The Best Serta Office Chair: Enhance Your Productivity

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Desk Gurus' Choice: Serta Air Health and Wellness Office Chair

Whether you have a home office or work in a communal company space, you know how important ​an office chair is. However, selecting a good one that meets your budget and needs can be a test. 

It means the difference between good and bad health, enhanced productivity and efficiency. It can increase comfort, prevent discomfort and fatigue.

For over 75 years, Serta has been leading the global market in comfort products. The company boasts of producing pioneering and high-quality products for its consumers.

The Serta office chair has a reputation for exceptional style, price, quality, and comfort making it an impressive company.

Serta understands your body was meant to move and therefore designs ergonomic office chairs to promote this. Next time you are out shopping, get yourself one of these amazing chairs.

Here are our Serta office chair reviews

Comparison Table: Serta Office Chair

The Best Serta Office Chair


W x D H (Inches)





Out of 5

Serta Air Health and Wellness Office Chair

29.8 x 25.8 x 42.8 


Eco-Friendly Bonded Leather


Hannah Office Chair

28.8 x 24.8 x 40.2




Serta Executive Office Chair

30.5 x 27.2 x 47


Black Bonded Leather


The Best Serta Office Chair

Transform your work environment with the Serta executive office chair. It comes with innovative AIR Technology that flexes and pivots to adjust to your movements on the chair.

This ensures active back support that keeps you alert and enhances your posture. It is manufactured from bonded leather that is smooth and eco-friendly making it strong and durable.

To allow customized positioning in height and tilt adjustments, this Serta office chair incorporates ergonomic cable stimulated levers on side of the seat. 

For an even better sitting experience, it has a pneumatic operated lift with a flexible tension and lock feature.

For extra comfort, the chair has a padded headrest, and deep, stratified body pillows. This results in a calm and relaxing seating experience. The armrests are padded and softly upholstered. They are fashionably sculpted with black accent inserts.

The drawback is that if you have larger dimensions, the chair’s size may not fit you. Additionally, with continued use, the Pneumatic tilt may break down. Also, this Serta Office chair is not ideal if you like to lean back a lot.

Main Features

  • Ergonomic cable actuated levers to adjust seat height
  • 25" seat back height
  • Black accent inserts on stylish sculpted arms


  • Soft upholstered arm pads
  • Eco-Friendly, Smooth, Bonded Leather
  • Air kinetic lumbar for extra support


  • Not ideal for leaning back
  • Pneumatic cylinder holding the chair at adjusted height gives out easily
  • Size may be smaller than expected

If you are on a budget but still desire a Serta office chair you can comfortably sit on for hours, this is the chair for you. It is equipped with contoured lumbar to offer exceptional support for your lower back.

The waterfall seat design promotes circulation and decreases fatigue by reducing pressure on the back of your legs.

For additional neck support and comfort, the chair has a soft, cushioned headrest. For customized seat use and smooth movements up and down, it has pneumatic controlled seat-adjuster to regulate height from 40-1/4" to 44." 

It also has dual-wheel casters that are multi-surface and durable for easy mobility.

The velvet microfiber fabric makes the seat stylish. The layered back, arm and seat padding add to its comfort. Its five-star heavy-duty base increases its stability. It is available in several colors to match any office setting. 

Unfortunately, the chair’s armrest can be stiff and unadjustable. This can be uncomfortable if you spend a lot of time on your office chair. Also, the bolts and screws joining it may separate with time, and the stitching is not very strong.

Main Features

  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • Height ranges from 40.25 Inch to 44 Inch
  • Durable, dual-wheel casters for use on multiple surfaces


  • Pillowed headrest for extra neck support
  • Waterfall seat edge to reduce fatigue
  • Contoured lumbar for exceptional lower back support
  • Five-star, heavy-duty, base


  • The stitching can unravel under pressure
  • The armrests are not adjustable
  • The bolts and screws separate with time

For exceptional functionality as a tall person, this is the chair for you. It is specially manufactured with large and tall dimensions capable of supporting 350 lbs.

To achieve this, the seat has an ample seating area to keep you comfortable as you work. Your lower back is supported by the contoured lumbar zone regulated using the lumbar adjustment knob.

You can quickly tilt or adjust the seat height using the ergonomic tilt mechanism. For easier handling, it comes with an infinite locking adjustment, and an EZ-Reach Control Arm with a leather-wrapped handle. 

It has become simpler to maintain focus with the waterfall seat edge. It is designed to reduce fatigue by minimizing leg pressure and boosting circulation.

For an even better seating experience, the Serta executive office chair is equipped with deep, layered body pillows. Your neck and head have extra support from the chair’s soft pillow headrest. The classic bentwood armrests are also padded so you can rest your arms when tired. 

The downside is, after continued use, the seat cushion will flatten out reducing its overall comfort. Additionally, the seat size may not be as tall and big as the manufacturer claims, so confirm before getting it.

Main Features

  • Padded armrests made from classic bentwood
  • Adjustable lumbar mechanism for additional back support
  • Deep, layered body pillows for a serene seating experience


  • Can accommodate up to 350 pounds
  • Ergonomic tilt mechanism
  • A large seating area


  • The seat cushion flattens out after some time.
  • The seat leather is not the best quality
  • Not as big and tall as manufacturer claims

Benefits of Serta Office Chairs

  1. Unique waterfall edge. Whether you have health problems or not, this feature increases your comfort because it significantly decreases fatigue. Office chairs with waterfall edges curve downward preventing the seat’s edge from touching the back of the knees. This minimizes the pressure to the back of your legs and boosts circulation around the leg area.
  2. Ergonomics. The Serta office chair is specifically designed to offer you an ergonomically sound experience. The tilt and seat height adjuster, the padded head and armrests, plus a heavy-duty base are meant to enhance your productivity as you work. These office chairs also offer adequate weight support and are made from good materials.
  3. Material variety. These chairs are made from a variety of materials to suit the needs of different users. They can be in leather, fabric or bonded leather. This guarantees a wide variety of seat selection within a comfortable range of prices without compromising on quality and comfort.
  4. Aesthetics. This is an important consideration for some when selecting an office chair. All Serta office chairs are made to add beauty to the room in which they are placed. They are colorful, creatively designed, yet comfortable to enhance productivity while making you feel at home.
  5. Durability. Nobody likes the idea of having to maintain or replace a chair frequently. You want to get value for the money you spend on an office chair. The Serta executive office chair is among several Serta chairs designed to last long. It is highly durable which makes it the perfect choice to save you money.

Tips for Buying and Using A Serta Office Chair 

  • An office chair that provides adequate lumbar support alleviates lower back pain, poor blood circulation, life-long back issues and other back-related conditions caused by sitting too long. 
  • To identify your Serta office chair’s ideal seating position, ensure the back of the chair naturally follows your spine’s curve. Rest your elbows on the armrest height at which your arms bend naturally. Check that your feet lie evenly and comfortably on the floor.
  • Office chairs made from leather are best if you are looking for comfort and durability. They are softer, fashionable, age well, and are frequently used on executive chairs.
  • Get a chair with wheels to allow you to pivot when there it is called for. A rotating base easily eliminates the need to overextend across your workspace which can cause unnecessary injuries. A chair that doesn’t turn will result in muscle stress and fatigue.


How can I choose the best office chair? 

When getting an office chair, ensure its comfortable, has sufficient lumbar support and comes with a height and armrest adjuster. 

It should have a headrest, a high back, and recline settings for ergonomically correct sitting. When sitting, your joints should be at a 90-degree angle with your feet always touching the floor firmly.

What makes an office chair ergonomic?

An office chair is considered ergonomic when the design includes features that significantly improve your comfort. It should decrease fatigue and strain, enhance blood circulation, and boost productivity.

It should be manufactured from strong, durable, high-quality material that is breathable to eliminate sweat build-up and promote proper air circulation. The chair should easily conform to your needs and preferences.

What is the ideal height for an office chair?

There’s no single chair with a one-size-fits-all height. The most common seat height averages between 41 and 52 cm. 

The Serta big and tall office chair is designed for longer and heavier people. The height ranges from 46.25 to 48.25 inches. Nevertheless, every person functions at a different ideal height.

Are armrests necessary in an office chair?

This is highly dependent on personal preferences and the kind of workstation you have. Some people believe armrests relieve discomfort around the arms, neck and upper back.

They are essential if you need to hold your elbows forward, away from the side such as in typing work. This is because you are working your shoulder muscles which ultimately tire out and need rest.

If you must have office chairs with armrests go for those that are adjustable.

How many types of office chairs are there?

There are two main types of office chairs commonly manufactured to accommodate different needs.

The task chair is the most basic type and is also referred to as an operator or computer workstation chair. The simple styles don’t have a headrest or any lumbar support.

You cannot sit on them for long without feeling uncomfortable. However, advanced task chairs are specifically designed to minimize stress on body parts commonly stressed by computer work.

Executive chairs are larger and provide full head and back support. They are designed specifically for people who spend many hours seated. They are the most expensive office chairs.

They are stylish, and their height can be easily adjusted, in numerous ways. They can rotate and are more comfortable. However, they are not good for people who work on computers for a prolonged period.

​​​​Summing Up

We highly recommend the Serta Air Health and Wellness Office Chair. Its dynamic AIR Technology perfectly supports your back by adapting to body movements. 

The bonded leather its made from is smooth to offer the comfort you need for prolonged sitting. The pneumatic lift helps you tilt and adjust the seat to your ideal height providing a peaceful sitting experience.

We hope our Serta office chair reviews have convinced you to get a Serta office chair.

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