The Best L Shaped Desk: 10 Awesome Picks

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Our Pick: Sauder Harbor View L-Shaped Desk

The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear the words "L shaped desk" is a lengthy desk that can only fit in the corner of a room.

But no, an L shaped desk is not always lengthy. Sometimes, it can be short — offering just enough space for your office necessities.

And while an L shaped desk will always fit in the corner of a room — because of its 2 sides that are perpendicular — it is the most space-saving of desks. It offers space for everything you need to work and be productive.

An L shaped desk is the perfect furniture piece for an office with limited space or an unused corner.

The best thing about it is you won’t have to sacrifice style. Whether your taste is simple, contemporary, classic, or rustic, there's a corner desk to suit your style. Get a unique desk that will make you look forward to each working day.

We all know that an office is not complete without a computer, but some computers tend to take up a lot of space.

A small L shaped desk allows you to make use of space economically. 

It can accommodate your personal computer and accessories and leave enough space for other items. It also ensures ease of movement within the office.

If you have long legs, an L shaped desk with ample legroom offers reprieve. It allows you to stretch your legs comfortably, enhancing your productivity. An L desk is versatile and works well in both large and small spaces; it does not take up unnecessary space.

Comparison Table: The Best L Shaped Desks

The Best L Shaped Desk


L x W H (Inches)





Out of 5

66.1 x 66.1 x 30.3


Engineered Wood


RTA Products L shaped Office Desk

44 x 33 x 6


MDF & Aluminum


Sauder Harbor View L Desk

66.1 x 66.1 x 30.3


Engineered Wood


59.5 x 59.5 x 66.5


Laminate Over Engineered Wood


60 x 37 x 24


Tempered Glass & Metal


Techni Mobili Modern L Shaped Desk

64.5 x 64.5 x 29.5


Tempered Frosted Glass & Steel


The Best L Shaped Desks

A lot of creativity goes into setting up a work space that is functional, stylish, and comfortable. L shaped desks make your work easier. They offer tons of space while saving on the floor space.

Whether you are setting up an office at home or in a commercial building, get an L-Shaped desk. It will easily fit in the space and offer comfort and convenience.

In case of any limitation in space – as is often the case – you can get a desk with storage for your files and paperwork. It’s a great way to keep your projects away from prying eyes.

The cons associated with L desks are overshadowed by the countless pros. Functionality, comfort, and style are the main features of these desks.

So, how do you choose a desk that meets your professional needs? Here are the best L-shaped desks that will give you value for your money. We have thoroughly researched each one and our desk experts have vetted them to ensure they are of the best quality.

The Sauder Harbor View L-shaped desk is style, quality, and functionality all rolled into one. Elegant in every way, it flaunts a milled cherry finish that is easy on the eyes.

It has a clean, simple design and its color goes well with any décor.
Spread out your work on this roomy L shaped desk. It has enough space for a PC, notebook, desk plant, desk clock, and other office essentials. This desk looks good in a home office or an executive office.

The L-shaped desk is from Sauder’s Cottage Road collection. 

It is finished with a lintel oak accent. Thick wood adds to its beauty and gives it a clean design.

The desk’s functionality is enhanced by three drawers. Two of the drawers have full extension slides.

Sauder Harbor View L-Shaped Desk

You can store important documents and utility bills in them. The third drawer is for letter-size hanging files and helps you to avoid cluttering your desktop. 

There’s a large storage area behind a door that can house a vertical CPU tower. It also has an adjustable shelf. The keyboard and mouse shelf easily slides in and out thanks to metal runners. It also has useful safety stops which prevent it from overextending.

The ample storage provided by this L shaped desk ensures that your workspace remains neat for optimum productivity. The desk’s L shape ensures it fits in any room – all you need is some space in a corner.

The 3 drawers and the door can be installed on the right or the left side. The L-shaped desk has a grommet hole for cable management so you’ll never have to worry about wayward cables. The hole allows cables to pass through it conveniently and makes it easy for you to adjust them.

To eliminate pressure on the insides of your wrists when working, place a wrist pad on the desk. You can get the desk together with the Sauder Harbor View Hutch which is sold separately.

Here’s some good news: you can easily assemble this L shape desk with a regular screwdriver and a hammer. If you encounter any issues during assembly, simply call Sauder’s award-winning customer care representatives and you’ll quickly get the help you need.


  • It has a gorgeous salt-oak finish
  • Its color is just as pictured
  • You can get it with a matching hutch for additional storage
  • Its slide-out keyboard shelf has safety stops and metal runners
  • It has a large drawer that fits letter-size hanging files
  • It has a large closed storage area that can accommodate a CPU tower
  • Its drawers and door can be installed on the right side or the left side
  • Keeps your cables in check with its grommet hole
  • It is easy to assemble as the instruction manual is easy to understand
  • It is a great desk for the price


  • It needs extra pieces at the back to cover the openings at the bottom
  • Assembly may take a while as not all the parts are labeled
  • It is made of particle board and scratches easily
  • It has sharp edges

This ultramodern L shaped computer desk takes creativity to a whole new level with its elevated center shelf that’s fit for a printer or other office essentials. 

It sports a large pull-out keyboard tray with a safety stop. But you may not even need the tray as there’s plenty of room on the desktop.

Techni Mobili L shaped Office Desk

The desktop offers ample space. Even if you have three monitors and a laptop, you will still have more than enough space to work on. 

You can place your CPU tower beneath the corner section for aesthetic reasons and for better cord management.

Prevent your electronic cables from straying thanks to the cable wire holes on the desk. They allow you to pass cables through them, de-cluttering both the floor and the desktop.

Techni Mobili truly proves its expertise with this contemporary L shaped desk made of medium density fiberboard. It has a long-lasting mahogany finish that renders it gorgeous. 

The desk’s frame is made from powder coated steel which is resistant to scratches. If you are a private person, or you value privacy while working, you’ll love the metallic privacy panels at the back of the desk.

The unusual height of the L shaped computer desk adds to the legroom – you will enjoy working at this desk no matter how tall you are. Besides being functional and durable, the desk is stylish and well made.

Its legs have flat feet which rotate, ensuring it stays even – even on uneven surfaces. The feet also make it easy for you to move the desk; it slides smoothly on carpets.

The instructions that come with this L shaped desk are detailed and easy to understand, making the assembly process easy. Simply organize the screws and parts in advance and you won’t have a hard time.


  • It is strong and durable
  • It is perfect for multitasking
  • Has a lovely finish
  • It can function as a gaming desk
  • It isn’t made of cheap fiberboard
  • Its legs are made of aluminum and its screws are thick, so it is very sturdy
  • The L shaped desk is bigger than it looks in the picture
  • Its keyboard tray easily slides in and out, it does not sway even when you type
  • The desk has very smooth surfaces
  • It is easy to put together as each part is labeled with a number – to show you what goes where
  • The weight limit for each section of the desk is listed in the manual


  • The laminate around the holes in the desk’s legs does not look great
  • The printer shelf is too small for a regular printer
  • You have to be careful when moving the desk around as the single support bar beneath the printer shelf may not withstand vigorous movements
  • Since the L shaped computer desk is not made of real wood, the surface starts to peel after a while

Sauder is synonymous with high-quality desks and the Sauder Harbor View L desk attests to this. It is the perfect addition to a conventional office, a home office, a guest bedroom, or a basement.

If you want to create an instant workstation in a room, choose an unused corner and add this L shaped desk.

The great thing about this L-shaped desk is that anyone can use it.

You can use it for work and your kids can use it to do their homework. 

An antiqued paint finish and gently curved lines make this the best L desk. It stands out in a room for all the right reasons.

Sauder Harbor View L Desk

You’ll be delighted by the fact that the desk’s melamine top surface is resistant to stains, scratches, and even heat. The desk is made from engineered wood and is very sturdy.

It has a grommet hole to ensure you keep all electronic cables in check. It also comes with a pull-out keyboard tray that can accommodate a keyboard and a mouse.

To ensure everything you need for work is within reach, this L shaped desk has a closed storage area for a CPU tower and three drawers. You can store important documents or small office objects in the two upper drawers and European-size hanging files in the large drawer.

Feel free to install the closed storage area and the drawers on either side of the desk. If you need more storage, get this L desk with its matching hutch, lateral file, or bookcase (which are sold separately). But be sure to buy the additional pieces at the same time as the assembly process will be easier.

When assembled, the L desk is 30.28 inches high, 66.14 inches deep, and 66.14inches wide.


  • It is a sturdy, high-quality desk — one of the best L desks
  • It has a melamine top surface which is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat
  • It is made from engineered wood and is strong and durable
  • The desktop is large and spacious
  • The desk offers ample storage in 3 drawers, one of which can hold European-size hanging files
  • It has a closed storage area which can accommodate a CPU tower
  • The drawers and storage area can be installed on the left or right side of the desk
  • The desk has a grommet hole for cable management
  • You can get the desk together with a matching hutch – at an extra cost


  • You must assemble the desk at its final location because it is very heavy and you’ll have a hard time moving it
  • The drawers don’t utilize all of the available space
  • The drawers do not extend fully which means there’s some wasted space at the back as you cannot access the space without removing them from the desk
  • You have to drill the rear panels before inserting the screws. We think Sauder should start pre-drilling the panels

This L shaped desk with hutch  can turn any mundane corner in a room into a functional workspace. It blends beautifully with other office furniture pieces you may have. 

It has the three important features people look for in a desk: great style, high functionality, and affordability. No doubt about it, it will give you the style you deserve at a great price.

The thing you’ll love most about this small L shaped desk is that it has a 4-port USB hub that ensures all your gadgets stay connected. 

Use the hub to connect a PC or a tablet and keep your electronics running as you work or play. 

The desk is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and meets high standards for performance and safety (ANSI/BIFMA).

The L shaped desk with hutch has a large work surface that allows you to spread out your work comfortably. It is available in 3 finishes and has a myriad of storage options. We particularly love the hutch with 2 big open compartments.

The hutch also has 4 work-in-progress sections and a closed compartment with a glass door. All these help keep your desk clutter-free. There's also a matching lateral file that's sold separately.

Anything that doesn’t find a home in the desk will fit in the hutch or file cabinet. If it doesn’t, get the 6-cube bookcase. The desk and hutch feature gorgeous fluted glass doors and chrome-finished hardware. When it comes to convenient storage, Cabot has got you covered.

There are two open storage cubbies on both sides of this small L shaped desk; one is larger than the other. Make the most of them and keep your small gadgets and important documents close by. 

There is also a concealed storage cabinet. It is the ideal place to store your CPU tower. Two drawers complete the storage options of this desk. The small drawer can hold small office supplies while the large one can hold European-size hanging files.

While the Cabot L shaped desk looks like a conventional desk, it boasts a modern, space-saving design. Whether you are looking for an L desk to fill an awkward corner office or to fit in an open room, this L shaped desk with hutch fits the bill.


  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It meets high standards for performance and safety (ANSI/BIFMA)
  • Features a 4-port USB hub
  • The L shaped desk with hutch has different storage options – both open and closed. This ensures your workspace stays uncluttered
  • The desktop is spacious and can hold several monitors
  • The drawers slide smoothly and the lower one offers plenty of space
  • The desk is extremely sturdy and has a rich, dark brown color – it looks like it does in the photos
  • While the desk is a bit higher than other desks, it comfortably accommodates a regular office chair
  • The hutch offers both closed and open storage for added convenience


  • It is hard to assemble. You have to use a power screwdriver or a power drill. Don’t use a manual screwdriver
  • If you spill something, you have to quickly clean it up as the surface has a thin wood veneer that will swell
  • The 4-port USB hub is hard to access hence not usable
  • Assembly takes some time as there are very many pieces. Also, the runners are greased so keep something close by to wipe your hands with during assembly
  • Its finish is sensitive, hence scratches easily

Glass and metal – that’s a combination we always love seeing in a desk. Glass is gorgeous and gives an open feel to spaces while metal is strong and durable. The Z-Line Belaire L Shaped desk will look good in the corner of any home or office.

Extra features on a desk are always a great thing, and this L shaped desk is not devoid of them. It has a raised display shelf where you can place a printer or a monitor. 

It can also hold an accessory like a desk lamp, a desk plant, or a framed picture of your loved ones. There’s also a slide-out keyboard tray that can accommodate a keyboard and a mouse.

The large desktop is made of tempered glass, so you never have to worry about getting hurt as you work. The desktop has enough room for a laptop (or two monitors), files, and a few office supplies.

Three pieces of glass make up the desktop: two rectangular pieces and a corner piece. The corner piece is very strong and can hold up to 50 pounds. The glass pieces are supported by square metal tubes which do not bend or wobble.

The desk’s sturdy metal frame is strengthened by plates on welding joints. They make the frame very strong and durable. The frame features a black powder coat finish that makes it contrast beautifully with the glass. Powder coating is a free-flowing form of coating usually applied as a dry powder.

The dry powder is electrostatically applied then cured with heat to enable it to create a coat. The powder creates a hard finish that is stronger than traditional paint. Powder coating is normally used to coat metals such as furniture, automobile parts, and household appliances.

This L shaped desk is easy to assemble, just make sure you don’t tighten the screws until everything is loosely assembled. 

Dimensions: 37 inches (h), 24 inches (d), and 60 inches (w).


  • Glass and metal give the desk a lovely modern look
  • The L shaped desk comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • The desktop is large and made of tempered glass
  • The frame is made of metal and supported by plates on welding joints
  • The desk comes with extra features – a display shelf and a keyboard tray
  • The desk is very well constructed and built to last
  • The desk is very well packaged and will arrive at your location in perfect condition


  • There’s no grommet hole for cable management. This means the desk can easily get messy; if you want it to be clutter-free, you’ll have to spend time organizing cables every day

Sporting a spacious desktop that suits a variety of purposes, this L shape desk is a must-have. It allows you to create your dream office within the comfort of your home. It is a fusion of style and functionality and you will love everything about it.

You can alter the desktop to fit your preferences as the short and long sides are interchangeable.

The desk can easily fit into tight spaces. However, the space it provides for office essentials and your PC is anything but tight. 

Techni Mobili Modern L Shaped Desk

Its height is just right; you can comfortably work or play games without getting uncomfortable.

The modern L shape desk features a heavy-duty tempered glass top and a powder coated steel frame that is resistant to scratches. The frame comprises strong MDF boards with a PVC laminate veneer. The desk’s 5-year warranty attests to its durability and the faith the manufacturer has in their product.

Each of the glass panels that form the desktop has a weight limit of 80 lbs. The pull-out keyboard tray can hold up to 30 lbs. The keyboard tray is made from medium density fiberboard and has a safety stop. The tray can be assembled on the right or the left, making the desk ideal for both right-handed and left-handed people.

For cord management, the L desk has openings on its legs that make your task easy. Keep all the cables in check and avoid tripping as you walk around your office.

This clean, stylish L shape desk fits beautifully in the corner of a room, economically using the available space. Its modern look – thanks to the sleek straight lines – creates a relaxed atmosphere. You are assured of ample working space and room for everything you need.

Whether you are a student, work from home or in a traditional office, this versatile L shaped computer desk is perfect for you. No question about it, you’ll be blown away by its reversible set-up – ideal for those who love to change their offices’ style frequently.


  • It comes with a 5-year limited warranty
  • It is modern, professional, and minimalistic
  • It looks gorgeous when you add LED accent lights to it
  • Its desktop is made of tempered glass which is very thick
  • It is delivered with all the tools you need for setup
  • The keyboard tray can be installed on the left or the right side
  • The tray can accommodate a keyboard and a trackball
  • The legs have openings which help you to manage cords
  • The short and long pieces that form the desktop can be interchanged
  • The desk is not very heavy (it weighs 112 lbs) and you can move it without difficulty
  • You can clean the desktop with a gentle glass or window cleaner (like Windex)


  • The words “tempered glass” are printed on the desk’s corners in a white font - decreasing its appeal
  • The color of the glass is not as blue as is implied by the pictures
  • The desktop gets dirty quickly
  • The desk does not come with a CPU stand like it’s shown in the pictures

Office work can be hard, and that’s why you need a desk that works hard, like the Sauder Palladia executive L shaped office desk. 

While this desk is a little on the pricier side, it is worth every cent. Featuring a gorgeous cherry finish, it will be the focal point of any room it is placed in.

It has a closed shelf with a flip-down panel that can hold your keyboard and mouse. You can fasten the shelf on either the left or the right side. 

The desk is beautifully finished on every side so you can place it in the center of a room and it will still look great.

Sauder Palladia L Shaped Executive Desk

Turn the L shaped desk around to see anyone coming into your office – your back doesn’t have to face the door – and keep your desktop and papers private.

The L shaped office desk has 4 drawers. One is a file drawer that holds legal-size hanging files. It extends fully thanks to its full extension slides. The other three drawers are fitted with safety stops and metal runners. They can hold stationery, important documents, and other small office necessities. The file drawer is located at the bottom of the desk.

There is a storage area behind a door that has enough space for a CPU tower. The compartment also has an adjustable shelf. If you need more storage, get the desk together with the Sauder Palladia hutch, the Sauder Palladia Credenza, or the Sauder Palladia lateral file. All these are sold separately. 

Managing electrical cables is made easy by the grommet holes on this L shaped desk. It is easy to assemble as it features a patented T-slot drawer system that makes assembly easier. Once assembled, it is 68.8 inches deep, 65.1 inches wide, and 29.6 inches high.

A word of caution: be sure to assemble the L desk at its final location as it is heavy (it weighs 281 pounds) and you will have a difficult time moving it after you assemble it.


  • The desk looks like a custom-made piece of furniture
  • It looks exactly as it does in the pictures
  • It is very sturdy and provides a lot of working surface
  • It has a patented T-slot drawer system
  • It has grommet holes for cable management
  • It goes very well with the hutch (sold separately) and the two offer plenty of storage
  • You can also get the desk with other matching pieces
  • It is finished on all sides and looks great from every angle
  • It is strong and heavy, even though it is not made of real wood
  • It is a great desk for the price


  • The L shaped office desk is not made of solid wood
  • It is darker than it looks in the pictures
  • Assembly directions are not detailed
  • It takes some time to assemble as there are no pre-assembled parts. All the components must be put together then joined
  • The keyboard tray cannot hold a keyboard and a mouse with a wrist rest

Think a compact desk can’t offer full functionality? Think again.

The moment you set your eyes on the Best Choice Products black L shaped gaming desk, you start to understand the true meaning of elegance and sophistication. The desk has a contemporary look that will enhance the professionalism of any conventional or home office.

Best Choice Products Black L Shaped Desk

One of the best L shaped desks for gaming, its style is inspired by urban design and contemporary architect tables. 

The unit naturally merges open, multipurpose space with sleek, clean lines. 

It provides an office or a home with extra workspace without taking up too much space, like regular desks. 

It is ideal for office workers, gamers, students, designers, and other professionals.

Looks aside, this black L-shaped desk is made to last with its strong frame. The frame makes the desk sturdy and stable – a perfect home for all your office essentials. A pullout-keyboard drawer and a stand for a CPU tower add to the desk’s functionality.

The L shaped gaming desk boasts a unique boomerang shape to save space. Its desktop is made of durable matte which goes well with any setting.

In case you find the desk’s height to be higher than that of a typical desk, simply crank up your chair and enjoy the comfort of added legroom. This desk will help you to set and achieve your goals. It guarantees comfort with the sufficient leg room it avails, helping you to enjoy your work.

For an airy feel in your office, get this L shaped desk. It fits beautifully in a corner and offers loads of work space for your PC, office accessories, and papers.

Quality construction ensures the desk is sturdy, functional, and long-lasting. You can get an expert to assemble it for you. If you are handy with tools, assemble it yourself by following the instructions that come with it.


  • It has convenient features like a keyboard tray and a CPU stand
  • The desk’s size is great. You can join it to another desk to form a U-shaped desk
  • It is sturdy and stable and does not shake or move
  • The matte surface of the desktop is easy to clean. You don’t have to be very careful around it as it is not glass
  • The surface is lightly textured and can function as a smooth mouse pad. It also prevents items from falling or sliding off the desk
  • The desk is not heavy and you can move it around with ease
  • It does not consume a lot of space
  • It is cheaper than other L-shaped desks


  • Assembly instructions are not clear and make the process seem confusing
  • The keyboard tray is too small for most keyboards
  • There are no openings for cord management
  • The materials used to make the desk are not of the highest quality
  • If you put the desk on a carpet, it wobbles a little

For an airy, clean, and serene feel in your office, the Monarch white L shaped desk is the go-to furniture piece. It is an ideal piece for minimalists. 

A perfect fusion of function and design, you’ll love its clean-cut lines and thick panel construction. The desk is nothing short of stylish. Thanks to its inventive design, you can also use it as a writing desk.

Monarch Specialties White L Shaped Desk

The L shape desk creates a fresh, clean ambience in an office. 

It features thick panels and clean lines, beautifully complemented by a white finish.

One part of the desk has two medium drawers and a lateral file drawer for your files, papers, and office supplies. White feet enhance this coveted piece.

The white L shaped desk does not skimp on storage as it has a side with open shelves. Whether you are using the desk at home or in a traditional office, you are assured of a generous working surface. 

You can comfortably multitask – attend to paperwork and use a computer at the same time. The supplementary surface offers additional working space and the shelves make a perfect home for all your office necessities.

Take your organization a notch higher by making the most of the storage options provided. This L shaped desk is easy to clean; all you need is a soft towel and some gentle detergent.

Wood and veneer have been used to make the desk, ensuring it is sturdy and hard-wearing. You can assemble the desk using the instruction manual that comes with it. If you happen to lose your manual, simply download one from the Monarch website.

The great news is that you can position the corner on the left or the right side during assembly. The desk is 30 inches high, 47 inches wide and 60 inches long. If you are picky about furniture and always want to get value for your money, you won’t be disappointed by this white L shaped desk.


  • The desk is finished on all sides so it looks lovely from every angle
  • It is sturdier and heavier than it looks
  • The shelves can be moved up or down to hold items of different sizes
  • The corner can be positioned on the left or the right
  • The desk offers plenty of storage
  • It comes with a matching bookcase you can get at an extra cost
  • The white color goes well with any décor
  • The drawers slide easily and can accommodate regular desk objects and organizing inserts
  • The desk is easy to clean, but don’t let moisture sit on it


  • The L desk is made of pressed particle board and is very heavy
  • If you place anything wet on the surface, it will warp
  • The parts are not labeled and you have to refer to the drawings in the manual during assembly
  • The pieces easily get damaged during shipping – the company should pack them well

One of the reasons L shaped desks are so popular is because they take up little space and offer lots of working surface. 

Unlike corner desks, they don’t just occupy a corner, they spread out against the wall, creating space for everything you need. Some, like the HOMCOM L-shaped computer desk, come with extra features you can’t help but love.

In our opinion, this is the best L shaped computer desk. For starters, it is made using two strong materials: steel and MDF. 

It’s not every day you come across a desk built using 3 different materials – but this one is. The frame is made of MDF and powder-coated steel, which make the desk strong and durable.

MDF is also used on the desktop to support the smoked glass used in some parts.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is a type of engineered wood created by breaking down softwood or hardwood residuals into wood fibers.

The wood fibers are mixed with a resin binder and wax. High temperature and pressure is applied to the mixture to form panels. MDF is stronger than particle board.

To help you make the most of the available space, this L-shaped computer desk comes with an elevated shelf, a keyboard tray, and a stand for a CPU tower. The elevated shelf makes a perfect spot for your office essentials.

The CPU tower stand is fitted with wheels and can be moved from one spot to another easily. The desk has floor levelers which keep it stable on any surface.

This L shaped desk is perfect for a dorm room, a home office, a modern office, or a small start-up. It turns a regular work area into a productivity spot.

Overall Size: 68.9 inches (length), 68.9 inches (width), and 33.5 (depth)


  • The L shaped desk boasts a sleek, modern design. It looks good anywhere – from a home office to a dorm room
  • It is constructed using 2 strong materials: MDF and metal. Smoked glass features on some parts of the desktop
  • Comes with useful extra features like a raised shelf, a portable stand for a CPU tower, and a keyboard tray
  • The desktop is large and can hold different items without looking cluttered
  • Floor levelers make the desk very stable
  • The desk is very easy to put together as the instructions are clear


  • The keyboard tray contains flimsy plastic pieces that can easily break. You must be extremely careful when installing it

What to Look For In An L Shaped Desk

Desktop Space

Does your work involve a lot of time on the computer or manual work – dealing with papers, files, and books? A large L-shaped computer desk offers plenty of space and can satisfy your needs.

Get a desk with a built-in cable wire hole to keep the cords looking neat and out of the way. The last thing you want is to trip over cords as you get up to stretch.

A good desk is one that can hold all your working equipment with ease without caving in under the pressure.

The Size

Home and office desks vary in size because of the simple reason that offices are meant for work – hence the space may be larger. 

Homes, on the other hand, are meant for living in and the office space may be limited. 

Measuring your office space beforehand prevents undue inconvenience later when a desk is delivered.

Brown Desk L Shape

Leave about 2 ½ to 3 feet of space behind the desk for your chair. A desk height of 29 to 30 inches from the floor is essential for you to get enough legroom.

The Height

You want a desk that will enable you to work comfortably all day long. This is where desk height comes into play.

A desk that is too high or too low may lead to injuries. You may be unable to sit comfortably in your chair or to reach your laptop and other important items. The desktop objects need to be within easy reach for comfort.

Before you buy a desk, pull up a chair and assume a working posture. If you feel comfortable, get it; if you don’t, leave it. There’s no need getting a desk that will make you regret ever buying it.

The Design

Bestar L Shaped Wooden Desk

Desks vary in how they are designed and this may influence how they fit in a room.

An L shaped desk functions best when the workspace is in a corner and provides sufficient working surface. 

The right one can also offer a lot of storage.

The only downside of an L desk is that you’ll have your back to the door when working. Traditional rectangular desks can be placed in corners or in the centres of rooms.

To make sure you can see who is coming into your office, place your L shaped desk in the corner that’s farthest from the door.

A word of advice: measure your office before getting a desk to ensure there is good traffic flow within the room even after setting it up. This will also ensure you get the best L shaped desk for your home office.


If you are constantly swamped with paperwork, you need a desk that will hold all your papers and files.

A modern computer desk with shelves and drawers frees up the working surface and puts everything you need within easy reach. A desk with a keyboard tray is very convenient as you can pull out the tray when working and push it back in when you’re done.

An L shaped desk with hutch offers vertical storage without taking up valuable space. A hutch can be built-in or detached. It provides a lot of storage. When attached to a corner desk, it makes it heavy. Some desks come with cable wire holes to tame computer wires and other cables.

The Material

Desks are made from a myriad of materials such as metal, wood, composite wood, and laminate.

Some desks sport veneers while others feature stylish glass and marble

The prices of desks differ according to the materials.

Lobink Collection L-Shaped Writing Desk

For instance, a solid wood desk will have you digging deeper into your pocket while a composite wood desk will be gentle on your pocket.

Thick high pressure laminate is a popular material for desks because of its durability and affordability. Metal and wood are long-lasting while veneer scratches easily.

When buying an L shaped desk, be sure to get one that is easy to maintain, durable, and easy on your pocket.

The Quality

A high-quality desk is resistant to wear and tear, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. While the material of a desk largely determines its quality, there are other things to consider.

For instance, the edges of the desk should not be frayed. Drawers also speak a lot about a desk. If they slide in and out easily, chances are the desk is of high quality. The drawers should also have an interlocking construction and not be held together by staples or glue.

A manufacturer’s warranty can also tell the quality of a desk. Warranties range from one year to a lifetime. Get an L shaped desk that has a warranty to protect your investment. A return policy is also important, just in case there is a fault with the desk that requires immediate attention or replacement of parts.

The Brand/Manufacturer

Sauder August Hill L Shaped Corner Desk

Powerful brands have a reputation to uphold. In addition, they have years of experience in their industries and know how to create the best products.

Choose a brand that offers quality, functionality, durability, and comfort all in one package. Some brands take all these factors into account when manufacturing desks. Some even conduct surveys before designing desks to ensure their products have a ready market.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying an L Shaped Desk

What Is My Working Style?

Your work mode plays a great role in determining the kind of desk to acquire. If you spend the bulk of your time making calls and sending emails, you may require a small L shaped desk. If you are always busy with paperwork, files, or books, you need a bigger desk.

When buying an L shape desk, you need to overestimate the amount of space you will need because at the end of the day, you may need to put that extra space into use.

A compact corner desk provides just enough space for a single task which may be dealing with paperwork or working on a computer. If your work involves dealing with paperwork, making phone calls, and working on a computer, you need an L shaped desk with ample work space and storage.

What Is the Shape of My Office?

The shape of your potential office or current office should also influence the kind of desk you choose. 

A smaller space will require a desk that will leave a bit of room for movement without making the room seem crowded.

A small corner desk can serve this purpose. An L shaped desk is also ideal for rooms that are limited for space since it can fit comfortably in a corner.

If you happen to have a lot of space – which is a rare thing in this day and age – you can opt for a U-shaped desk or a conventional rectangular desk that will provide all the desktop space you need. 

Keep in mind that even if your office has an odd shape, you can still make it work with the right desk.

How Much Storage Space Will I Need?

Desks are not made equal, some offer storage while some do not. If you need storage for your office supplies, paperwork, files, and books, go for a desk that offers different storage options like drawers, shelves, or a credenza.

You can also buy an L shaped desk that can be attached to a hutch which offers extra storage. A desk with a pull-out keyboard is also useful as it frees up a lot of desktop space. An L desk with various storage options can help you to declutter your office.

If you use a computer and other electronics in your office, go for a desk that has built-in cable management. This ensures your office is not messy and always looks neat and organized.

Which Material Do I Prefer for My L Shaped Desk?

Desks come in a variety of materials – wood, metal, and glass are just a few. The materials are so many you will be spoilt for choice. However, the most common material for desks is wood. This is because it is readily available, durable, sturdy, and easy to maintain.

The best thing about wood desks is that they can be hand painted to enhance their elegance and value.

Computer Desk with Hutch

The desk material you choose boils down to your taste and preferences. Glass, laminate, and metal are extremely attractive and elegant but maintaining them can be a hassle.

Cleaning has to be done regularly and carefully to avoid scratches, damage, or breakage.

How Much Do I Want to Spend On a Desk?

The prices of desks vary. Depending on your budget, needs, tastes, and preferences, you can make a choice that sits well with you and your bank account.

You can buy a used desk or a brand new desk depending on how much money you put aside for it. A desk that is functional, durable, and easy on the eyes is something you’ll never regret buying.

But remember that choosing an L shaped desk calls for a lot of research. This will enable you to make comparisons and a great choice.

Which Brand/Manufacturer Do I Prefer?

The brand name can play a major role in your choice of desk.

You can find out about desk brands by reading online reviews, asking family members and friends who have liked or have been disappointed by certain brands, or by window shopping and research.

L Shaped Desk with Drawers

Different brands have different perks. Some have customized desks, hand painted with attention to detail, others are popular for their desks which offer immense storage and generous legroom. Choose a brand that makes durable, strong, and gorgeous desks.

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Get an L Shaped Desk You Love

An L shaped desk offers lots of space and guarantees your comfort by availing more than enough legroom.

Some L shaped desks have adjustable height to make sure users do not strain while others have beautiful finishes or designs that blend with the décor in rooms.

Storage plays a big role in determining whether you say no or yes to a desk. A desk that can accommodate all your paperwork, office supplies, books, and keep electronic cables out of sight is one worth getting.

The desk’s quality is also a vital factor. A desk that isn’t well constructed will fall apart easily. It may be unstable, have drawers that are hard to open or close, and scratch easily. A high quality desk is made to last and boasts a high-end material.

The warranty of a desk also speaks about the quality. Some manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty while others offer a 10-year warranty. You don’t need to be told whose desk is better.

When shopping for an L shaped desk, take all the above factors into consideration. Go through the various desks we have reviewed and choose the one that fulfills all your requirements.

In conclusion, don’t buy an L shaped desk because you love one thing about it, buy it because you love everything about it. Work will never be the same again. It will be an enjoyable, fulfilling experience.

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