The Best Corner Desk for the Money: 10 Great Options

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Our Pick: Sauder Harbor View Corner Desk

Space has become one of the most coveted things in our planet today. Everybody seems to need more space and yet there just isn’t enough. To make the most of the space in your home office or at work, get a corner desk.

A corner desk is specifically built to fit into a corner, thereby saving on space or making the most of it. It comes in different shapes, sizes, colors and may be customized to meet your particular needs

Unused corners in houses or offices present ideal locations for corner desks. The wall against which the desk lies can be decorated, further increasing a room’s beauty.

The direction the desk faces also boosts concentration and efficiency because it allows you to focus on work and steer clear of distractions.

These types of desks provide a sophisticated way to make use of corners by creating workstations where none existed. The best corner desks create more room, enhancing movement and fresh air circulation.

For students with space constrictions, the desks provide a convenient and practical solution. Some corner desks have large desktops which create more space for users and enable items to be reached easily.

After countless hours researching and scrutinizing different desks, we selected 10 corner desks that offer great value for money.

Comparison Table: The Best Corner Desk 

The Best Corner Desk


W x D H (Inches)





Out of 5

66.1 x 66.1 x 30.3


MDF, Veneer, & Melamine


66.1 x 66.1 x 30.3


Engineered Wood


63 x 55 x 43


Engineered Wood


66.1 x 66.1 x 29.9


Engineered Wood


66 x 65.9 x 65


Engineered Wood


65.9 x 27.6 x 7.1


Stainless Steel & Particle Board


The Best Corner Desks for the Money 

The name Sauder is synonymous with high-quality furniture. We love Sauder desks and include them in our reviews – even when we don’t want to – because they are beautiful and are made to last. It’s no wonder a Sauder desk takes the top spot in this review.

Sauder is an environmentally-conscious company and makes most of its furniture using engineered wood – meaning no trees are cut down. 

To further prove its love for the environment, the company converts any residual sawdust into electricity using its own cogeneration plant. Any remaining wood waste is used for various purposes, like making animal bedding.

We don’t know about you, but we think buying furniture from a company that endeavors to preserve our world’s future is an excellent choice.

So, what exactly does this desk have that makes it clinch the no. 1 spot in our review? For starters, it has a melamine top surface that is resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. 

Melamine is a plastic resin that is strengthened through a heating process. Afterwards, it is applied to wood or particle board to produce furniture.

The brown desktop beautifully contrasts with the rest of the desk which features an antiqued white color. It is large and can hold 2-3 monitors, a printer, and even a desktop accessory (like a desk lamp or a photo of your loved ones).

The corner desk offers ample storage in three drawers and a storage area behind a door. The two upper drawers can hold stationery while the bottom one can hold hanging file folders. The closed storage area makes a perfect home for a CPU tower or other large items. The great thing about the storage options is that they can be installed on either side.

Place your keyboard and mouse on the keyboard tray that’s fitted with metal runners and safety stops. It smoothly slides in and out, allowing you to work comfortably.

You can get the corner desk alone or with its hutch (which is sold separately). If your office is small and you hate clutter, this desk will help you to get organized. It has enough space for all your office essentials – and a little bit more.


  • Sauder is an eco-conscious company and makes most of its furniture using engineered wood – which is less harmful to the environment
  • The desk is bigger than it looks in the photo
  • It has enough space for all your office essentials
  • The desktop is made of melamine and is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and heat resistant
  • The desk offers storage in three drawers and a storage area behind a door
  • You’ll enjoy putting the desk together as the instructions are filled with humor
  • It is a great desk for the price – very sturdy and made to last


  • The desk is very heavy, so you must assemble it at its final location
  • The drawers don’t make the most of the available space

What’s not to love about this desk? It is well constructed, offers ample storage, and looks great wherever it’s placed. It is a great conversation starter and gives a home or office a rustic look that never goes out of style. The desk features a curado cherry finish that sets it apart from every other desk.

We love the grommet holes that make it easy for you to keep cables in check. You don’t have to get cable clips separately. Simply pass cables through the grommet holes and you’ll never have to worry about wayward cables.

The desk features a pull-out keyboard tray, 3 sliding drawers, and a closed storage area. The bottom drawer is large and can accommodate hanging files. The closed storage area can fit a CPU tower.

The working surface is spacious and can accommodate a computer, a printer, a desk plant, a framed photo, and other items. The pull-out keyboard shelf enhances the desk’s versatility.

The desk’s L shape allows it to fit perfectly into a corner and take up less space than rectangular or u-shape desks. It is versatile, and the drawers and door can be attached on the left or the right side. It is made of engineered wood and is strong and hard-wearing.

For those who work from home, this corner desk is the perfect workstation. It will make you feel as if you’re vacationing in a lake house. Get some vintage office décor to go with it and your office won’t look – or feel – the same again. You can also get its matching hutch (which is sold separately) to complete the look of your office.

Putting the corner desk together isn’t hard as the instructions are detailed – there are written instructions and large images. There are exact images of the screws needed for every step. This is very useful because there are several screws that are similar.


  • It boasts a lovely rustic style
  • It is made of MDF and veneer and is solid and hard-wearing
  • Sauder hasn’t ignored the small details – the drawers have finger joints which give the desk a very elegant look. The predrilled holes for the screws are counterbored
  • The drawers, closed storage, and keyboard tray can be installed on either side
  • The desktop has allowance for a monitor stand or a clamp
  • There are small grommet holes to help you manage cables
  • You can assemble it yourself, but it will take less time if you are two


  • While the desk is 20.5 inches deep, the drawers are only 13.5 inches deep. This means there is a gap between the back of the drawers and the desk’s back. If they were deeper, they could accommodate a lot more. Additionally, the drawers don’t slide out completely so it’s hard to utilize all of the available space

White furniture has one unique quality colored furniture lacks – it can transcend trends. So, if you want a corner desk that will stand the test of time – and fashion – this might just be it. It is the personification of understated style and will add a dose of refinement to any home or office.

There’s a reason why white paint is such a popular choice for home interiors. It can add an instant impact to spaces and give them a modern touch.

White is warm and welcoming and doesn’t gobble up all the attention, it highlights other elements.

This corner desk has many appealing features. It provides open and closed storage. The desk has 8 drawers and 3 cubbies. 

These can house your office supplies, important files, books, and miscellaneous items. One drawer is large and makes a great storage spot for lateral files.

The working surface is spacious as it can accommodate two monitors, a laptop, a keyboard, and a mouse. If you happen to have a printer or a scanner, you can place it on top of the small hutch.

Whether you’re tall or short, you’ll love the fact that the desk offers more than enough leg room. It is ideal for small homes, apartments, and small offices. Its clean lines and white hue allow it to easily blend with any home or office décor.

Since the corner desk ships in more than one box, the pieces may arrive separately


  • The corner desk has several storage options that fit even busy professionals
  • The white color gives simplistic elegance to any home or office
  • The desk is made of engineered wood and is sturdy and durable
  • The working surface is large and can accommodate many items
  • It offers ample leg room, so you won’t be uncomfortable as you work


  • Assembling the desk takes hours because there are so many pieces. The small hutch and the desk have to be assembled separately before being joined together. To speed up the process, organize the pieces and mark each step once you’re done

The perfect fusion of fashion and function, this corner desk will add style to your home or office and help you to save space. It offers plenty of storage and boasts a large work space, meaning you don’t have to get other desk accessories to make your workstation functional.

If what you’re after is a corner desk with more surface area for your work, this may just fit the bill. You can divide your work space and dedicate specific parts of your desk to specific tasks.

For instance, you can place your monitors and electronic gadgets on the left or the right side of the desk, freeing up space for other tasks, like sketching or brainstorming.

Just by looking at the features of this corner desk, you can tell Sauder put a lot of thought into the design. For starters, the desk is made with MDF and not cheap particle board. All the hardware and accents are made of wrought iron, giving the desk classic style.

If you don’t like dealing with electronic cables as you work (who does?), you’ll be delighted by the grommet holes that make it easy for you to manage cables. The desk has a pull-out keyboard shelf that fits a mouse. It features runners and safety stops.

The corner desk provides ample storage in 3 drawers and a storage area behind a door. One of the drawers is large and fits hanging file folders. All drawers have a patented T-lock assembly system.

The drawers and closed storage area can be attached to either side of the desk – it all depends on your preference. The closed storage spot can accommodate a vertical CPU tower.

You won’t have a hard time putting this corner desk together, but since it weighs 179 pounds, assemble it at its final spot to avoid moving it. To complete the look of your office, you can get some of the other pieces in the Carson Forge Collection.


  • It offers ample storage in 3 drawers and a storage area behind a door
  • MDF and wrought iron hardware make the desk look like an antique. They also make it strong and durable
  • The keyboard shelf smoothly slides in and out and is fitted with metal runners and safety stops
  • The desk is very heavy and sturdy
  • Sauder quickly replaces any missing, broken, or damaged parts free of charge
  • Assembly isn’t hard as the directions are easy to follow and all the hardware needed to put it together is included


  • The finish isn’t very durable and may start to peel after a while

If you handle a lot of paperwork, or need more space than the average desk offers, this desk will do. Featuring a large hutch with storage, it will help you to say goodbye to clutter. It has enough room for a laptop, monitors, printer, laminator, books, files, and other office essentials and accessories.

The Altra Pursuit corner desk with hutch is made up of a credenza, a bridge table, and a hutch. While it looks huge, don’t let its big size scare you.

It can perfectly fit into the corner of your home or office, taking up very little space. The hutch offers both open and closed storage and a sticky note board you can stick post-it notes to remind you of any pending tasks.

Finished in dark gray and warm cherry, it spells quiet sophistication and doesn’t look out of place in any room. The only thing we don’t like about the desk is that it’s a bundle. This means there is no way to connect the separate pieces as no connecting hardware is provided.

The part that worries us most is the hutch. It just sits on top of the credenza with nothing to secure it – this is very worrying, especially if you have kids who love to play with everything.


  • Unlike other corner desks, it has a large hutch with several storage options – including a sticky note board
  • The work space is very large and can hold many items. It will help you to stay organized
  • The corner desk meets high standards for performance and safety (ANSI/BIFMA and ISTA)
  • It has cable management slots on its sides and a trough beneath to help you keep cables in check
  • The dark gray and warm cherry finishes give it understated style


  • It’s a bundle and not a desk. There’s no connecting hardware for joining the separate pieces
  • There are no drawers or a keyboard tray

Featuring a vintage style that also looks at home in a modern setting, The Fairview corner desk is perfect for homes with limited space. It is highly functional and can be used for different purposes – gaming, writing, or office work.

The corner desk has gorgeous antique black and Hansen Cherry finishes. The work surface is large and can accommodate a laptop and several monitors. The desktop is resistant to scratches.

The corner desk has excellent features like 2 drawers, a cubby, a closed storage area, and a drawer with a drop-down front that fits a keyboard and a mouse.

The closed storage area has an adjustable shelf and can hold important files and documents. The cubby is perfect for books or office supplies you need close by.

The 2 drawers comprise a box drawer for office essentials and a letter-size file drawer. Both drawers are set on ball bearing slides and slide extremely well, meaning you can use every inch of space.

Whether you need a corner desk with a large work surface or you need one that helps you to make the most of space, Fairview is a perfect fit. It is not only functional, it is beautiful to look at. We love the fact that the corner desk comes with a 6-year warranty, and Bush Furniture promptly honors its warranty.


  • The desk comes with a 6-year warranty that Bush Furniture honors
  • It has a gorgeous vintage style that works well in any space – even contemporary settings
  • It has many storage options and can accommodate your office supplies
  • Its 2 drawers slide smoothly thanks to ball-bearing slides
  • The working surface is large and can hold 2 monitors and laptops
  • The drawer with a drop-down front fits a keyboard and a mouse
  • It is very well packed and will arrive at your location in pristine condition
  • Assembly is easy if you have another person to help. The directions are easy to follow but be sure to use a powered screw driver


  • This is not a heavy-duty corner desk. If you use it every day for many hours, the covering on the desktop will start to peel after a few months

The perfect addition to your home or office, this large corner desk has been designed to help you make the most of your work space. It will also help you to stay organized. The desk has a Tuscany brown and black finish that works well with different office environments.

This is a corner desk that will adapt to your changing needs. It is ideal for every home office or traditional office. You can use it for gaming, office work, sketching, or writing. Your kids can also do their homework on it.

The corner desk has extra features like a raised shelf, open and closed storage, and a keyboard tray set on ball bearing slides that operates smoothly and quietly.

The elevated shelf can house a monitor, printer, or a desk organizer. It has 3 little cubbies underneath on which you can place small books, gadgets, stationery, or documents.

The desktop features a thick, shock-resistant PVC edge. It is spacious and has room for everything you need to work comfortably – and productively.

You can get the desk together with the Innova Lateral File which fits perfectly under the desk. This ensures you have drawers to store your things in. It also completes the desk beautifully.


  • This is a high-quality corner desk. It can accommodate heavy loads without falling apart
  • It is very large and well worth the money
  • What you see is what you get – it is exactly as it looks in the picture. The color scheme is great and complements different types of décor
  • It offers both open and closed storage options
  • The elevated shelf easily holds a 34” monitor
  • The keyboard tray smoothly slides in and out. However, if you don’t need it, don’t attach it as it doesn’t increase or decrease the desk’s stability
  • Easy to assemble as all the parts are marked


  • The desk is very heavy. If you don’t have someone to help you carry it indoors when it arrives, you may have to open the package outdoors and take the pieces in one by one
  • Some of the edges of the desk are not sanded. They are sharp and may scratch you as you move about or try to organize things

This review is filled with many Sauder desks for good reason – the company makes high-quality, durable desks that are easy to assemble. We know the last thing you want is buying a desk that will make you angry or frustrated as you assemble it – that’s why this corner desk clinches our ninth spot.

It is beautiful to look at, hard-wearing, and isn’t hard to put together. Sauder also ships desks extremely fast, so you won’t have to wait very long for your desk to arrive.

The Barrister Lane corner computer desk is made of engineered wood and is very durable. Telling of its quality are its two upper drawers that have metal runners and safety stops.

The bottom drawer has full-extension slides and houses lateral suspension files. There’s also a pencil drawer that can be installed on the right or the left side. The drawers are easy to assemble as they feature a patented T-lock system

There’s a storage area behind a door that can house a CPU tower. It has an adjustable shelf you can move to create space for your office supplies. Grommet holes on the desktop make it easy for you to keep wayward cables in check.

Since the corner desk is finished on all sides, you don’t have to place it in the corner of a room. You can even position it to face the door so all who come to your office can admire its beauty. The desk features a salt oak finish that makes it look beautiful anywhere.


  • It is finished on all sides so you can place it in any part of a room – you don’t have to worry about hiding its ugly back!
  • It is very roomy, it will accommodate all your office supplies and accessories and still have space for a few other items
  • It offers sufficient storage in 3 drawers and a storage area behind a door
  • As with the other Sauder desks, the instruction manual contains funny comments that will make you laugh – making assembly more enjoyable


  • Some of its edges are sharp so you have to be cautious – especially if you have kids
  • If you’re assembling the desk alone, you’ll spend hours on the project. Get someone to help and lay out all parts beforehand (label them if possible). There are very many similar screws and that’s why this step is so crucial

Black can be dreary and white can be uninspiring but mix them together and you get a timeless look that is always trendy. Timeless style is what this computer corner desk offers. While it doesn’t have pure white and black colors, they come pretty close.

It will give your home or office a dash of class and sophistication. It’s also impressive that the desk has a bunch of extra features every person will love. The desk has a charcoal and sand granite finish that is absolutely gorgeous.

The Hampton corner desk has a raised shelf for a monitor or a printer, a keyboard tray, and open and closed storage. The keyboard shelf is set on ball bearing slides and slides in and out smoothly and quietly.

One thing you may not like about this corner desk is that it takes time to put together because there are so many pieces. If possible, lay out all the pieces in a room and mark them before you start assembly (you can use numbers for labeling). This will ensure you find them easily during assembly. While the instructions are in form of pictures, they are very clear.

To speed up the process, go through the instructions and prepare all the hardware. You can insert the connector screws, the feet, and the fasteners. The instructions call for 2 people, so call someone to help you to put it together.

The package is very heavy, so you may need two people to help you carry it on the day it’s delivered. It weighs about 200 pounds and is big, so you can’t carry it on your own. Make sure you assemble it at its final location as moving it is extremely difficult.

Once the corner desk is assembled, it looks awesome.


  • The corner desk has a raised shelf, a keyboard tray, and open and closed storage
  • It is very large and will solve all your space and storage needs
  • It supports monitor mounts
  • It is heavy and built to last
  • The charcoal and sand granite finishes make the desk very stylish


  • The desk is quite hard to put together
  • It is very heavy and difficult to move. Even if you remove all your items from the desk, you won’t be able to move it. In addition, the middle and side pieces start to separate as you move the desk, even with the joints tightly secured

Ending our review is the Sauder Palladia corner desk with storage, a desk that is both useful and stylish. Its material feels and smells like real wood – something we’re sure you’ll love – although it is engineered wood. Its vintage oak finish makes it a perfect fit for both conventional and contemporary offices.

The extra drawers on the corner desk allow you to keep your office essentials out of sight and away from prying eyes. There are two pencil drawers for holding stationery.

The keyboard drawer has a drop-down panel on which you can place a laptop or a keyboard and a mouse. The drawer can be installed on the right or the left side of the desk.

The large bottom drawer has full-extension slides and is ideal for lateral files. Three of the drawers have metal runners and safety stops. There’s also a storage spot behind a door with an adjustable shelf that can house a CPU tower.

The desktop is very large and can fit an assortment of office essentials and supplies. It can comfortably hold 3 monitors and a laptop. There are grommet holes on the desktop you can pass cables through and keep them out of sight, preventing them from cluttering your desk.

We won’t lie to you, this corner desk is very heavy. Make sure you have at least 2 people to help you carry it indoors the day it arrives and at least one person to help you put it together.

The desk is finished on all sides and looks good in any part of a room, not just the corner.


  • The desk looks like it’s made of real wood – its vintage oak finish makes it truly beautiful
  • Grommet holes make it easy for you to manage cables
  • There are many drawers on the desk, as well as a storage area behind a door
  • The keyboard drawer can be closed when not in use – thanks to a flip-down panel
  • Sauder labels each screw type to make assembly easier and also provides extra screws


  • Because there are so many pieces, the desk takes hours to assemble. The good thing is Sauder provides the hardware for putting it together
  • The grommet holes on the desktop are quite small

4 Great Benefits of Corner Desks

The advantages of corner desks are many; they far outnumber the shortcomings.

The desks can be used in various ways to suit different tastes and preferences.  Here are some of their major benefits.

1) They Suit Different Work Styles

Corner desks are not just for office work. If you love watching videos, gaming, studying, or listening to music with surround sound, a corner desk is ideal for you.

Wires and cords can be discretely hidden away from view and speakers can be placed on the desk for better listening.

The desks provide an enhanced surround sound experience because speakers can be positioned on the desk, eradicating the need for other stands.

Some modern corner desks come with designated spots for speakers. The desks can also serve as workstations where you can practice your hobbies. Scrapbooking, sketching, drawing, and embroidery are some hobbies you can indulge in.

2) They Make the Most of Idle Space

Most home or office corners lie idle because it is difficult to find something that can occupy the space. A corner desk not only fills this space beautifully, but also maximizes the available space.

The desk creates more space in a room, enabling occupants to move around easily – and leaving room for other furnishings. Most corner desks provide sufficient legroom, allowing you to stretch your legs and work comfortably.

Corner desks are also ideal for small rooms such as dorm rooms because they capitalize on the little space available.

3) They Offer Value and Convenience

A corner office desk is very cost effective. There are numerous options in the market. When your corner desk also serves the function of an office desk, it becomes easy to work.

You can multitask efficiently and refrain from overstretching, protecting your body from muscle strain.

L-shaped desks provide convenience as they ensure you don’t have to get up to fetch items as you work.

4) They Reduce Glare and Increase Concentration

Since corner desks face the wall, they greatly reduce work distractions and increase productivity.

Corner desks with storage above or below allow you to place office essentials closer to your working area. You are able to create a perfect small office and improve your focus.

To minimize glare, place your corner office desk in a corner opposite a wall with no windows. Glare can affect your ability to work and as a result, affect your productivity.

A corner desk ensures you don’t suffer from eye fatigue and headaches brought about by elongated computer use.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Corner Desk

1) The Available Space

Before you get a corner desk, consider the free corner space available in your home or office. This will help you determine the size of desk to buy.

Take time to measure the room or space before getting a desk. You’ll know the exact dimensions you want in a desk. 

U-shaped or L-shaped desks require more space than corner desks.

Even though a U desk offers a lot of workspace, it takes up more space. An L-shaped desk is ideal for big corners because it makes the most of the available space.

Besides the desk space, you require a minimum of 3 feet for your chair behind the desk. To further save on space, buy a corner desk with cable wire holes for easy management of computer wires.

2) Additional Storage

The need for extra storage will be determined by the kind of work the desk will be used for. If your work only involves making calls and sending emails, no extra storage is required.

On the other hand, if you handle a lot of paperwork and also perform computer related work, extra space is a must. A small desk with drawers that can accommodate files can suit you well.

It is better to overestimate your storage needs because you may need the extra storage later on.

3) Your Budget (It Determines the Desk’s Material)

Different types of desk materials are available in the market. Wood, engineered wood, metal, and glass are all easily available.

Solid wood may be heavy and expensive, but it is very durable and easy to maintain. Engineered wood desks are affordable and lightweight. Glass desks are a beauty to behold but require more maintenance.

Your budget is key in determining the kind of desk to buy. Fortunately, the market has a wide variety of corner desks so you are bound to find a desk that suits your needs.

4) Your Personal Preferences

These include color, style, design, size, shape, and finish. Décor may also influence the kind of desk you choose. Choose the desk color carefully to ensure it complements your home or office’s décor.

You may prefer a black computer desk for its hushed color or a white corner desk for its minimalist style.

If you spend countless hours at your desk, comfort is crucial. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable as you work. Keep in mind that you’re the one who will use the desk so get one you will enjoy using.

5) Ergonomics

Ergonomics must always be taken into account when buying a corner desk. An ergonomic desk and chair will ensure you have great posture as you work.

They will also relieve the strain of sitting for long hours at a time.

When buying an ergonomic desk, consider your ideal arm and knee posture and the extra features.

A built-in footrest will increase your comfort and a matte finish will reduce glare. A keyboard tray placed beneath the desktop ensures you don’t strain while working.

Additionally, get an ergonomic chair. If you will use the desk for gaming, ensure it has a comfortable height to cater for long gaming hours.

How to Make the Most of Your Corner Desk

As much as a corner desk is ideal for keeping your space organized, there are two important things to remember: be sure to make the most of the available space and always keep your desk clean.

Keeping your desk clean is paramount to preserving your health. You can also maximize space further after getting a corner desk. Here’s how to make the most of your desk.

  • This first tip is something you should do even before you have a desk. When shopping for a corner desk, look for one with additional storage options such as shelves or drawers. You will make the most of your space and stay organized.
  • Place your printer, CPU tower, and other large office essentials under your desk. This frees up space at the top of your desk. You can still reach those items easily whenever you need to use them.
  • Be careful not to overload your desk with unnecessary items and set aside a specific time or day to clear out and organize your desk. A reminder can help you to remember when you need to declutter your desk. Only organize your desk during the allotted time.
  • Consider getting a hutch together with your desk. It will increase your vertical storage and also provide an area to showcase items or post reminders on what to do or follow up on.

How to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized

  • Buy a desk that will quickly show dirt marks, dust, and stains. You will have to clean it often to keep it sparkling. A glass desk can encourage you to keep the area around it clean because it is transparent and you can see through to the floor.
  • Keep your office supplies at a specific place. Have a designated area for books, files, staplers, paper clips, and other items. An easy way to accumulate clutter is to move items from their areas and not return them after use.
  • Install a bulletin board next to or above your corner desk. It is a sure way to stay organized, decrease clutter, and keep your working area clean. Just by glancing at the bulletin board, you will be able to identify urgent or important things without cluttering your desk.
  • Keep hand sanitizer close by or use disinfectant after using your computer, laptop, or working on your desk. The amount of microorganisms that live around electronic gadgets cannot be underestimated. It is essential to take care of your health – you can’t work when you’re sick.
  • Reduce the knickknacks on your desk. Pictures, placards, and awards may be beautiful and inspiring but they can crowd your desk and swallow the available space. Hang items on the wall if possible or place them on a hutch to free up desktop space.

A corner desk can make the best use of the available space and enhance your productivity. If your home or office has limited space, getting it is a no-brainer. Buy one today and change your life for the better.

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