Buyer’s Guide: The Best U-Shaped Desk

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Our pick: Altra Pursuit U-Shaped Desk with Hutch

Your office is a reflection of you. It tells people who you are, how you work, and what you like. If you want your office to tell people you are professional, dedicated to your work, and have a great sense of style, get a U-shaped desk.

A U-shape desk is shaped like the letter U, a letter used to refer to ‘you’ in slang. This desk is all about you. It oozes class, elegance, and success. The desk can hold computers, office essentials, and other accessories and still leave room for meetings.

It is roomy, offers privacy with its u-shape, and can hold all your office essentials.

It will completely transform your work style.

Increase your productivity with a workstation that ensures all your documents and necessary items are within easy reach. 

Best U-Shaped Desk Comparison Table

The Best U-Shaped Desk


W x D x H (Inches)





Out of 5

66 x 95.4 x 65


Durable PVC, MDF, & Particle Board


71 x 88.4 x 70.7


Wood and PVC


74.4 x 32.8 x 32


Wood and PVC


70.5 x 35.5 x 30


Engineered Wood


70 x 31.5 x 9.6


Engineered Wood


A U-shaped desk is the ideal workstation as it wraps around you, offering maximum privacy – no one can see what you are working on. The storage and working surface a U-shaped desk provides is completely unmatched.

Some modern U-shape desks have great cable management systems and can accommodate a range of gadgets. If you are fashion savvy, get a cool U-shaped desk with matching furniture to create an elegant look in your office. The desk comes in a myriad of colors, designs, and shapes.

A U-shaped desk is the personification of multitasking. You can place your files and other office necessities like a scanner, telephone, printer, and fax machine on it.

With the right U-shaped desk, your productivity will increase. You will be able to reach everything you need to work without having to move.

U Shaped Desks

A U-shaped desk wraps itself around you, allowing you to sit strategically at the middle. Not only is everything you need close by but you are also able to concentrate on what you are doing.

So, which are the best U-shaped desks? After doing research, and lots of it, we chose these 10.

The Best U-Shape Desks

Three words can be used to aptly describe this U-shaped desk: modern, durable, and high-quality. It is versatile enough to cater to your various work needs. Its writing surface is strong and not flimsy.

Most workplaces today are focused on business efficiency hence personal offices serve as multi-functional spaces where people can hold meetings, have conference calls, and more.

Besides being big, this U-shaped desk is very flexible. It can function as many things: a gaming desk, a workstation, a writing desk, or a study table.

Your office will never be the same again thanks to the Altra Pursuit U-shaped desk. The unit is comprised of an executive desk, a bridge table, a hutch, and a credenza. The hutch offers great storage for all your office essentials. Stack it on top of the desk or table and conserve space in your office.

The hutch provides open and closed storage in 5 cubbies, shelving behind 2 sliding doors, and a pin board that runs across the bottom. If you need more storage, you can get the add-ons sold separately like the lateral file cabinet or the Pursuit mobile. The cabinet fits perfectly under the desk.

The desk, credenza, and table don’t connect to each other. This means that you can arrange them however you want. It also means you’ll have an easy time cleaning the individual pieces as you won’t have to take them apart.

The pieces have a good cable management system. The credenza, bridge, and desk are perfect for your PC and gadgets as they have slots for cables. The desk offers a large work surface where you can place your laptop or desktop computer, stationery, printer, and even some mementos.

All the furniture pieces have a 2-tone finish of gray and white that goes well with any décor. You can also get them in cherry and gray or light brown and gray.

This U-shaped desk meets the ANSI/ BIFMA and ISTA standards for performance and safety. Its white and gray hues blend beautifully to create an elegant look.

If you want to make the most of the desk, position your items well. For instance, if you hold many meetings, place your laptop on the credenza so you can have face-to-face meetings.

Dimensions of the desk: 29.5”d x 66”w x 26”h
Dimensions of the Hutch: 11.5”d x 66”w x 36”h
Dimensions of the Bridge: 19.5”d x 46.44”w x 29”h
Dimensions of the Credenza: 19.5”d x 66”w x 29”h


  • It meets high standards for performance and safety (ANSI/BIFMA)
  • It has two convenient storage options – a hutch and a credenza
  • Its neutral hues go well with any decor
  • Has a very large desktop that can hold office essentials and much more
  • The desk has grommet holes for cable management. Each piece is fitted with a track you can tuck cables into
  • There are metal supports on each piece that reinforce the desktops and corners. Their holes are all correctly pre-drilled
  • The hutch can be attached to the credenza
  • All of the pieces are well constructed and are very sturdy
  • Assembly instructions are clear


  • The pieces are separate and cannot be joined to one another – except for the hutch and credenza
  • The desk does not come with drawers or a keyboard tray
  • The hutch is quite heavy and you need help to place it on top of the credenza
  • The surface of the desk scratches easily so you always have to be careful

The perfect workstation for multitasking, this U shaped office desk has a lot to offer. Fashion and function marry beautifully in this U-shaped desk that’s perfect for a conventional office or a home office.

It is not only appealing to the eyes, it is made to last. Its high-quality melamine finish makes it resistant to wear and tear, stains, and scratches. It features a chocolate and secret maple color.

If plenty of storage is what you look for in a desk, you won’t be disappointed by this U-shaped desk.

Besides its spacious desktop, you get two utility drawers and a file drawer that can hold legal files and letters.

The 2 drawers at the bottom can be secured with one lock.

The desk features strong commercial grade work surfaces and a deluxe PVC edge. It also has a convenient keyboard tray. The tray and the drawers slide quietly and smoothly thanks to ball-bearing slides.

The desktop offers enough space for carrying out work. It can also accommodate large files or documents and hold essential supplies. It is the perfect spot to collaborate on projects, review materials, and complete paperwork. To enhance the meeting experience, you can add a coordinating table to the front part of the desk.

The hutch that comes with this U-shaped desk offers both open and closed storage. You can place documents and books in its open shelves and confidential documents in its closed shelves. The hutch features a rubber part at its bottom for passing cables. If you do not look carefully, you may miss the hinges on the hutch that are out of sight. They are fully adjustable.

If you’ve been looking for a durable and high quality desk, your search might just stop with this U-shaped desk. You’ll be delighted by the fact that it is fully reversible.

The desk weighs 403 pounds and measures 70.7” x 88.4” x 71”.


  • The U-shaped desk features a durable melamine finish that’s resistant to stains, scratches, and wear and tear
  • It offers ample storage in its hutch and 3 drawers: 2 utility drawers and a file drawer
  • It has a keyboard tray - a convenient feature
  • The keyboard tray and drawers are set on ball-bearing slides to ensure they glide smoothly and quietly
  • The rubber part at the bottom of the hutch makes it easy for you to feed cables behind it
  • The desk is fully reversible
  • It has sturdy commercial grade work surfaces
  • It has a gorgeous look and feel
  • It is very strong and stable
  • It is easy to assemble – you can do it on your own


  • The desk doesn’t have the best cable management system
  • Assembly instructions are not very clear as they are in form of drawings which are small. This means assembly may take long
  • The 2 upper drawers are a lot smaller than they look and cannot hold large items
  • You must assemble the desk at its final location because it is very heavy and will be difficult to move once assembled

Don’t want to experience buyer’s remorse after buying a desk? Get this lovely unit. It will not disappoint you.

It has more than enough space for your office necessities. It is comprised of an executive desk, a bridge, and a credenza. All three furniture pieces meet ANSI and BIFMA performance standards.

If your priorities in a desk are space, flexibility, and elegance, the Bestar Prestige U-shaped desk is your go-to desk.

You can multitask on the desk thanks to its large workspace. It comes with a pedestal with 2 small drawers and a large bottom drawer. 

These hold pens, pencils, letters, and files. A single lock secures the 2 bottom drawers, keeping your files and documents safe.

In case you need more storage options, get the U-shaped desk together with its lateral file drawer which is sold separately. The two will help you to create the best office environment.

The U-shaped desk has a top-quality 1-inch, commercial-grade work surface featuring a melamine finish that is resistant to stains, scratches, and wear and tear. The stunning finish gives it the professional look that every office hankers for.

Convenient features like a lower shelf and a keyboard tray make this desk the perfect workstation. The tray can accommodate a regular keyboard while the shelf holds both large and small computer towers.

The U-shaped desk features classic moldings, a modesty panel, and an impact-resistant thick PVC edge. It weighs 130 pounds and is 30.4 inches high, 71.1 inches wide, 74 inches long, and 92.6 inches deep.

The U-shaped desk is durable and will stand the test of time, making your office stylish in the present and in the future. It gets rid of the clutter that is typical of offices. It is flexible and will adapt to your changing needs.


  • The desk meets and exceeds high performance standards (ANSI and BIFMA)
  • It is very well built and is strong and durable
  • It features a sturdy commercial-grade work surface with a finish that resists wear and tear, stains, and scratches
  • It provides storage in its 3 drawers: 2 small ones and a large one. A lock secures the two lower drawers, keeping your things safe
  • It has a neutral color that matches any décor
  • It has convenient features like a keyboard tray and a lower shelf that can hold a computer tower
  • The desk is reversible and allows you to change the style of your office whenever you want
  • It has a large desktop that can accommodate several monitors at once – and a few other things
  • It is a great desk for the price


  • The U-shaped desk is very heavy (it weighs 130 pounds) and is not easy to move around. This means you must assemble it at its final location
  • It takes a few hours to put together and you may need an extra pair of hands

Stylish and functional, this contemporary U-shaped desk looks at home in any office setting. It is everything you need in a desk and more.

It is backed by a 9-year warranty which attests to its durability. Which manufacturer gives such a lengthy warranty for their product unless they have full confidence in it?

The stunning U-shaped desk is the epitome of functionality. It comprises a main desk, a credenza, and a bridge.

The pieces provide sufficient storage in 2 utility drawers, 3 legal file/letter drawers, and a convertible pencil drawer.

The pencil drawer has a drop front that enables it to function as a keyboard tray.

All the drawers are set on metal runners with safety stops that enable them to open and close smoothly. The file drawers rest on full extension slides, allowing you to easily access their contents. A single lock secures the two file drawers on the desk’s left side. You can lock the drawers for security purposes.

The U-shaped desk is made from engineered wood and has a laminate finish that is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Frequent use can easily damage a desk but the materials used on this desk make it sturdy and durable.

Telling of its quality and durability are its drawers and keyboard shelf which are mounted on ball-bearing slides. If you want extra storage, you can get the different storage options that come with the desk like the lateral file, open bookcase, and 2-door bookcase.

The U-shaped desk is fully reversible and you can set it up to suit your specific work needs. It can be assembled with the bridge on the right or on the left. Wheel your chair from one end of the desk to the other and attend to different tasks. Its back is finished so you can place it in any corner of your office without worrying about it looking ugly.

Weighing 442 pounds, it is a bulky piece of furniture so you may want to find a permanent spot for it in your office. But the good news is it offers all the functionality you need and all the style you want.

Dimensions of the desk: 35.5”d x 70.5”w x 29.75”h
Dimensions of the Bridge: 23.5”d x 47.5”w x 29.75”h
Dimensions of the Credenza: 23.5”d x 71.5”w x 29.75”h


  • The U-shaped desk comes with a 9-year warranty
  • It is sturdily constructed using laminate-finished engineered wood
    It has a fully-finished back which means you can place it in any part of a room
  • It has a myriad of storage options: two utility drawers, two hanging file drawers and a convertible pencil drawer (which can be used as a keyboard tray)
  • The drawers open and close easily thanks to ball-bearing slides
  • The desk is shipped together with extra hardware and a touch up marker


  • The desk is very easy to scratch as it doesn’t have a high-quality finish
  • Assembling the desk is an uphill task as there are separate instructions for each subsection. If the instructions were all in one booklet, assembly would be easier
  • Most parts are not labeled
  • You may need an extra pair of hands to put it together

Are you drowning in paperwork? Reorganize your life with this U-shaped desk that flaunts a luxury finish. Your work is very important so you must have a great desk if you want to increase your productivity.

The Realspace Broadstreet U shape desk features built-in conveniences that will help you to stay organized and make your work life a little bit easier.

It has a flip-top hub with telephone, Ethernet, and electrical access. 

The front of the desk features lovely molding finishes.

The U-shaped desk is made up of an L-shaped desk and a straight front desk. You can detach the L desk from the straight desk if you want to change the look of your office. The desk has 3 drawers (one that locks) for storing supplies and files. The drawers glide in and out smoothly thanks to ball-bearing slides.

The 2 upper drawers can hold small utilities while the lower one holds letter size hanging files. If you want to enhance the desk’s storage, get it together with the hutch which is sold separately. The hutch fits perfectly on the desk. A convenient keyboard shelf adds to the desk’s space-saving capacity.

This U-shaped desk is the perfect solution for an office that needs sufficient workspace. It is a versatile and timeless unit that easily adjusts to your needs.

Once assembled, it looks absolutely stunning. The good news is the assembly instructions are easy to follow so you won’t have a hard time putting it together.

If you’ve been looking for a workstation with a streamlined design, look no further than this U-shaped desk. It is the personification of modern design and is the ultimate office solution. It provides a large workspace even in a small office.

It will help you to keep your office organized, even if you usually have a fairly cluttered workspace. If you normally work on many projects at the same time, you’ll love this desk as it can accommodate all your projects at once.

The dimensions of this U-shaped desk are 70” x 31.5” x 9.6”. It weighs 242 pounds.


  • The desk is made up of two desks – an L desk and a straight front desk – which can be separated if need be
  • It has a built-in power source for electrical, telephone, and Ethernet access.
  • The desk has a large desktop that can accommodate office supplies and a few accessories. You can work on a myriad of projects at the same time
  • It offers sufficient storage in 3 drawers. If you want more storage, you can get it with its hutch which is sold separately
  • Putting it together isn’t hard as the instructions are easy to follow.


  • The U-shaped desk does not have a lot of storage options. You have to buy a hutch separately
  • Assembly may take a while as the drawers need time to put together

If a functional, well-built, and stylish desk is what you’re after, get this U-shaped desk. It will not disappoint you. It has more than enough space for your office necessities.

Made to adapt to your changing needs, this U shaped executive desk is innovative and timeless. Bestar has designed it with the modern professional in mind. Its durable finish makes it resistant to stains and scratches.

Spread out your books and files on the desktop, there’s plenty of room for your PC as well. You can even create different work zones if you want.

The U-shaped desk with hutch offers a range of storage options to help you create the best office environment. Its hutch contains open and closed storage, paper shelves, and a rubber strip for cable management.

This high-quality U-shaped desk also has two drawers for all your office paraphernalia. These add to the desk’s storage options. Keep your office organized by storing everything you don’t need urgently out of sight.

The desk’s keyboard tray is wide enough to hold a mouse. In case you need additional storage, you can get the matching lateral file and bookcase which are sold separately.

The U-shaped desk features sturdy 1-inch commercial-grade work surfaces. The surfaces have a melamine finish that is resistant to stains, scratches, and wear and tear. The desk is made from high-quality particle board and is strong and durable.

Weighing 124 pounds, this U-shaped desk is a heavy piece of furniture. We recommend setting it up at its final spot to avoid moving it. It is 4 inches high, 28 inches wide, and 64 inches long.

A unique blend of aesthetics and functionality is this executive U shaped computer desk. Its finish makes it a perfect fit for any work space.


  • The U-shaped desk is made of melamine and high-quality particle board and is sturdy and hard-wearing
  • The desktop is very large and has enough room for office supplies and accessories
  • There is a rubber strip at the back of the desk you can run cables through and keep them from straying
  • The desk comes with a hutch that offers both open and closed storage. There are also 2 drawers on the desk itself. These storage options help you to keep your office clutter-free
  • The unit features strong commercial-grade work surfaces
  • It has a keyboard shelf which is big enough to accommodate a mouse
  • The desk is exactly as it looks in the picture
  • It is an excellent desk for the price; it offers great value for money


  • Assembly is a difficult task as most directions are in form of pictures. There are very few words
  • It takes two people to assemble it – even the instructions say so. If you decide to assemble it on your own, set aside half a day for the project

The warranty a manufacturer gives is usually a tell-tale sign of how much they believe in their product. This U-shaped desk comes with a 10-year warranty which tells of its great construction.

If you’ve been looking for a desk that will complete your workspace, look no further than this U-shaped desk.

Its clean lines and modern style allow it to adapt to any office surroundings. The desk is built to last and will withstand the test of time.

PVC edge banding ensures it easily withstands collisions and bumps – which are bound to happen in a busy office. Its tough work surfaces resist stains and scratches.

The U-shaped desk is made up of an L-bow desk, a corner desk, and a small desk with drawers. These create a spacious working surface that can hold a range of office essentials.

The L-bow desk has a bow front which makes it easy for you to pull in your chair and work on the desktop. The drawers on the desk comprise 2 box drawers for miscellaneous items and 1 file drawer for legal-size files.

Since this U-shaped desk is huge, make sure your office, or the spot you want to put it in, is larger than 10 feet x 10 feet 7 inches. The desk meets high standards for performance and safety (ANSI/BIFMA) so you don’t have to worry about its construction or durability. Grommets on the desk keep cables in check.

If you want more storage options but don’t want anything that looks out of place, you can get the lateral file, the bookcase, the vertical locker, and the hutch which are sold separately. These will help you to personalize your office environment.

The hutch can be mounted on top of the desk and provides concealed storage. It will help make your office more organized and also boost its style. The hutch also features a memo board where you can place sticky notes and organize your work.

The U-shaped desk comes in 7 gorgeous 2-tone finishes so you can choose the perfect finish for your office. It weighs 350 pounds and measures 84” x 91” x 30”.


  • It comes with a 10-year warranty which tells of its durability
  • It meets top standards for safety and performance
  • It has a contemporary design and clean lines
  • Its PVC edge banding allows it to withstand collisions and bumps
  • Its thick and tough work surfaces are stain-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • It is made up of 3 desks. The L-bow desk has a bow front which allows you to pull in your chair as you work
  • It comes in seven 2-tone finishes
  • You can get its matching storage units (sold separately) to enhance storage
  • It is not hard to assemble as assembly instructions are clear


  • It does not have a keyboard drawer. A lot of space is wasted on the desk as it could have more drawers

The way drawers glide is usually an indicator of a desk’s quality. This U-shaped desk in bordeaux and graphite has superb drawers. 

They glide smoothly on ball-bearing slides – as does the keyboard shelf. The unit is the perfect blend of form and function.

Style, functionality, and durability marry in this U-shaped desk. It is made from laminate and sports a deluxe PVC edge.

The desk is sturdy enough to withstand a 40-hour work week for many years to come. Its hutch offers plenty of storage for your office supplies.

The sleek working surface is the first thing you notice about this U-shaped desk. It provides ample workspace in front of you and to the left and right. It has been designed to adhere to the highest performance standards.

The U-shaped desk gets its beautiful looks from its 2 hues. It has a melamine finish that is resistant to stains and scratches. It offers ample storage in its hutch and 3 drawers. The hutch has 4 doors, an open shelf, and a memo board. The three drawers include two utility drawers and a file drawer for legal documents and letters.

The good news is you can set up the desk any way you want. You can use the desk alone without the hutch, use it as a U-shaped desk, or use it as an L shaped desk. There are no obstructions that prevent a chair from swiveling all around the U and the leg room is more than enough – even for tall people.

A perfect choice for any office, this U-shaped desk with hutch will complete your office beautifully. Its melamine finish is not only attractive but durable, too. The desk will help you to keep your workspace organized and increase your productivity.

Since the desk is made of laminate, it is very heavy so make sure you assemble it in your office or where you want to place it. In case you make the mistake of assembling it elsewhere, you’ll have to get some people to help you carry it to its destination. It weighs 423 pounds and measures 71.4” x 29.5” x 4.4”.

If you want a gorgeous desk that will stand the test of time, get it.


  • It has thick, commercial-grade work surfaces with a melamine finish that’s stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant
  • Its two lovely colors, bordeaux and graphite, look good in any office
  • Its drawers glide smoothly on ball-bearing slides
  • It is strong enough to withstand a 40-hour work week for many years
  • It comes with a standard keyboard tray
  • Its deluxe PVC edge enables it to withstand any bumps and collisions
  • It is easy to put together as the assembly directions are easy to follow


  • It is very heavy so you have to assemble it at its final location
  • Since it is shipped in tiny pieces, it may be hard to assemble for some people

Are you in the market for a sturdy, functional, modern U-shaped desk? Bestar’s Harmony desk is a perfect fit. The chocolate color it sports brightens up the dullest office. It also boasts commercial grade work surfaces of the highest quality.

The desk is made up of a main desk, a connecting bridge, and a credenza. It is fully reversible and can be left or right-oriented.

Convenient built-in features like a wire management system, smoothly sliding drawers, and a keyboard shelf make this U-shaped desk a must-have in every large office. They help you to create an efficient work zone.

The desk’s melamine finish is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and wear-resistant. It ensures the desk stays stylish for a long time to come.

The large desktop allows you to attend to different tasks while the two drawers keep your things safe. They can be secured with a single lock, ensuring your things stay safe. 

One of the drawers can hold letters and legal files while another holds small items. The drawers glide on ball-bearing slides. The keyboard shelf has double-extension slides.

The hutch that comes with this unit provides both paper management and closed storage. Prevent your cables from straying by making use of the grommets on the desk.

The last thing you want is to be tripping over wires when you have a deadline to meet or multiple projects that need your constant attention.

Spacious, functional and versatile, this U-shaped desk will change the look and feel of any room it is placed in. Its design will make a statement in your office. Its neutral hue allows it to easily match any furnishings in an office.

It works well as a computer desk or a gaming desk thanks to the keyboard tray and cable management system.

Without a doubt, it will increase your productivity without breaking the bank. Take note of the desk’s dimensions to ensure it fits comfortably in your office.


  • It boasts a chocolate color that goes well with any décor
  • It is well constructed and is very durable
  • It features thick, durable commercial grade work surfaces
  • Its melamine finish is resistant to stains, scratches, and wear and tear
  • It offers plenty of storage in its hutch and 2 drawers. The hutch offers both open and closed storage
  • The drawers and the keyboard tray are set on ball-bearing slides and open and close smoothly
  • Its desktop is large enough to accommodate multiple items
  • It is a wonderful desk for the money


  • Assembly instructions are in form of signs and a few words

If a large work surface is your top priority, you won’t be disappointed by this desk.

Backed by a 10-year warranty, this U shaped computer desk is nothing short of functional. You can use it in your corporate office, home office, multi-person workspace, or in a classroom.

It comprises a corner desk, a two-drawer pedestal, a bridge, and a peninsula desk. It is available in 7 two-tone finishes and can adapt to different office environments.

Storage is in form of an open shelf and two drawers. The large drawer can accommodate A4 documents, letters, and legal files.

This desk meets the ANSI/BIFMA quality standards so you don’t have to worry about it being poorly constructed.

Thick end panels and a thermally fused laminate finish create a professional desk that is long-lasting. Its C-Leg design offers maximum leg room and allows you to move around freely. You can pull in your chair and concentrate on work if need be. 

The integrated wire management system prevents your cables from straying. The large desktop is perfect for multitasking and carrying out in-office meetings. 

If you happen to be working on a project and also doing your day-to-day business, you’ll have more than enough space to work on both. You can easily access resources like electronic media, your computer, files, and paperwork.

While the desk may not have plenty of storage options, you can buy other storage pieces separately to enhance your workspace. For instance, you can get a lateral file that fits comfortably under the peninsula desk.

Not only is this U-shaped desk highly functional, it is aesthetically pleasing and will leave a lasting impression on all who see it. It weighs 275 pounds and its dimensions are 76.5” x 38.8” x 4.9”.


  • It is backed by a 10-year warranty that attests to its durability
  • Its desktop offers enough space for all the items you need as you work
  • The desk offers enough storage for your office essentials in its open shelf and 2 drawers. The drawers glide smoothly thanks to ball-bearing slides
  • It has a C-leg design which enables it to offer sufficient legroom
  • Thick end panels and a thermally-fused laminate finish make it very durable
  • The integrated wire management system helps you to create a clean and organized workspace
  • The desk meets top standards for safety and performance (ANSI/BIFMA)
  • It comes in 7 appealing 2-tone finishes and can easily adapt to any office surroundings


  • It takes time to assemble as it is shipped in many parts. In addition, assembly instructions are comprised of multiple steps
  • You may need an extra pair of hands to help you assemble it

11 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a U-Shaped Desk

You spend at least 40 hours each week at your desk. Sometimes you burn the midnight oil in order to beat deadlines or prepare for crucial presentations. Why not get the best desk?

Buying a functional U-shaped desk will go a long way toward helping you achieve the success you’ve always wanted. Be sure to research and window shop. Settle on a desk that best suits your work, tastes and preferences.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself in the quest of finding a U-shaped desk.

1)  Does the Size of the Desk Matter?

The answer is a resonating ‘yes!’ If you are a multitasker, you want a desk that will hold all your devices, files, and also allow you to hold small meetings with your team.

If the bulk of your time is spent responding to emails and making phone calls, you may require a smaller U-shaped desk. However, it is better to overestimate the amount of space you need in a desk since your workload may increase with time.

Office Desk U Shape

The design of your office also dictates the kind of desk you purchase.

If you have a small office, a corner desk or an L-shaped desk may be ideal.

On the other hand, if you have plenty of space, a U-shaped desk is perfect.

2)  What Is the Purpose Of My Desk?

Are you a professional who frequently meets clients at your desk? Do you have spur-of-the-moment meetings with your team to strategize or do they frequent your desk to present their ideas? Do you require a desk with room for many gadgets and accessories?

When you identify what the bulk of your work is made up of, you can easily make the best choice when buying a desk.

There are desks to suit every need and preference. There are U-shape desks with drawers, cabinets, and cable wire holes. 

If you happen to deal with many private documents, you want a desk that has lockable drawers and cabinets for security and privacy.

Wrap Around Computer Desk

3)  What Is My Style and Preference?

When someone walks into your office, the desk is the most prominent feature in the room. What image would you like to portray? Do you want a desk that oozes professionalism, confidence, elegance, and charm, or one with a traditional style?

Image is everything and the first impression is the one that lasts. Make sure potential customers and business associates remember you for all the right reasons.

4) Where Do I Buy A U-Shaped Desk?

You have the option of searching on the internet or going to a physical furniture store. The internet will save you loads of time and you can view a variety of desks with their specifications.

Going to a furniture store may be time-consuming but it also has its perks. You can interact with a furniture specialist who can help you make the right decision. Whether you choose to buy your desk online or at a physical store, researching beforehand is vital.

5) Is Comfort Important To Me?

An ergonomic desk is bound to increase your productivity and decrease your discomfort. It minimizes work-related accidents and is also stylish and practical.

A U-shaped desk resembles the letter U. It literally wraps itself around your midriff, providing maximum space for working. It offers comfort as it provides ample space to move around. It is a blend of efficiency and aesthetics.

Bestar Innova Wrap Around Desk

When buying a U-shaped desk, buy from a reputable manufacturer to ensure you get value for money. Conduct thorough research in order to make the best choice.

The functionality of a U-shaped desk is unmatched. You can use the drawers that come with the desk for storage. If it comes with a hutch, you can store your files, paperwork, accessories and even display pictures and plants.

6) Does My Office Have Enough Space for a U-Shaped Desk?

Before buying a U-shape desk, take into consideration the space it needs. The desk is not fit for a tiny office or space. It need not be said that you shouldn’t get it if your office is small.

The room will be cramped and movement will be difficult.
If you aren’t sure how big your office is, take measurements. When you know how much space your office has, you can get the best U-shaped desk.

7) What’s My Preferred Material?

Metal, glass, and wood are some of the materials used in making office desks. Wood is the most common material for office desks, sometimes mixed with glass or marble for an elegant look.

Laminate is also a common material for desks as it comes in a variety of finishes and styles. Some desk materials are more expensive than others – like solid wood – so keep this in mind as you shop for a desk.

8) How Do I Work?

Do you work alone or are you part of a team that meets frequently for impromptu meetings at your desk?

A U-shape desk functions well in an environment of constant communication. 

It allows you to be flexible in your work. You can move to the side of the desk for a meeting without having to move files or turn off your computer.

Bestar U Shape Desk

How you go about your day-to-day tasks matters when choosing a U-shaped desk. If you are always out on the road on assignments, you may need a desk with lockable drawers for privacy and security. 

9) What’s the True Price of the Desk?

That desk you love might be selling for $500, but it may come with other costs. It is important to consider whether the price tag includes sales tax, shipping fees, and any other fees. Get the final quote to avoid surprises on the invoice.

Investing in a great U-shape desk is a priority if you want to portray a professional image, but make sure you know how much it costs. This way, you can get the best desk that factors ergonomics and fits your tastes, whether a high-end executive desk or a modern, cost-effective desk.

10)  How Long Will the Desk Last?

Wood is popular for its durability. Thick high-pressure laminate is hard-wearing and offers an elegant look. Metal desks are sturdy and their overall weight is often an indication of their quality.

Wood and veneer are materials that can last although they are prone to nicks that can be unbecoming. The add-ons that come with a desk also need to be of good quality.

Desk drawers with dovetail joints are more durable than those glued together. When placed on sturdy rollers, they glide easily. When checking the quality of a steel desk, remember that any gap between a drawer and the desk means poor quality.

11) Does the Desk Come With a Warranty or a Return Policy?

A return policy speaks volumes about a U-shaped desk. A warranty means the manufacturer knows the quality, durability, and life expectancy of their product. A warranty can last from one year to a lifetime.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a U-Shaped Desk

Ordering new furniture for your office can prove to be an exciting but overwhelming process. Office furniture should last a long time and adjust according to your needs.

Choose the right desk and every workday will be a delight; choose the wrong one and you’ll feel a pang of remorse every time you look at it. There are some common mistakes people make while purchasing U-shape desks and other desks.

Here are a few you should steer clear of.

1) Not Thinking of How Your office Environment Affects Your Clients, Business Associates, and Employees

You spend 40 hours or more every week at your workplace – the desk is where most of the work gets done. Having a good working environment is vital to creating the right relationships with your clients, associates, and employees.

Everyone is different and what may be comfortable for someone else may be uncomfortable for you. A desk that works for someone who is tall may be uncomfortable for you if you are short. Choose the best desk for yourself.

When buying a U-shaped desk, think of your clients, business associates, and your employees. The desk should be welcoming but professional; stylish but functional.

2) Choosing Looks Over Comfort

When you are comfortable, productivity follows effortlessly. A beautiful desk is attractive but what will keep you working comfortably is an ergonomic desk.

Those long hours won’t seem so long. Without an ergonomic desk, injuries that keep you away from work will occur.

Testing out a desk before buying it is essential.

If possible, buy a U-shaped desk with a return policy as you can try it out and return it if it does not suit you.

Always make comfort a priority.

U Shaped Computer Desk with Hutch

3)  Ignoring Flexibility

Technology is ever changing. Buy furniture that can cater to your ever changing work needs. In days gone by, office desks were designed to hold bulky CRT screens but with the advent of the flat screen, computers take up less space.

Your desk needs to be dynamic to match the dynamic nature of business and work.

4)  Not Testing the Desk

Executive U Desk

If you are buying your U-shape desk at a physical store, test it with a chair similar to yours – or get a chair that goes with it.

See if the chair fits comfortably under the desk when you’re seated.

Testing the desk may save you a lot of time and money.

5)  Selecting Price Over Quality

Who doesn’t love a bargain? A bargain, however, becomes expensive when quality is sacrificed. When buying a U-shaped desk, skimping on money is not an option.

Buy a high-quality desk that will enhance your professional image, fulfill your needs, and boost your productivity.

Keep the future in mind and invest in a desk that will not lose its functionality with time. Get a desk that will be the focal point of your office.

6)  Buying a Desk without Assessing Your Needs

When buying a U-shape desk, your needs must take top priority. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, look for a U-shaped desk with built-in cable wire holes to prevent wires from wandering.

People coming to your office won’t have to jump over cables and the space will look neat and organized. If paperwork is what you deal with most, choose a U-shape desk with enough space for your files and papers – it must have drawers or shelves.

Maybe you are a team leader with a team that is always popping into your office to pitch ideas or consult. A U-shaped desk will provide you with sufficient space and impress your colleagues, clients, and associates.

U Shaped Home Office Desk

A great U-shaped desk is made from a sturdy material that is durable. It portrays the image you wish to present in your office. The most common material is wood as it is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

However, solid wood is a heavy material that is not easily portable so if flexibility is one of your top requirements in a desk, you may need to re-think your material.

Glass tops flaunt a modern look but can crack easily and are less durable than wood.

Metal is strong, adds color, and is quite stable. Laminate is pleasant to the eye but not very durable.

Gray U Shaped Desk

How to Keep Your U-shaped Desk Organized

1) Clean It Frequently – Inside and Out

A clean desk enhances productivity. Remove everything on top of the desk and inside it before you start cleaning. Use a gentle detergent to clean it and get rid of unbecoming stains by polishing (if it’s a wood desk).

Different desk materials are cleaned differently. Glass needs to be cleaned more frequently than wood. It is imperative, however, to ensure that you protect your desk from scratches. If you buy a wood desk, polish it regularly to conceal scratches.

After cleaning your desk, put things back and organize them in a new way to break the monotony. Put items within easy reach to enhance your productivity. You can add life and color to your desk by decorating it with framed pictures, plants, or flowers.

Have a designated cleaning time every day to ensure you spend just a few minutes clearing up as opposed to tidying up for hours once a month. You can clean your desk at the close of business every day.

2) Get Rid of Needless Clutter

It is easy to accumulate clutter. Anything you don’t use but decide to keep instantly turns into clutter, creating a mess. This could be knickknacks, snacks, gadgets, or documents.

Walnut U Shaped Desk With <a class=

Get into the habit of throwing away anything you no longer use. Dispose of the things you consider trash or those that cannot be used again.

File documents you don’t need to refer to often. Keep as many things as you can off your desktop.

You can also keep the items you do not use frequently in drawers or shelves. But be careful not to keep on adding unnecessary items. If you have items of sentimental value, keep them in one drawer.

To sort clutter, form two piles: one for the things you consider junk and the other for the things you intend to keep. Get rid of the insignificant things and keep only those that have value.

3) Keep A Trash Can Nearby

It is important to have a trash can near your desk that you can access easily. You will be able to eliminate any clutter that quickly builds up and tries to wreck your workspace. As soon as your trash can fills up, throw the trash or you’ll start accruing clutter again.

4) Use Fewer Papers

If you have unnecessary subscriptions, cancel them. When receiving documents, whether memos or reports, ensure they are sent in soft copy. Papers can accumulate very fast and consume the workspace that could have been used for productive work.

Scan important documents and save them on the cloud. Scanning acts as a backup for printed papers that can easily get lost.

Add Function to Your Office with a U-Shaped Desk

A U-shaped desk offers more than enough working surface, helping you to work efficiently.

The desk can also offer a myriad of storage facilities that are vital in keeping your files and papers safe. Get one with overhead shelves, multiple drawers, or a hutch and you will be spoilt for storage choices.

This desk will allow you to hold minor meetings with your team, meet clients, or hold consultations with business associates. It appeals to clients with its conference-type look.

U Shaped Office Desk with <a class=

To sum it up, you’ll be hard pressed to find a desk as functional as a U-shaped desk. It is the perfect workstation – ideal for both executive offices as well as home offices. Get one today and see how it changes your life.

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