted into light – only 5% is converted into heat. Since they use very little energy, they lower greenhouse gas emissions.

They also last much longer than other types of lights, allowing you to save money. Our best LED desk lamp is the Taotronics Desk Lamp as it is kind to the eyes, has 5 color modes, and features touch controls.

9. Desk Organizer

If you want a clutter-free desk, a desk organizer is a must. When your desk is organized, you can easily attend to tasks. A desk organizer has room for stationery, files, and office accessories. Most desk organizers have document trays, pencil holders, and other organizational features that are perfect for busy professionals.

When choosing a desk organizer, consider the available space on your desktop and the items you need for work. If you mostly work on your PC, all you need is a simple desktop organizer that can hold stationery and some notepads - like the DecoBros Desk Organizer Caddy.

If you deal with sensitive paperwork, you need an organizer with sections for papers and files like the Simple Houseware Desktop Organizer.

10. Post-It Notes Set

We know, we know, paper-based communications might soon be obsolete, but did you know that 3M – the company that created post-it notes – sells approximately $1 billion worth of post-it notes every year?

According to Harvard Business Review, if you want to convince someone to do something, attach a post-it note with a handwritten message, There are numerous reasons why sticky notes are so good at convincing people to do tasks.

Canary Yellow Post It Notes

For starters, they come in bright colors and are difficult to ignore. Secondly, they stand out in a space and make it look cluttered; the brain wants them gone and makes you attend to the specific tasks. 

Thirdly, they are personalized. If you write a message to a person on a sticky note, they feel like you’re asking for a favor from them – and not anyone else. Our favorite post-it notes are these canary yellow ones by Post-It.

11. An Air Purifier

You may not know it, but indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. This is because there are trees and plants outdoors that continually purify the air.

Research has showed that a highly polluted office – one filled with high levels of carbon monoxide and organic compounds – can affect the cognitive functioning of its occupants.

GermGuardian HEPA Air Purifier

On the other hand, an office with good indoor air quality can boost the cognitive functioning of its occupants. This is where an air purifier comes in.

To kill two birds with one stone, you can get a lamp that works as an air purifier, like the Ecvision desk lamp and air purifier. If you just want a good HEPA air purifier, the GermGuardian Air Purifier is a great choice.

12. Refillable Water Bottle

Your body is constantly losing water and that’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated. Ideally, you should be drinking 2 liters of water every day (or eight, 8-ounce glasses). A refillable water bottle will save you money as you don’t have to buy bottled water every time you want to drink water.

It will also motivate you to drink water throughout the day. In addition, you don’t have to keep walking to the sink or the water fountain every time you want to drink water.

Water bottles come in a myriad of styles and materials – there are glass bottles, steel bottles, plastic bottles, collapsible bottles, insulated bottles, and many others.

If simple does it for you, grab the BPA-Free Nalgene Water Bottle. If a multipurpose water bottle is what you’re after, the Hydro Flask is a great option. Instead of drinking coffee, drink water!

13. A Mug

Next to water, coffee is the most important drink for most people. When it’s cold, hot drinks can help us get through the day. We love The Prescription Coffee Mug by BigMouth Inc. as it is both functional and funny. It is a great conversation starter and you can also give it as a gift.

If you have a little cash to spare, you can get the Ember Ceramic Mug as it goes above and beyond the call of duty. While it is pricey, it’s well worth it. Connect it to the Apple Watch or an app on your phone and choose your desired temperature.

The mug is designed to last and comes with a coaster that charges it. But let us not dictate the coffee mug you choose, get one that perfectly fits your personality.

A word of caution: research has showed that mugs can be breeding grounds for all types of disease-causing germs.

Don’t leave your mug unwashed after you use it as germs will start reproducing. Wash your mug after using it and wash it with hot water daily to kill germs.

14. Computer Glasses

Computer glasses are specially made to decrease the eye strain related to computer work. They are tinted to reduce the amount of blue light your eyes take in. On average, you spend about 8 hours in front of a computer every day.

If you don’t take care of your eyes, you may start experiencing vision-related problems. If your eyes normally feel tired or sore at the end of the day, get some good computer glasses to protect them - like the Cyxus computer glasses or the PROSPEK anti glare glasses.

PROSPEK Anti Glare Glasses

15. Monitor Arm

VIVO Dual Monitor Arm

A monitor arm improves your posture, raises your monitor, and keeps your desk organized. It works well with both sitting and standing desks and is kind to your neck, shoulders, and back.

It can also help you to save space on your desk. The VIVO Dual Monitor Stand is a great choice as it is unobtrusive, easy to set up, and adjustable. It can bend to different angles to enhance workplace ergonomics. Another great option is the WALI Dual Monitor Desk Mount.

Modern offices can be very noisy, that’s why you need noise-cancelling headphones. They lower the volume of the outside world, allowing you to focus on work even in a busy environment.

You can even listen to some music to relax your mind and every note will be clear. Our personal favorites are the Bose QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones 35 Series I and II. They are great at reducing noise, lightweight, comfortable, and can fold down for easy portability.

Bose QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones 35 Series II

17. Computer Speakers

Some people don’t like wearing headphones for long periods of time. If you’re one of them, computer speakers may be your best option. They also come in handy if your work involves watching videos or listening to audios.

When looking for the best computer speakers, consider their features. Are their controls easy to use? Do they have good sound quality? Do they have all the inputs you need? Additionally, think of how you’ll be using the computer speakers.

You can also go a step further and get a voice-controlled smart speaker like the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) or the Google Home. Both are very good at playing music, giving news reports, and answering questions.

But since Amazon echo had a 2-year head start, it can do much more. It allows you to control audiobooks, music, and different home products. 

18. A Plant Pot

According to a study conducted by Dr. Chris Knight of Exeter University – in conjunction with other academics – offices are toxic if they are devoid of pictures, mementos, and other distractions.

The study showed that people are 15% more productive when they have houseplants in their offices. It concluded that people who actively engage with their environments are more productive.

Research has showed that there are plants that act as antidepressants. They can improve your mood when you’re having a hard day and put you in a positive frame of mind.

While there are many happiness-inducing plants and herbs – like roses, English Ivy, lavender, and peace lily – most are hard to care for and need plenty of sunlight.

Get a small plant pot and put succulents as they are very low-maintenance, you won’t kill them even if you don’t have a green thumb. These small pots by Opps are perfect for the task. You can keep one and give 2 as gifts.

Succulent Plant Pots by Opps

19. A Picture Frame

Work is never easy and that’s why you need something to put a smile on your face every now and then. If you spend the entire day staring at your monitor or laptop, you will be physically and mentally tired at the end of the day.

A picture of your loved ones can be what gets you through those very rough days. Frame a picture that makes you recall wonderful memories and reflect on good times.

You can get a traditional picture frame like the one sold by Americanflat or a digital picture frame like the Instacube.

Instacube allows you to make a slideshow of the pictures you love. You can also buy a multifunctional picture frame with several useful features like charging slots.

20. A Stress Ball

According to recent research, most U.S. workers are stressed, and the modern culture of overworking is only making matters worse. While we know stress is very bad for us, particularly chronic stress, we still subconsciously follow society’s standards of overworking.

We spend so much time working we have little time for anything else. The bad news is that when you’re stressed, you can’t be productive. You may end up messing up projects – or even become sick.

While we are all different, it’s important to consider your level of stress so you can know how to manage it. One of the ways you can manage stress while in the office is by using a stress ball.

Some stress balls – like the Serenilite Stress Ball – offer stress relief and hand therapy. They strengthen your muscles and joints, improve blood flow to your hands, and help reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel and arthritis.

21. A Posture Trainer

Remember when your mother used to tell you “sit properly!” or “stop slouching!” Well, this device is a bit like your mother, except you can take it to work.

While it isn’t a desk accessory per se, it is one you should get if you want to have better posture.A posture trainer is a small device that you put on your body to correct your posture. It tells you when you’re sitting incorrectly or slouching. 

Devices like UPRIGHT GO and Lumo Lift both vibrate when you’re slouching to alert you to correct your posture.UPRIGHT GO was developed in conjunction with chiropractors and back surgeons. 

​You attach it to your upper back using its reusable silicon adhesives. It comes with an app that keeps track of your progress in real time.

22. A Desk Clock

Yes, we know your smartphone and your laptop have clocks, but it’s so easy to get absorbed with what you’re doing you totally forget to check the time. A desk clock ensures you’re always conscious of the time.

Modern desk clocks are not just clocks, they have numerous functionalities – like LED displays, Bluetooth connectivity, night lights, smartphone charging capability, and more. A digital alarm clock like the Travelway Desk Clock can decrease the amount of clutter on your desktop.

23. Saent

The first time we came across this device, we thought Sentient would have been a more appropriate name – because Saent is all about perceiving distractions and blocking them.

Saent is a device that blocks digital distractions and promotes healthier working habits. Your co-workers will see it as a “do not disturb” sign and allow you to focus on work.

Saent Desk Accessory for Productivity

You can create timed sessions for your tasks, avoid multitasking, and boost your productivity.

After each session, Saent will tell you how long your break should be, giving you ample time to recharge. The device can run locally, ensuring your data stays safe and guaranteeing your privacy.

24. The Self Control App for Mac

SelfControl App for Mac

Ever spent hours on social media then ended up regretting why you wasted so much time doing nothing? You need the Self Control app. While this isn’t a physical desk accessory, it is one you can’t do without if you own a Mac.

It will significantly increase your productivity. Once you download it, install it and block distracting sites like twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for a specific period of time.

So, there you have it. These are the must-have desk accessories you should have on your desk if you want to improve your productivity. Since you spend a lot of time on your desk, you might as well make the most of it. 

You don’t have to get all of them, just get the ones that that will simplify your life, increase your happiness, and boost your productivity.

You can increase your productivity by doing two things: working longer or working smarter. We don’t know which one you prefer, but we prefer the latter any day of the week.

Increasing your productivity isn’t rocket science, but it requires you to be careful about the way you manage your time. There aren’t many hours in a day, so maximizing your time is crucial.

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