How to Care For Your L Desk

L Desk

When you get that perfect L desk for your workspace, the feeling is awesome.

There’s a great deal of pride and confidence that comes with it.

Well, the reality is that getting the desk is just the beginning of a journey that will always involve your desk. 

You have to face the fact that you will have to invest more time and effort in ensuring that your desk is well taken care of and that it lasts for the longest time possible.

That is where desk maintenance tips come to play. We are going to share with you some tips to help you take care of your L desk.

1. Get the Right Desk for You

If you think about it, the care and maintenance of your L desk start before you even purchase the desk. Ensure that when you are getting your desk you get one that is just right for you. By this, we mean that the size and the design should be just right.

If your desk is not right for you, you probably will find it difficult to keep it organized and neat. Therefore, get a desk that is just right for you. It should be of the right height and width and should be able to accommodate all your files, computer and accessories comfortably.

2. Position the Desk Properly

Given it’s an L desk, the most ideal position should be at the corner. It is best that the edges touch the wall. It should fit like a puzzle. If your desk has a curving bend, ensure that the other straight parts of its length are adjacent to the wall.

The aim of doing this is to help maintain the edges. If there is space left between the desk and the wall, you risk damaging the edges of your desk when you move it suddenly and push it to the wall forcefully.

If you have a wooden L shaped computer desk, ensure that it is not subjected to direct sun rays. This might lead to the desk cracking.

3. Fasten the Hinges and Corner Screws

For your desk to last longest, always ensure that the hinges and the screws are tightly fastened. This helps in preventing the desk from swinging and producing annoying sounds. It, also, helps prevent those areas where the hinges are normally fastened from getting damaged.

If your desk has drawers, keen focus should be put in ensuring that they open and close smoothly. Ensure that their handles are of top quality and well fastened.

4. Only Keep Work Items on Your Desk

I’m guessing you purchased your L-desk for work. If that is the case, then let it serve just that purpose and nothing else. Adding unnecessary items on the desk increases the weight being exerted on it and can lead to its damage.

For instance, if you decide to purchase an L-desk made of glass, if you subject it to too much pressure from heavy objects, chances are that the glass will crack or even break.

As such, taking care of your L shaped computer desk involves ensuring that only the necessary work items are placed on the desk. Anything else should find another home.

5. Do Not Convert Your L Desk into a Dining Table

Sometimes you can get carried away by work, or just the comfort you get from your L shaped desk and decide to take your meals from there. Within no time, you start taking most of your meals from your work desk.

If you want to take care of your desk, avoid this temptation. If its meal time, take a break and have your meal at the dining table. If its water, have a dedicated spot where you put your glass of water; a place that is not a corner of your L shaped office desk. This is helpful in ensuring that the desk remains clean all the time. It, also, brings order.

6. Restrict Access to Your Desk

Another way of taking care of your L-shaped desk is by restricting the people who have access to it. You can only know and manage what is on and around your desk if you know who has access to your desk. Don’t let every Tom, Dick, and Harry have unlimited access to your desk. You will only have yourself to blame if it gets damaged.

7. Have All the Necessary Accessories Within Reach

Another great way of taking care of your L shaped computer desk is by ensuring that you, also, purchase necessary accessories. Have a dustbin nearby, a paper tray, a pen holder and any other accessories you might need. These play a great role in maintaining order.

Tips for Cleaning Your L Shaped Desk

This section is all about helping you to keep your desk clean.

1. Dust and Wipe Your Desk Every Day

Set aside a few minutes each day to wipe your desk to remove any dust that may have settled on the surfaces. Use a soft piece of cloth, clean water and mild soap when doing the cleaning. If you have a glass table, use a little vinegar when doing the cleaning for a squeaky clean desk.

If your desk has stains, toothpaste or baking soda and water can help get rid of the stains easily. Have a section for everything.

Allocating sections for specific items helps in maintaining order and cleanliness around your desk. Your drawers should be labeled, each accommodating only specific items. Same applied to other parts of your desk.

2. Develop a Filing System That Works for You

If your work involves handing a lot of files, the best way to maintain order and, consequently, a clean desk is by having a filing system. The system should be simple and easy to use.

3. Finish Your Projects and Get Rid of Old Files

The main aim you should have in mind is to create as much space as possible. You, therefore, should develop a habit of finishing your projects to avoid a buildup of paperwork on your desk. Finishing up projects helps create more room for newer projects while maximizing on the use of the available space.

4. Go Digital

Paperless is always clean. If possible, store all your files digitally. This way, you will only have to wipe and clean your desk to maintain it. It is a more efficient way of avoiding clutter.

You can get more tips on cleaning and organizing your L desk here.

The only way to ensure that your L shaped desk lasts longest is by proper care and maintenance. Therefore, make the cleaning and the care practices part of your routine and you will be able to achieve that goal.

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