Glass Desk Reviews: The Best Desk for The Money

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Our pick: Coaster Home Furnishings Glass Desk

For many years, I avoided glass desks. To me, they were fragile things that required a lot of maintenance. "Ain't nobody got time for that!" I always thought.

But when I started working from home, a friend got me a glass desk as a present, and voila, my perspective changed!

No longer were they the fragile things I once thought they were. I learnt that there was tempered glass, which is sturdier than normal glass, and that glass desks could have metal frames, the strongest of them all.

But let me not go on and on about my glass desk story, let me give you what you came here for: the best glass desks.

If you love contemporary design, a glass desk is a must-have.

It merges exquisite beauty with minimalism. Glass desks come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit different tastes and preferences.

Glass desks are ultramodern and you’ll never have to worry about yours going out of style. Go for scratch-free, smudge-free, tempered glass to ensure that your desk is protected at all times.

After lots of research and vetting, we chose 10 glass desks that will give you great value for your money. Here they are.

Glass Desk Comparison Table

The Best Glass Desk


W x L x H (Inches)





Out of 5

24 x 43.25 x 30


Glass, metal, and wood


51 x 61 x 30


Metal & and Tempered Frosted Glass


60 x 24 x 37


Glass and metal


61 x 61 x 30


Tempered Glass, Steel, & Solid wood


59 x 59 x 44


Tempered Glass & Steel


The Best Glass Desk - 10 Great Options

Thanks to our work, we have come across lots of glass desks. One thing we can tell you right off the bat is most glass desks have metal frames.

It’s very rare to see a glass computer desk with wood legs – which is why this desk is such a lovely surprise. Yes, parts of its frame are made of metal, but this is just to enhance its durability. Wood and glass give the desk its beauty.

The curvy wood legs and clear glass make the desk look at home in any modern office. The wood is finished in cappuccino.

The glass desktop is made up of three parts: two rectangular pieces and a corner piece. The desktop has room for everything you need as you work – a laptop, monitor, printer, and other items.

The desktop is made of tempered glass, which is 4 times stronger than regular glass. When it breaks, it doesn’t shatter into sharp fragments that are very dangerous. Instead, it disintegrates into harmless pieces. This is the type of glass you want for your desk.

Additional features like a foot rest bar, a keyboard drawer and a CPU stand make this desk better than the average glass desk. When you get tired of sitting upright, recline in your chair and get comfortable by placing your legs on the bar.

This glass computer desk will add style and function to your office. It is better than an all-wood desk as it will modernize your office. It will also help improve your organization. Because clutter shows very easily on a glass desk, you’ll be organizing your desk regularly to avoid cluttering it.

The pieces are well packaged and will arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition. While we don’t like the instructions as they make assembly quite difficult, this glass top desk offers great value for money.


  • The desk beautifully combines glass, wood, and metal. These materials make the desk look very stylish and modern
  • The desktop is large and is made of tempered glass – which is safer than ordinary glass
  • The keyboard tray is very roomy. It can hold a standard keyboard and mouse and still have room to spare
  • Suction cups under the glass prevent it from breaking, sliding, and rattling
  • For the price you pay, it is a great desk


  • The instructions are in form of pictures which are incorrect. When assembling the desk, you must inspect all the pieces to see which ones go together. When you read the instructions, you may think that Coaster sent the wrong number of small and medium bolts, while they provide the correct number (they just never bothered to update the instructions). Just use the small bolts when the instructions say you should use medium bolts and vice versa and you’ll assemble your desk perfectly
  • You must get a mouse pad as your mouse may refuse to work on the glass

The Baraga glass desk is made by Signature Design by Ashley, one of the biggest brands in home furniture in the United States. But we won’t bore you with the details of the furniture the company makes.

Truth be told, every furniture company claims to be the best, which is why we don’t recommend one over the other. Because the proof is always in the pudding, we prefer to examine individual furniture pieces (in this case, desks) to determine how good a company is. So, let’s get right to it.

Baraga is an L-shaped glass desk that features a metal frame with a white powder coat finish. 

​The white hue and the glass desktop give the desk a sleek and modern look that’s hard not to notice. The desktop is made of tempered frosted glass and is both beautiful and durable.

To create frosted glass, clear sheet glass is sandblasted or etched with acid. The glass has a pitted surface on one side and is translucent. It scatters any light that passes through, blurring images and transmitting light at the same time.

The Baraga glass desk has a modular design and the “L” can be set up on the right or the left, making it ideal for right or left-handed people. It is perfect for any office worker as it offers sufficient leg room, allowing you to stay comfortable as you work. It can also accommodate a small filing cabinet underneath or a pouf for your feet.

This glass computer desk offers you the functionality you need and the style you deserve. You’ll like its frosted glass desktop that seems to float over the white metal base. But what you’ll love is the assembly process that won’t give you a headache.


  • The desktop is made of frosted, tempered glass. The great thing is that you can use a dry erase marker on the desktop to work out problems or write notes
  • The metal frame has a white powder coat finish that goes well with the desktop
  • The desk is sturdy and durable as it is made from high-quality materials
  • The working surface is large and can hold several monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and still leave room for work
  • Putting the desk together isn’t hard


  • There are no extra features like a keyboard drawer or a CPU stand
  • You need another person to help you assemble the desk as the larger glass piece is very heavy and you can’t lift it alone.
  • The Allen wrench provided is no good and you’ll have to buy a handled hex wrench separately

If you’ve been thinking of giving your current desk an upgrade but can’t afford to spend too much, this glass computer desk may be just what you need. While it doesn’t have overly fancy details or inbuilt storage, it cuts a stylish figure.

The Z-Line Belaire glass desk is compact and will turn a spare corner into a functional workstation. It comes with a tempered glass desktop and a strong metal frame that features reinforced plates on its welding joints. 

The desktop is large and can hold an assortment of office essentials – there’s more than enough space for your PC, papers, and books. The frame has a shiny, black powder coat finish.

Two features help you to keep your desk tidy and organized: a keyboard tray and an elevated shelf. Place your printer or an extra monitor on the elevated shelf and streamline your work. The raised shelf gives the desk an unusual touch and helps keep it tidy. The keyboard tray has enough room for a mouse.

The desktop is large and can hold several items without caving. The corner piece alone has a weight limit of 50 pounds. This alone should be enough to tell you how strong the desktop is. This is no ordinary glass desk.

While the desk looks amazing as it is, you can get it with black border glass if you want a dramatic look. You can also get it with an ergonomic chair to boost your comfort and productivity.

The price of this glass desk is a reflection of its simple nature. It is a strong, elegant desk to work on. Thanks to its industrial materials, it is perfect for serious business and will look great as the focal point of a home office.


  • The glass desk is made using strong, industrial materials – metal and tempered glass
  • Z-Line Designs offers a limited lifetime warranty for the desk
  • A keyboard tray and an elevated shelf increase the desk’s functionality
  • The desktop is large and can hold a myriad of items


  • There’s no cable management feature. This means you’ll have to buy cable clips separately

4. Whalen Furniture L Shaped Glass Desk

Whalen Furniture is known for innovative designs. It makes an unforgettable impression with this tempered glass desk that combines wood, metal, and glass.

Just by looking at it, you can tell that this is no regular desk. It has a distinctive style and will modernize your office. 

The glass desk features solid wood legs that are reinforced and stabilized by metal supports.

The legs are made of real wood and are devoid of veneers. They flaunt a dark cherry finish. 

The supports are made of steel and have a black powder coat finish

The desk’s L shape allows it to make the most of space wherever it’s placed. You can place your laptop or monitor at the corner or on one side of the desk and use the rest of the space for a printer, a desk organizer, and other items.

The desktop is made up of two rectangular pieces: a large one and a smaller one with a bevel. The large piece doesn’t have a bevel.

The glass is opaque and has a glossy black color. It is approximately a quarter-inch thick and very strong. The glass top is perfect for writing on and is very easy to clean.

While the glass desk does not come with a keyboard tray, you can get a clamp on keyboard tray to improve its function. This is a very high-quality desk for the price. Once you see it, you’ll think it’s underpriced.

The desk is fairly easy to put together, assembly will take you 2 hours at most. Assembly instructions are in form of words and pictures and are very easy to understand. Each piece is clearly labeled.


  • The desk is made of tempered glass, steel, and solid wood
  • It has sufficient working space. It can hold 4 monitors and a few office supplies
  • The desk is very well constructed and looks expensive
  • It is easy to assemble as the directions are clear. In addition, the instructions are in 3 languages
  • It is very well packaged and will arrive at your doorstep intact


  • The shipping box is very heavy and you won’t be able to carry it alone. You’ll need someone to help you carry it indoors
  • There’s no keyboard tray
  • No grommet holes for cable management

The Futura glass desk is a smart combination of fashion and function. Its striking angles and tilt feature make it a conversation starter. The desk has a contemporary, minimal style and curved legs that give it a unique look.

The desktop is comprised of three pieces: two rectangular pieces and a corner piece that connects the two. 

One of the rectangular pieces can tilt up to 45 degrees and can serve as a drafting table or a light table.

You can install it on the left or the right side – it all depends on your preference.

You can place your laptop or monitor on the flat surface and tilt the other side for drawing or sketching. When you want more working surface, you can flip down the angled surface. 

Since the desk doesn’t have a keyboard shelf, it may be cramped if you place your keyboard on it. If you use a monitor for work, we would suggest you get a desk mount for it.

Another feature you’ll find on the desktop is a 24-inch pencil ledge that can slide and lock into place when needed. The desktop is made of tempered glass and is a durable working surface.

The frame of this glass desk is made of powder coated steel. Rear bars are added to the legs to make them more stable. The desk also comes with floor levelers that keep it stable on all surfaces.

The desk is well worth the price and its function can be enhanced by storage pieces like a bookcase and a lateral file cabinet. You can also get it in silver with blue glass.

The desk isn’t hard to assemble but you have to organize the pieces beforehand. After opening the package, verify all the pieces are there before you start the process.


  • You’ll be impressed by how easy it is to set up
  • It is a high-quality artist’s desk that’s ideal for college studio artists and crafters
  • The desktop is made of tempered glass and the frame is made of powder coated steel. There’s also a 24-inch pencil ledge that slides and locks when needed
  • One side of the desktop tilts up to 45 degrees and can function as a drafting table or a light table
  • Rear crossbars on the legs and levelers make the desk very stable – even on uneven surfaces
  • The desk is very well packed for shipping


  • There’s no keyboard tray
  • Assembly instructions are somewhat confusing
  • The glass tops are held in place by suction cups
  • The desktop comes with a sticker (that indicates the weight limit) that is hard to remove

Looking for a black glass desk that will add flair to your work environment? This may just be it. Its sleek construction and sturdy glass desktop make it a stylish addition to your office.

Besides its contemporary design, the desk comes with a keyboard tray to make your working hours more comfortable and productive. You’ll love the fact that the desk comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Techni Mobili black glass desk features a desktop made of 8 mm tempered glass and a curved chromed-steel frame. The gorgeous glass desktop looks clean and polished and offers reliable strength.

Its spacious workspace gives you a host of options and will hold everything you need – a laptop, monitor, books, papers, a family photo, a desk lamp, and more. Beveled edges enhance the safety of the desk, increasing your overall comfort.

The left and right sides of the desktop are interchangeable, so you can adjust the desk to fit your specific needs. Each of the rectangular tops can hold up to 110 lbs. while the corner piece can hold up to 66 lbs. The keyboard tray has a weight limit of 33 lbs.

The keyboard tray has a black color that complements the desk. It smoothly slides in and out and is fitted with a safety stop that prevents it from extending too far. The steel frame is powder coated and is resistant to scratches. The legs are fitted with levelers.

This black glass desk is a perfect fusion of form and function, it is appealing to the eyes and is designed to last. Its chrome and black accents will add contemporary flair to your workspace.


  • Techni Mobili gives a 5-year warranty for the glass desk
  • The desktop is made of thick tempered glass and is sleek and spacious. The rectangular tops have a weight limit of 110 lbs. each while the corner piece has a weight limit of 66lbs.
  • Chrome and steel make the frame strong and durable
  • Levelers ensure the desk stays stable on all surfaces
  • The keyboard tray has a safety stop and can hold up to 33 lbs.


  • Attaching the corner piece is not an easy task. You have to get someone to help you if you want to do it right the first time. One of you has to lie down on the floor to tighten everything and the other has to hold the corner piece and the other pieces to ensure they align

The simple style of this glass desk allows the materials it is made from to do the talking. It has modern, minimal style and unique legs that give it an unforgettable look. The desktop is made from tempered frosted glass and provides a durable surface to work on.

The desktop is made from heavy-duty 8 mm glass and comprises 3 pieces: 2 rectangular pieces and a corner piece. 

The scratch-resistant steel frame is powder coated and gives the desk a strong base. The frame features graphite MDF panels with PVC laminate veneer legs that are moisture-resistant.

The straight legs and wide feet give strength to the desk without making it look bulky. Perforated panels at the back give the desk more durability. Two openings on each of the legs make it easy for you to manage electronic wires.

This glass desk will allow you to create a personalized corner office. It is simple and sturdy and offers a contemporary, functional solution to a conventional office or a home office.

The major thing we don’t like about this desk is that it doesn’t come with a CPU stand, although the manufacturer makes you think it does by putting one in the pictures. We’re just giving you a heads up, so you’re not surprised when you open the package and see no CPU stand.

The glass desk features a pull-out keyboard shelf that can be attached to the left or the right side of the desk to allow you to easily access your keyboard.


  • It has a 5-year limited warranty
  • The desktop is made of heavy-duty tempered glass. It is also easy to clean
  • The rectangular pieces that form the desktop and the keyboard shelf can be installed on either side of the desk
  • Techni Mobili provides the tools you need to assemble the desk
  • It has openings for cable management
  • You can move the desk from one spot to another as it’s not very heavy


  • The glass’ color is not as blue as it appears in the pictures
  • The desk doesn’t come with a CPU stand as is implied by the pictures
  • The Phillips screwdriver Techni Mobili provides is not useful, you’ll need to get a battery-powered screw driver

Style meets function in this glass desk by Walker Edison Furniture. While it doesn’t have drawers and shelves, its desktop is roomy and has ample space for everything you need as you work.

It will give an elegant touch to your workplace or home office and work well with contemporary décor. Its white hue is understated and won’t overwhelm a space.

The simple, clean lines of this glass L shaped desk make it a perfect fit for any office. 

Since it easily fits into any corner, it gives you a little privacy as you work. 

It is a great solution for those times when you need to focus on work without being disturbed by other people.

Elite Soreno White Glass Desk

The desk features a tempered glass desktop and a powder coated steel frame. The edges of the glass are polished and beveled and are soft and smooth, ensuring you stay safe as you work. 

The unique X-frame has flat metal tubing. Two sides of the desk have foot rest bars you can place your legs on as you work.

This glass L shaped desk is highly versatile and can serve different functions. You can use it as a study desk, a computer table, or even a bedroom desk (you can use one side as a vanity table and the other side for work).

The desk is not hard to assemble and you’ll be done in less than an hour. It comes with clear, detailed instructions that make your job easy. It also comes in different versions. You can get it with smoked glass, black glass, or clear glass.


  • The glass desk is of good quality. It is also versatile and looks good in different spaces
  • The desktop is spacious and made of tempered glass. Its edges are beveled, making it safe
  • Walker Edison Furniture ships additional parts which may come in handy
  • The unique X-frame gives the desk stability and durability


  • It lacks a keyboard tray or any form of storage
  • The desk is packed in Styrofoam, so you’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do after you open the box
  • You may have difficulty making the glass sit flush on the desk at the first attempt. To avoid this, don’t tighten the screws all the way as you assemble the desk, tighten them a little to ensure they hold the frame upright then place the glass tops on top. Ensure they line up then tighten the screws all the way

Glass is super stylish and is a perfect choice for any modern interior. What you’ll like about this glass desk is that it looks good in most spaces. Since it has two different sides, it basically provides you with two workstations.

You can place your computer or monitor on one side and files and papers on the other side. 

​The second workstation can be for whatever you desire – crafting, writing, drawing, and anything else. It can also be a spot for extra office supplies.

This glass desk boasts a modern design and comes with a clear tempered glass desktop.

If you use several monitors for work or gaming, you’ll love the fact that the desktop can hold 3 regular monitors.

The frame is made of metal which is powder coated while the legs are made of wood and feature a cherry finish. The legs are crisscrossed for added stability. They have metal foot rest bars to keep you comfortable as you work. Floor glides make it easy for you to move the desk.

We’re not too fond of the keyboard tray as it’s on the smaller side. You may have a hard time placing your hands on it to type. To avoid this hassle altogether, you can place your keyboard on the desk and use the tray for storage.

The good thing about the tray is that it can be installed on either side. It doesn’t affect the desk’s structural integrity, so you can choose not to install it if you want.


  • The desktop has plenty of space for everything you need
  • The legs are crisscrossed for extra stability
  • Foot rest bars ensure you stay comfortable as you work
  • Floor glides make the glass desk easy to move
  • The desk offers ample leg room as there’s nothing underneath to block your legs


  • The keyboard shelf is small and you may have difficulty typing. It also looks cheap compared to the desk
  • The desk’s legs have an uneven finish and some parts are not well sanded

Unlike the other desks on this list, this is not a corner desk. The best thing about that is you can place it in any part of a room and it will look awesome. The glass desk is made of tempered glass and engineered wood with a warm cherry finish.

Perfect for those who work with desktop computers, it includes a lower shelf that can house your CPU, keeping it safe and above the floor – away from dust, dirt, and other substances. 

If you use a laptop, you can choose not to install the lower shelf and get a small filing cabinet that will fit in the space.

The glass desk comes with a raised shelf that can hold a monitor or some desk accessories, like a framed family photo, a desk lamp, or a desk plant. 

The working surface is large, and the keyboard tray has enough room for a mouse. The desk has metal legs and a metal foot rest bar with a black powder coat finish.

A word of caution: if you plan to use the desk for gaming, just know it can’t hold a large keyboard and a mouse. Another issue is that it may be a little short for some people.


  • The desk is made to last and will endure the test of time
  • It has a spacious tempered glass desktop
  • Comes with a raised shelf, a keyboard tray, and a lower shelf for a CPU stand
  • Glass and engineered wood give the desk contemporary style
  • Metal legs with levelers make the desk both stable and hard-wearing


  • You can’t use the desk for gaming as the keyboard tray can’t accommodate a large keyboard and a mouse
  • Assembly takes time as not all the parts are labeled. You may assemble it halfway only to realize you’ve installed some parts the wrong way
  • The packaging foam the manufacturer uses to protect the desk is horrible. It disintegrates into countless tiny pieces and static electricity attaches them to every surface. You’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards

Why a Glass Desk?

When it comes to desks, glass desks stand out. Several factors make them truly unique. Here are some reasons why a glass desk is truly unmatched.

1. It Is Stylish and Elegant

If you are looking for a contemporary desk that is beautiful and will not go out of style, then a glass desk is what you need. The desktops come in a variety of colors and glass and can easily match office décor.

A modular glass desk is ideal for any office because it is designed to fit anywhere and its additional features make it versatile.

A black glass desk has an unmatched modern look that enhances any room’s beauty.

Chrome mixed with black glass gives a desk a classy look.

2. It's Available in Different Designs

Glass desks can be made completely out of glass or combined with other materials. Though the desktop is almost always glass, some desks may come with metal or wood legs or drawers and shelves. The desks come in traditional, modern, ergonomic, and European styles.

If your office is small, you can get a glass L shaped desk. 

Other newer designs include kidney shaped desks and u shaped desks.

Thanks to the wide variety of glass desks available, you can never miss a desk to suit your needs no matter what your preferences are.

Home Accent Furnishings glass workstation desk

3. It's Easy to Clean

Besides glass desks being attractive, sturdy, and versatile, they are easy to clean. Unlike wood which may get unsightly marks such as water rings, glass is easier to handle when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Technology has made it possible to have scratch resistant, smudge resistant glass – enhancing convenience. This kind of glass is coated such that no smudges or fingerprints are left. You do not have to clean it daily unless you want to.

Well maintained glass computer desks can give their new counterparts a run for their money because they look just as good.

Ameriwood glass computer desk

Regardless of the glass a desk is made from, it takes very little effort to keep it spotless. 

You can quickly clean your desk using a damp cloth and some water and if need be, add a spray cleaner. A mixture of vinegar and water can also be used.

4. It Is Affordable

When glass desks first came into the market, their prices were over the top.

That has changed and these desks have now become quite affordable. Whatever your budget may be, you are sure to find something to suit you.

The varying desk options of pure glass, glass and metal, and glass and wood offer different price ranges and cater for all types of buyers.

The most popular of these combinations is glass and metal, which also boasts the lowest price.

Currently, you can purchase a glass desk for less than $100.

While some desks go for thousands of dollars, many are priced between $100 and $300.

glass top desk

5. It Can Fit into Small Spaces and Visually Enlarge Rooms

In case you have a small office but still desire to have a glass desk, worry not. There are glass desks of all sizes to choose from. L shaped glass desks and corner desks are ideal because they not only take up little space but also maximize it.

Flash Furniture desk with drawers

Glass desks can change any room’s atmosphere in an instant. Since they are clear and transparent, you can see through them to the floor.

When used in small offices, the desks create the illusion of a large, open space. With a glass desk, your office will not only look modern and beautiful but also larger – no matter its actual size.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Glass Desk

Buying any kind of desk is a decision that requires careful consideration. A desk is something you’ll own for a long time so don’t choose one you’ll regret buying. Get a sturdy glass desk that is easy to maintain. It will last forever.

But how exactly do you go about choosing one? Here are a few things to consider.

1. The Type of Glass

The type of glass a desk is made from is a key determining factor. Although transparent glass is common, not every desk is made from it.

Almost all desks are made of tempered glass which is resistant to scratches, breaking, and other damages.

Other commonly available types of glass include black glass, frosted glass, and opaque glass.

Coaster Home Furnishings glass office desk

The glass thickness is another thing to bear in mind. Thin glass breaks easily, especially if several heavy computers are placed on it. The recommended glass thickness for a high-quality desk is 1/4 of an inch (minimum). Glass thicker than that is difficult to move around and may scratch, chip, or break if mishandled.

The function of the desk will also determine the kind of glass to go for. If you will only use a laptop on your desk, a lightweight desk will do. Heavy-duty work such as gaming requires a stronger desk with a strong desktop.

2. Your Comfort

An office desk, gaming desk, or any other kind of desk needs to be very comfortable because you will most likely be spending long hours on it.

Not having a comfortable desk can cost you tremendously when it comes to your health. Choose a desk with the right height to ensure you work comfortably. In addition, get an ergonomic chair to go with the desk.

Carefully consider ergonomics before you finally settle on a desk.

If you need a glass desk purely for decoration purposes and not so much for working, comfort may not be a key factor.

Other factors can take priority over comfort.

OFFICE MORE glass corner desk

3. What Size is Best?

Before you purchase a desk, know the amount of space available in your office so that it can fit comfortably. The desk should not be too small or too big but should hold your office essentials without the need for additional storage.

Envision the desk in your room first and take measurements – if possible – before selecting a desk. A big desk will fill up your office and leave room for nothing else. A small desk, on the other hand, will have a crowded desktop and you will not be able to work comfortably.

The shape of a desk also plays a big role in how it fits into a room. L-shaped and corner desks take up little space, have ample working surface, fit easily into any room, and make the most of space.

The intended function of the desk and the items to be placed on it also determine the size of desk to buy.

4. The Storage Options

No matter what desk you choose, you want to get value for your money. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get a desk with many storage options.

If you intend to use a PC, look for a desk with a slide-out keyboard tray, a spot for your monitor, and drawers or shelves. A desk with compartments also increases your storage possibilities.

Be careful where you put the desk to avoid screen glare and reflections. If you can, get a desk that positions your PC at eye level to avoid eye strain.​​​

To ensure your desk lasts long, take good care of it. Avoid moving it unnecessarily and placing heavy objects on it. Only place items that don’t exceed the desk’s weight allowance.

Avoid smashing items on your desk and keep it away from children and pets. If possible, use desk blotters to protect your desk’s surface.

Kings Brand Furniture glass desk top

5. Cable Management System

A good desk will help you to stay organized. One of the most important features to look for in a desk is a cable management system. Since most glass desks are transparent, it’s very easy to notice a mess created by unruly cables.

A desk that keeps all your cables in check is perfect. Your working area will be tidy and the desk will look beautiful at all times. Messy cables strewn all over the place are not only hazardous, but they can also prevent you from concentrating on your work.

Modway glass writing desk

If possible, select a desk with wheels because it will be easy to move without lifting or dismantling.

We all desire change every now and then and to you this might mean moving your desk to another spot. Having wheels streamlines this process.

Safety Tips for Glass Desks

1) Buy a Desk Made of Tempered Glass

To be safe, confirm that the desk you buy is made from tempered glass.

Tempered glass is toughened through heating and cooling processes to ensure it withstands heavy weights and doesn’t break easily.

The glass is stronger than regular or heat-strengthened glass. If it breaks, it disintegrates into small cube-like pieces that pose little danger.

ProHT black glass desk

Glass that isn’t tempered breaks into sharp shards which can be dangerous. In addition, go for a glass desktop with rounded edges because sharp, square edges can cut you if you run into them. Check the glass thickness as well – settle for ¼-inch.

2) It Should Be Able to Hold All Your Office Essentials

It is pointless to buy a desk without considering the work it’s needed for. Think about the items to be placed on the desk.

If you have a lot of essentials, get a desk with a keyboard tray, a CPU tower stand, shelves, and drawers. A corner desk or an L-shaped desk may be ideal if you need a lot of working surface.

Mainstays glass writing desk

Measure the room the desk will be placed in to ensure you get the right one. A small desk will offer little space to work on and lead to a cluttered office.

Select the right desk size to have a place for all your office items. You won’t have to deal with clutter every day and your productivity will increase

3) Do Not Overload the Desk

When choosing a desk to buy, think carefully about its intended use. After purchase, confirm its maximum weight capacity from the manual . To avoid overloading your desk, make sure you don’t exceed the weight capacity.

Although many glass desks can withstand heavy loads, they can break and cause accidents and damage if overloaded. The average weight a glass desk can handle is 110 pounds.

Mainstays small glass desk

4) If It’s a Home Office Desk, Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Play Near It

Children and glass desks are not a good mix. Place the desk as far away from them as possible and ensure they do not sit, hang, or play near it.

They may not understand the kind of accidents that could result from playing around the desk. 

Walker Edison l shaped glass desk

If you have pets, keep them away from the desk as well.

The more a glass desk is mishandled, the less chances of it lasting long.

Chipped or cracked glass affects the desk’s strength, weakening it tremendously.

5) Nothing Should Be Above the Desk That Might Fall On It

Even if a glass desk is made of tempered glass, placing very heavy items on it can cause it to crack or break. 

Having items such as shelves, drawers, or lighting fixtures directly above the desk is not a good idea because they might fall on the desk and cause both you and the desk harm.

Consider getting storage cubes, a hutch, or install storage units on the wall. But ensure the built-in units are far away from the desk.

Don't Wait, Transform Your Office with a Glass Desk Today!

Glass desks not only exude sophistication, they also express your character in a stylish manner. What better way to instantly transform your office than with an L shaped desk?

The desks come in glass, glass and metal, glass and wood, or all three. Select a desk based on your preferences. A glass desk is not for a select few. With the price ranges available, anybody can afford one. It all depends on your budget and preferences.

Taking care of a glass desk doesn’t have to be complicated or back-breaking. All you need to do is choose a desk that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

Get one of the above glass desks today and you will not regret it. Choose one that fits your specific requirements. Take time to read our reviews and you’ll be sure to choose the best.

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