Desk Gurus’ Picks – The Best White Desk

Truth be told, it’s hard not to love a white desk. Keep it clean and it will be the pièce de résistance of your office: gorgeous and inviting.

White goes well with any setting or color scheme. It complements all types of décor and makes a room look larger and brighter. You can never go wrong with white because it is an inspiring, refreshing color.

A white desk can be the focal point in a room and highlight other furniture pieces. It adds style to the space without sacrificing functionality.

When you have a white desk with drawers, you can work efficiently and store your work materials safely. ​

​A white desk with hutch can keep all your office essentials close by.

When buying a white desk, quality should be your top priority. And because quality is our priority too, we’ve taken the time to choose – and vet – 10 high-quality white desks we’re sure you will love.

Without making too much of a fuss, here they are.

Comparison Table: The Best White Desk 

The Best White Computer Desk 


L x W H (Inches)





Out of 5

Sauder Harbor View White Desk with Hutch

62.2 x 23.5 x 57.4


High-quality MDF


Monarch Specialties White Executive Desk

60 x 47 x 30


Wood veneer


Bush Furniture Salinas White Desk

47.2 x 23.2 x 62.9


Laminate Over Engineered Wood


South Shore Small White Desk

53.5 x 30 x 23.8


Non-Toxic Laminated Particle Board


The Baraga White Corner Desk

61 x 51 x 30


Tempered Glass & Metal


Prepac White Computer Desk

19.8 x 42.2 x 39.5


CARB-Compliant, Laminated Composite Wood


The Best White Desk on the Market Right Now

Sometimes we’ll see a desk and go like “oh, another regular desk, nothing out of the ordinary.” We love seeing desks with unique features that offer great value for money – this white desk with hutch is one such unit. It will make working from home very enjoyable.

The white desk features an assortment of storage options. There are 3 smoothly sliding drawers, an adjustable shelf behind a door with louvers, and a keyboard shelf.

The 2 upper drawers can hold stationery and small items while the lower one holds legal letters or European size hanging files. Beneath the keyboard tray is another shelf that can accommodate books – you can call it a tiny bookshelf.

The pull-out keyboard shelf is fitted with metal runners and safety stops to prevent it from extending too far. The 3 drawers have a patented T-lock assembly system that makes them sturdier. The storage area behind the louver detailed door is perfect for a CPU.

If those storage options aren’t enough to hold everything you need for work, make the most of the hutch.

It features vertical storage compartments and a cubbyhole that can house office equipment, accessories, books, and files. The hutch completes the desk and helps create a compact workstation.

This desk doesn’t have a pure white color, but its antique white color will give your office vintage style and make you feel like you’re working in a cottage.
The desk is shipped in two big double boxes for protection.

Assembling it isn’t difficult as all the parts are marked and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The only tools you will require are a Phillips screwdriver and a hammer. Sauder provides some extra nails and screws just in case. If you want to make the assembly process easier, get one or two people to help you.

When putting the desk together, be sure to read all the instructions and follow each step. If you don’t follow all the steps carefully, you may discover that the keyboard tray and the CPU tower door keep clashing.

There are instructions on the last page telling you how to fix this problem. While you may have to tweak the two-step process, you’ll get it right if you follow the instructions.

A word of caution: you’ll need 2-3 strong people to bring the desk to an upright position. Be careful when lifting it as you still have to tighten the two bolts at the back for proper support. This step is very crucial, if you forget it, the desk’s legs may snap because of the weight.

You’ll be very pleased with how the white desk looks once it’s assembled. It’s a perfect example of fine craftsmanship. If you want it to last long, assemble it at its final location and don’t move it around often. It is also very heavy (weighs 177 pounds) so difficult to move once assembled.


  • The white desk comes with a hutch for additional storage – it has room for everything you need for work
  • Its antique white color is lovely and works well with any décor
  • The keyboard tray has safety stops that prevent it from overextending
  • The storage area behind the door with louvers has a removable shelf
  • The desk is well constructed and is very strong
  • It is packed well for shipping


  • Since the desk is not made of solid wood, it chips and peels if it comes into contact with anything sharp
  • The 2 upper drawers on the desk are very small and don’t have full extension slides – hence a lot of space is wasted

A modern office isn't complete without a white desk. And while every office needs a dedicated spot where people can do their work comfortably and increase their productivity, a white desk does more than offer a comfortable spot to work from. It becomes the focal point of your office and dictates the office decor and furnishings you buy.

Monarch Specialties calls itself a leader in home furnishings, and true to its word, it is a leader. The company stays ahead of its competitors by manufacturing innovative and exciting products people love. While it makes all types of furniture, what we love are its white desks (because, after all, what we focus on are desks).

We love this white executive desk in particular because it can hold multiple computer screens, a myriad of appliances, heaps of reports, and anything else you need close by to work excellently.

If you don't have a home office and plan to use this desk in your bedroom or in the living room, it will fit beautifully in a corner and won't to take up a lot of space. Since it is finished on all sides, it looks beautiful from all angles and can be placed in any spot. 

Its color is pure white and not off white and will delight you if you want a clean white desk. Its silver-colored handles break the monotony and accentuate the desk’s beauty, making it a must-have for any home office or conventional office. Clean lines and thick panels make the desk both beautiful and functional.

The white executive desk is made of wood veneer and features two small storage drawers and a lateral file drawer to help you organize your work. 5 open shelves allow you to keep your desktop free of clutter and to easily access anything you need.

The additional work surface can hold computer accessories like a printer or a scanner. If you’re using the desk in the bedroom, you can store your makeup items on the shelves.

Since the desk is reversible, you can install the drawers on the left or the right side. While it is easy to set up, it is heavy so you will need another pair of hands to help you carry it indoors. The desk is 60 inches long, 47 inches wide, 30 inches high, and has a 28-inch space for a chair.


  • The white desk is made of wood veneer and is strong and durable
  • It has a pure white color that looks at home in modern offices
  • The manufacturer has finished it on all sides so it looks good from every angle
  • It has an additional working surface that can hold an extra monitor or computer accessories
  • It is reversible and its drawers can be installed on either side
  • It works well with any office décor and looks good in any space
  • It offers ample storage in form of drawers and open shelves


  • The support brackets that hold up the shelves aren’t very good and the shelves may start to collapse after a while
  • The pieces used to assemble it (screws and bolts) are not labelled so you have to figure out which ones go where

In days gone by, buying a desk was very easy. All you had to do was find one whose style and size you liked and choose whether you wanted one that was already assembled or one that you would assemble yourself.

But with the introduction of the personal computer, buying a desk became a bit harder. These days, there are so many things to consider when buying a desk: its size, its style, its color, its working surface, its material, its storage, and a few other things.

If you want a desk that can fit in a small space and provide storage for everything you need as you work, it's the Salinas white desk. It has an antique white color and will give your office rustic style – making you feel as if you are in a cottage by the lake side.

The white desk offers different storage features to help you keep it as neat as a pin. Display your family photos, books, or trophies on its hutch with open shelves and store your CPU tower in the closed storage cabinet. 

If you want more overhead space, you can remove the 3 vertical boards on the hutch to make more room and this won't compromise the structural integrity of the desk.

If you use a laptop, you can store miscellaneous items in the closed storage cabinet.

Love beautiful detailing?

You will love the detailing on the cabinet’s front. A box drawer offers storage for small office supplies. The closed cabinet and drawer feature mission-style drawer pulls which complement each other.

The desk has a large working surface that can hold at least 2 monitors. If you only need a laptop for work, use the pullout keyboard drawer; if you use a monitor, place your keyboard on the drawer. You will also love the wire management system that ensures your cables are safe and out of reach.

The best thing about the Salinas white desk is that you can use it in your home office or in your bedroom. It is designed with ergonomics in mind and you will sit comfortably as you work on your assignments, surf the internet, or organize your bills. The desk is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and will offer great value for years to come.


  • The desk offers both open and closed storage
  • It has a spacious working surface that can accommodate 2 monitors or a laptop
  • Its pull-out keyboard shelf can hold a keyboard drawer or a laptop and easily slides in and out
  • A wire management system organizes cables for computers and electronic gadgets
  • The desk can fit in a small space and is ideal for dorm rooms, bedrooms, and home offices
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The desk is made of particle board and not solid hardwood
  • It takes time to assemble as you have to glue many wooden dowels (the manufacturer provides the glue)

Crafters rejoice! At last, here’s a desk that has been made with you in mind.
Those of you that love making crafts know that it is a stress reliever. Your craft space is a place of fun, creativity, inspiration, and relaxation.

And without a doubt, the most important thing in the space is a craft table. It should have lots of space to accommodate your materials and supplies to allow you to work comfortably and efficiently. Remember, for creativity to flow, you must be comfortable.

This small white desk has a large work surface that can be used for sewing, jewelry-making, or gift wrapping. It measures 53 x 24 inches. The desk is made of laminated particle board which is non-toxic. 

You will be delighted by its numerous storage options that comprise shelves, cabinets, and a drawer. These are very important features in a craft desk.

Each of the cabinets has 3 shelves and comes with a pair of holders you can fix behind each cabinet door to hang items like markers and scissors.

Above each cabinet is a small open space where you can keep small important supplies.

The white desk is highly versatile as both of its cabinets are interchangeable; you can change them whenever the mood strikes. The open slanted shelves are specially designed to hold your craft and scrapbooking papers. They are also perfect for storing important files and manuals. The large open space beneath them is suitable for scrapbooks and binders.

You can store your most important crafting supplies in the open shelves and quickly pick them whenever you want to use them. Keep the supplies and tools you use less often in the drawers and closed cabinets. If you've been crafting for a while, you know that you can never have enough storage options. However, this craft desk does a good job of providing ample storage space.

The South Shore desk flaunts a gorgeous cottage style. Grooved detailing and black metal handles make it the perfect craft table for those who love the warm and welcoming look of a cottage.

Not many furniture manufacturers give a five-year warranty for their furniture pieces, but South Shore does. You can shop without fear, knowing that the manufacturer took time to create a masterpiece and is bound by their warranty. To speed up assembly, get a friend to help you and be sure to get them pizza afterwards.


  • The craft desk has a large workspace
  • It features different storage options to make crafting easy and fun. Its 2 cabinets which offer closed storage are interchangeable
  • Black metal handles create beautiful contrast and enhance the desk’s beauty
  • South Shore packages the desk very well and it will arrive at your doorstep unscathed
  • The company offers a 5-year warranty for it, so you can be sure it’s a great desk
  • It is intricately packaged and comes with everything you need to assemble it


  • It weighs 127 pounds and you can’t move it on your own. Assemble it at its final location
  • The cabinet doors are quite difficult to install

If you are lucky enough to have an unused corner in your home, get the Baraga white corner desk and turn it into a stylish office space. The desk is made by signature design by Ashley, one of the popular names in home furniture.

We love it because it echoes Leonardo da Vinci’s words “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." It is devoid of shelves and drawers and has a large desktop that holds your personal computer and office essentials.

The white desk is made of very durable materials. Its desktop is made of tempered glass and its frame is made of metal. The glass desktop is frosted to enhance its beauty and longevity. A gorgeous white powder coat finish completes its look and makes it stand out wherever it is placed.

While the desk doesn't have any storage options, it has ample space underneath for a file cabinet or a pouf for resting your feet (to give them that much-needed break).

If you are tall and normally have a problem finding a desk with sufficient leg room, you will love this unit. It boasts a modular design and you can assemble the "L" on the right or the left, it all depends on your preference.

To boost your comfort as you work, get an ergonomic chair with wheels. At Desk Gurus, we spend a lot of time on our desks and know that there are times when you want to move from your desk without leaving your seat.

While some people consider this lazy, we don’t. There are times you are so immersed in a project you don’t want to break your concentration – this is when you will be grateful for a chair with wheels.

This white desk is well-constructed, sturdy, and will give you many years of service. It is shipped directly from the manufacturer who takes time to package it well to ensure it arrives at your destination in one piece and in timely fashion.

While assembly is required, the instructions are easy to follow and all the tools and hardware are included.


  • The desk is made of high-quality, durable materials: tempered frosted glass and powder coated metal
  • It has a small profile and easily fits in the corner of a room
  • Its white color doesn’t overwhelm and works well in different settings
  • The desk has ample leg room and perfect for tall people
  • The manufacturer provides easy-to-follow instructions and all the tools needed to assemble it
  • The pieces are very well packaged and will arrive at your doorstep intact


  • The desk has no cable management feature
  • It lacks any form of storage

If you live in a small space and you want a desk that will optimize the square footage, get the Prepac white computer desk. The great thing about a floating desk is that you can convert any free space into a workstation.

Floating-style furniture has become more popular nowadays because it creates the illusion of space. In a home office or a living room, a floating desk keeps everything within an arm’s reach in a stylish, light, and airy way.

By mounting a desk on a wall, you can achieve different objectives – like saving space, making a room look bigger, and working comfortably from home.

The Prepac white computer desk is one of the bestselling desks of all time because it makes the most of space wherever it is placed. 

It comes with a metal hanging rail system so you can mount it at any height.

If you are like us here at Desk Gurus and love staying fit, mount the desk at a higher position and use it as a standing desk.

Your body will thank you, but your legs might not.

While the white desk doesn't have a lot of storage options, its desktop and shelves can accommodate your office essentials.

The desk’s design is ideal for laptop users who want a temporary working surface. We love its handsome and clean finish and its wire management features that allow you to route cables underneath for a clean presentation. The desk is versatile and can also be used as a vanity; all you need to do is add a mirror and a light.

To enhance the beauty of the desk and complete your working space, pair it with a white desk chair. Since it looks more like a piece of art than a desk, you can mount it on one wall in your living room and it won’t look out of place.

The desk is easy to install, thanks to Prepac’s awesome metal rail system. It is also shipped with an instruction booklet for your convenience.

This white desk is made in Canada using laminated composite wood that is Carb-compliant. It is also available in black pastel colors. But the thing we love most about it is it comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • The white desk comes with a lengthy warranty to make you confident about your purchase
  • It is manufactured in North America so you can rest assured about its construction
  • It offers a little storage for office essentials
  • It frees up space because it doesn’t sit on the floor like other desks
  • You can mount it at a higher level and use it as a floating desk
  • Its metal hanging rail system makes it easy to install. The manufacturer also provides an instruction booklet


  • The desk’s side shelves only hold small items
  • The desk isn’t very stable so you must be careful not to bump into it with your chair or lift its working surface

No question about it, it can be hard to choose the perfect white desk. As we did our research to choose the 10 best white desks on the market, we came across spectacular desks, mediocre desks, and some that were downright bad. But since we were focusing on the high-quality white desks, we only researched the spectacular ones.

Let’s talk about this one in particular.

Why did we think it deserved to be on our list? Well, for starters, it is made by Monarch Specialties, a company that knows how to make good furniture. The company is located in Quebec, Canada and uses high-quality materials to make its furniture pieces.

This stylish white desk has a small footprint and is ideal for people who live in small homes, apartments, or condos. Its warm white color and clean lines allow it to blend easily with any home or office décor. Its large working surface extends to the side, creating more space for your office supplies.

The white desk will help you to create a professional looking working space. It offers sufficient storage in form of drawers and shelves. These allow you to keep your work surface neat and tidy at all times.

Made of wood, the Monarch white office desk comes with cubby storage dims that measure 15 x 15 x 22 inches. 

​The working surface is 47 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 31 inches high while the return unit is 36 inches long and 16 inches wide.

The great thing about the storage dims is that they have adjustable shelf height.
The large working surface is a big plus and once you assemble the white desk, you will realize that you have enough space to work on. Your legs will also be comfortable thanks to the ample leg room.

Want to move your workstation without a fuss? Well, with most desks, this might be difficult, because you risk damaging the floor. But not with the Monarch white office desk, it has casters at its base to help you move it effortlessly.

You may wish to have the “L” on your left or right, depending on your office design or personal preference. Monarch gives you that option by drilling holes on both ends of the desk so that you can assemble the “L” on either side.

If you are an introvert like one of our workmates, you can position the desk in a quiet corner and create a tiny office within an office.


  • It has a large working surface for your PC and office supplies
  • The white desk is not only practical, it also looks really nice
  • You can adjust the cubby shelf height according to your preference
  • The desk offers adequate storage with its drawers and shelves
  • The leg room is large enough and allows your legs to stretch out without hindrance
  • The desk is drilled on both sides and you can assemble the “L” on either side
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • It takes quite some time to assemble
  • The “L” lacks sufficient structural support

Sometimes we want more than a regular desk in our workplace. What we want is a classy desk that will also add style to the space. And what better desk than the Elite Soreno White L shaped desk? But be careful, you just might spend your whole day fiddling with the desk instead of working.

The white L shaped desk is a product of Walker Edison, a company that has been creating innovative home furniture for more than a decade. It features a powder-coated steel frame, a tempered glass desktop, and has a smooth finish.

Ask anyone who has had the privilege to own it and they will confirm that it is indeed among the most practical glass desks on the market.

Measuring 51 inches long, 20 inches wide, and standing 29 inches high, this is a durable white L shaped desk. The desktop is comprised of three pieces which fit seamlessly, saving office space and also complementing the décor.

The X-frame of this white L shaped desk has metal tubing for structural strength and stability. The desk is not hard to assemble and it is quite light, weighing only 57 pounds. Its sleek design doesn’t compromise on quality and the L junction where the desktop pieces join to make the L is not sharp. 

It is curved and makes the desk look at home in most office settings. If you have ever been hurt by the sharp corners of an L-shaped desk, you will appreciate the sleek curves on this unit.

The package is accompanied by a manual to help you assemble the desk by yourself. Putting it together is easy and fast, the longest it may take you is 45 minutes.


  • It is strong, durable, and has a sleek design
  • Strong glass, 6-inch thick, is used for the desktop
  • The L-shape design lends it space-saving abilities


  • The manual is not very detailed so you will need to be very careful when putting the desk together

You spend at least 8 hours at your workstation daily for 5 days a week, that’s a massive 40 hours!

Don’t just get any desk to use. If you choose a desk haphazardly, you might pick one whose design doesn’t give a single thought about your health. And let’s not lie to ourselves, the moment your health is affected by repetitive strain injuries or even a bad sitting posture, your productivity will be significantly affected.

This adjustable height white writing desk is made with your health in mind. You might be asking yourself, “how?” To start with, its height is adjustable, so you can adjust it to fit your height. 

If you intend to use it while standing, you can increase its height and work on your feet, thanks to the smooth crank adjustment from 32 inches to 48.5 inches.

Secondly, the desk is innovatively designed to support a better posture, helping you to avert neck and back pains. 

Thirdly, the large shelf gives you plenty of working space. No doubt, this desk is going to serve you for a long time since it has a heavy duty powder-coated frame and a wood desktop.

How about the leg room? Is it sufficient? 

Well, since this desk has adjustable height, leg room is not an issue. And its legs have a small profile, so you can even fit a small lateral file cabinet below it.

The working surface of this white writing desk is enough for your computer, a few devices, and any other stuff you will deem important to be there. The maximum recommended weight that can be carried by this desk is 154 pounds.

The base features four 3-inch casters to help with mobility, just in case you need to escape the hot sunlight piercing through the window. They also have two locking breaks, so that your white modern desk won’t be moving when you don’t need it to.

Do you happen to be left-handed? Worry not, you can position the crank on either side of the desk when assembling it. This modern white desk does meet the minimum standard requirements of BIFMA/ANSI.


  • Its adjustable height makes it ergonomic and usable by people of any age/height
  • Can be used when sitting or standing
  • It’s sturdy and durable
  • Mobile, thanks to the casters at its base
  • The crank can be positioned on either side of the desk
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adds a modern touch to an office
  • Can sustain 154 pounds
  • Offers a very wide working area
  • Has locking breaks to prevent it from moving when it’s not supposed to


  • The desk rocks back and forth when cranking, due to its stands being single-leg
  • It is noisy when cranking

Alternative storage is something you should think of whenever you are purchasing a new desk. Within a short time, your desk might be filled with documents and other stuff that should be close by, although not used on a daily basis.

That’s where this white desk with drawers comes in. It is sold by Kings Furniture, a brand that sells furniture at wholesale prices, especially to major brands like Ashley Furniture, United Furniture, Bassett Mirror Company, and Simmons Mattress.

While most of the white desks we researched had massive working spaces, this one makes up for its small working space with drawers. In them, you can keep documents, that inspirational book you’ve been reading during your free time, and any other thing that might clutter your workspace.

Just like the Elite Soreno white desk, this one also comes with x-design legs which give it a modern look and also make sure it doesn’t take up too much space. 

The legs feature a chrome finish while the top has a white glossy finish. The desk has a pullout keyboard tray at the center and drawers to the sides.

The white desk, apart from coming with drawers, has a wide working surface where you can put your computer, mouse, and other useful stuff. It measures 45.25 x 21.75 x 30.5 and weighs 67 pounds. It is fairly easy to assemble.

The shimmery and attractive desktop is made of lacquered wood with a gorgeous plastic coating. When you buy the desk, you may notice that it peels. However, it is not the desk that is peeling; it is the plastic coming off. For this reason, we advise that you peel it yourself once you get it.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Comes with two drawers: one on each side
  • Comes with a pullout keyboard tray that slides in and out easily
  • Offers a large working area
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • The X-design base ensures stability and frees up space
  • Its white glossy finish is so pretty and helps in complementing a room’s décor
  • It is not heavy, weighing just 67 pounds


  • If you do not peel off the plastic coating it might frustrate you
  • The base lacks any casters, making the desk it difficult to move

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