Top 5 Desk Sets for Him

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Our pick: The Dacasso Leather Desk Set

While we love to buy our hubbies, sons, partners, and other men in our lives flashy goodies for their birthdays and other special days, one thing we often forget is a desk set which will make them enjoy working. Since they spend a lot of time at work, it’s only fair that we get them the best desk sets. Awesome desk set for him boost morale and increase their productivity.

Blu Monaco Office Desk Set for Him

Most men don’t bother with minor desk accessories thus the burden of choosing the best desk sets for him falls on their loved ones or friends.

A nice desk set complements a desk, a desk chair, and the décor of the room it is placed in. It also ensures one stays organized and keeps everything important within reach.

Comparison Table: Best Desk Sets for Him

The Best Desk Sets for Him


W x D x H (Inches)





Out of 5

Cool Desk Accessories for Men

30 x 18 x 1


Bonded Leather


Sorbus Acrylic Desk Organizer Set

16.9 x 5.2 x 4.1


Clear Acrylic


Office Desk Set

12.3 x 11.3 x 6.1


Steel Mesh and Wood


Desk Set for Him

15.4 x 11.7 x 5.6



Desk Gift for Him


Metal and strong plastic


Leather Desk Set

25 x 17 x 5


Oak Wood and Eco-Friendly Leather


While it’s easy to shop for a desk set for him, choosing one is a huge task. Desk sets usually have different items so you must choose one with the perfect items for him. Most desk sets for him are comprised of the following items.

Halter Desk Organizer Set

What to Look For When Shopping For the Best Desk Sets For Him

  • What the desk set contains: Aim to get more for less. Check what the desk set has and compare it with the rest within that price range.
  • The color: Does the set’s color match that of other furniture in the room? You do not want to have a yellow file tray on a black desk.
  • Has Items that are easy to replace: What if one component of the desk set is lost or broken? Can it be easily replaced?
  • Its looks: Come on, he’s a classy man. Buy something classy for him, like a gorgeous desk set.
  • Your budget: Do not go beyond your budget.

Blu Monaco Desk Set for Him

Look at these factors and a few others when choosing the best desk sets for him. Scouring hundreds of desk sets is no easy task, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve put together the top 5 desk sets for him – all you have to do is simply choose the one you think he’ll like. Read through, make a choice, and make him happy.

The Best Desk Sets for Him

This is hands down the best desk set for him. While it has fewer items than other desk sets for him, its quality makes up for it. The leather desk set comes with everything one needs to make their office desk look absolutely gorgeous.

We love the fact that this set is fairly-priced, for the quality. It is made of bonded leather and features felt backing. It gives you the luxury of leather without breaking the bank.

This set includes a desk pad, a pencil cup, and a leather tray. The desk set’s measurements are 30 x 18 x 1 inches. The guy you give it to won’t have a hard time putting it together since there is nothing to assemble.

All the reviews of the Dacasso leather desk set are awesome – all the more reason to get it! The best part is that you can get it in one day if you choose one-day shipping when buying it on amazon.

Dacasso Desk Sets for Him


  • It’s a high-quality desk set that’s made to last
  • It smells nice and looks great
  • It is made of bonded leather and has felt backing
  • It is not very heavy – it weighs 12.8 pounds
  • Has a cool dark brown color any guy will love
  • No need for assembly as it is pre-assembled
  • It is a complete desk set
  • It is beautifully packaged


  • The desk pad can’t be bent and trying to bend it can lead to breakage
  • The desk set does not contain many items like other desk sets

All guys want something unique for their desks – not something they’ll see everywhere they turn.

The Sorbus Acrylic desk organizer set is that thing. The perfect accent to a workspace, it helps one store their office essentials stylishly.

The desk set features a notepad holder, a letter holder, and a pencil cup. The notepad holder makes a perfect home for memos, quick notes, and post-it notes.

The letter holder has 3 slots which can hold stationery, mail, notepads, and other items. Each compartment holds approximately 500 sheets of paper.

Sorbus Acrylic Desk Organizer Set

The pencil cup stores markers, pens, and other writing materials. You can get the desk set together with the matching paper file holder which is sold separately.

The desk organizer set is made of clear acrylic and features a white contemporary lacquer-like finish. It makes a great gift for a busy, organized professional.


  • It’s a great set for storing essential desktop items like stationery and office gadgets
  • It keeps a desk organized and puts office essentials at hand
  • It is perfect for a traditional office and home office
  • It looks good on both small and large desks
  • It can be used for different purposes – to sort letters, to hold important documents and files, or to store gadgets
  • It is lightweight and sturdy
  • The clear plastic helps you to quickly know what’s stored where
  • It is designed to last


  • The white coating at the bottom is not very appealing

This executive desk set gives a stylish look to any office desk or table. You can search all you want but you’ll be hard pressed to find a desk set as functional and stylish.

It enhances the style of wood and metal furniture and boasts neutral hues that look good anywhere. The guy you give it to will cherish it.

The 5 piece mesh and wood office desk set is truly a head-turner that keeps a workstation organized and free of clutter. It is made of steel mesh and wood accents and will adorn your desk for years to come. It weighs 2.7 pounds and measures 12.3 x 11.3 x 6.1 inches.

The executive desk set contains the following items.

Halter Desk Gift for Him

  • A phone stand
  • A pencil cup
  • A business card holder
  • A memo holder
  • A letter holder

If your loved one or friend is a very organized person, they will love the Halter executive desk set. It has a 2-year limited warranty so you can buy it with confidence.

Halter also offers a lifetime warranty for the product that protects against defects.


  • It’s an executive 5-piece set that is perfect for a professional office environment or a home office
  • It can be placed on top of a desk, inside a drawer, or on a shelf
  • It is made of steel mesh and wood and flaunts a stylish and excellent finish that complements any type of a décor
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind about your purchase
  • It weighs only 2.7 pounds
  • The steel mesh and wood accents have neutral colors
  • It contains the most essential items one looks for in a desk set
  • The phone stand has a slot for documents and files on the side
  • The desk set is functional, stylish, and best of all, affordable


  • The quality is not the best
  • The phone stand can’t hold modern phones. It is only ideal for old, traditional phones
  • The pen holder is not well constructed and may come apart if you put too many pens inside it

If the person you’re getting the set for has neutral office furniture and décor, get this black desk set to complete their office.

The halter office desk set will enhance the style of any office. It gives an office a sleek look and makes its owner more organized. What’s more? Its price is affordable. 

This is a perfect set for any home office. The man you buy it for will know you took your time to choose it. Its dimensions are so perfect that there is no wastage of space on your desk.

This desk set for him comes with a manual that makes assembly a breeze. Tell the person you buy it for to go through it before setting it up.

No doubt about it, his office will look impressive. But before you get it, have a look at its features, pros, and cons.

Halter Executive Desk Set

This desk is durable and will stand the test of time, making your office stylish in the present and future. It gets rid of the clutter that is typical of offices.


  • It is a six-piece office desk set comprised of a 4 tier file tray, folder, pencil cup, business card holder, a memo holder, and a letter holder.
  • All the pieces can be placed on top of your desk, inside a large drawer, or on a shelf.
  • The 4-tier file tray is less than 12 inches and its width is about 12 inches.
  • The assembly process of this desk set is not hard
  • It makes an office look tidy and organized
  • The 6-piece desk set is perfect for a traditional office or home office.
  • The pieces are very easy to clean and do not require a lot of maintenance
  • It weighs only 5.8 pounds – very light
  • It has a lovely black color
  • The pieces are made with steel mesh that is highly durable


  • The pieces don’t come assembled and sometimes assembly instructions are missing
  • Some important parts may be missing when your package arrives – like screws
  • The items are poorly constructed and can easily get damaged

Rivers Edge takes pride in providing exceptional and unique items with beautiful and original designs. Their desk sets are always stunning.

This particular one has lovely camouflage colors that look good both indoors and outdoors. Get it for a person who loves the outdoors and everything it has to offer. 

The pieces come in a hanging blister pack that is just as colorful. The pack contains a tape dispenser, a stapler, a staple remover, a pen, and 3 binder clips.

RiversEdge Products Desk Accessories for Him

The stapler uses standard staples while the tape dispenser uses ¾ or narrower tape. These are not included in the set.

This is one of the best desk sets for him because of its manly color and unique pieces. 

The person you get it for will enjoy working in a colorful environment. It boasts a lovely design that is suitable for a classy man.


  • It has lovely camouflage colors
  • It contains unique items like a tape dispenser, binder clips, a stapler, and a staple remover
  • It is a great accent for any organized office
  • It weighs 2 pounds and can be used on any desk
  • No assembly is required for this product
  • There is no need for batteries
  • It is a perfect gift for any man cave or office


  • The stapler doesn’t work as well as regular staplers
  • The set may not contain everything you want

This is a high-quality, 8-piece leather desk set. It is gorgeous and flaunts a professional look. If the person you’re buying it for is all about saving the environment, they will love it as it has an eco-friendly leather finish.

The desk blotter is a little smaller than it looks in the picture but of very high quality. The good thing about Majestic Goods’ desk sets for him is that they are affordable and ideal for every office setup – whether formal or casual.

Majestic Goods Office Supply Leather Desk Set

This set makes a good gift and we think you should get it for your loved one or friend. It will put a smile on their face and they will feel appreciated by your wonderful gesture.

You will pay absolutely nothing for shipping so no need to worry about extra charges.


  • It contains a paper tray that prevents your documents from cluttering your desk
  • Comes with a letter opener, a picture frame, a blotter, a pen stand, a business card holder, a pencil holder, a letter holder, and a clock (a useful item not found in many other desk sets)
  • The set weighs 14.1 pounds and is ideal for different types of desks
  • The pieces have a very nice eco-friendly finish
  • The items are made from oak with a dark burgundy stain. Oak is long-lasting and does not easily get damaged
  • Some pieces have black leather inserts
  • There are no shipping charges
  • It can be gift-wrapped if you wish


  • You can only buy the full set. If one item gets damaged or misplaced, you can’t buy it separately
  • The desk pad/blotter may be too thick for your liking
  • The desk set is overpriced for the quality

Choose the Best Desk Set for Him

You don’t get a chance every day to show your loved one or friend how much you love or appreciate them.

When that day comes, get them something they will cherish, like one of these desk sets. Each one is functional, fashionable, and made to last.

Take our word for it, this is a gift he’ll never forget – and will probably use for a long time to come. Get one and you’ll never regret your decision.

Cool Desk sets for Him

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