Best Budget Office Chair: Reduce Lower Back Pain and Boost Productivity

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Desk Gurus' Choice: AmazonBasics Mid-Back Padded Office Desk Chair

​To truly get why you’ll want to invest in the best office chair right away, start by crunching the following concerns. If you are an office worker, you have been spending an average of 15 hours a day sitting.

The 15 hours is a combination of time you spend seated on your budget office chair, couch, and elsewhere. It could be to work. Or, when watching TV, YouTube, and relaxing at home.

In the modern era, it is a given that you’ll remain seated for hours at a time. Now, multiple studies show sitting for too long can cause health concerns, you can do something about it.

You can minimize spine damage, lower back pain, and boost your comfort to increase your productivity when you have the best budget desk chair for your needs.

Getting the best affordable office chair can also help you avoid varicose veins, weight gain, and early death as a result of one or more of over 30 diseases and conditions that remaining seated for too long can cause.

In this best budget desk chairs guide, you’ll find our recommended
office chairs that’ll help you reduce discomfort while increasing your productivity and overall health.

Comparison Table: Best Budget Office Chair

The Best Budget Office Chair


W x D H (Inches)





Out of 5

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Padded Office Desk Chair

27 x 25.8 x 39.2


Black Leather and PVC


Furmax Mid-Back Swivel Office Chair

23.2 x 11 x 22.8


Mesh and Fabric


BestOffice Ergonomic Swivel Office Chair

22.2 x 21.9 x 38


​Mesh and ​Fabric


Best Budget Office Chair 

This gorgeous and ultra-practical pick is our recommended best affordable desk chair because it checks a bunch of benefits at a near-entry-price point.

At 24.02 inches wide by 24.02 inches deep and up to 34.83 inches high, it is a comfortable mid-back chair. Combine that with its leather upholstery on the seat, back, and armrests and the chair is comfortable for seating in for hours straight.

Note that the leather is bonded leather. So expect the office desk chair to add a touch of sophistication to your home office or workplace without breaking your savings account or office furniture budget.

Also expect it to come with a solid base, complete with five pairs of dual-wheel casters for easy mobility over wooden, carpeted or other floor materials without straining your spine.

The chair also supports 360-degree swivel so you can turn without stressing your back and knees. That base also supports a nimble, pneumatic seat-height adjustment system to help you work at your best alignment to your desk.

That also means you can have both of your feet firmly in the ground to ensure optimal blood circulation in your legs and avoid varicose veins and other seating diseases. 

Main Features

  • Adjustable seating position (pneumatic)
  • Supports up to 275 pounds max capacity
  • Comes with assembly instructions and is returnable
  • Good-size mid-back bonded leather office desk chair with padded armrests
  • BIFMA Certified office chair


  • Good-quality materials, including extra parts in the shipping package
  • Solid build office desk chair that’s also affordable
  • Stylish, square design
  • Soft, contoured, bonded leather cushioning on its back and seat
  • Good armrests’ placement
  • Comes in black, matte and white color choices


  • Limited rock back tilt for added comfort
  • Simple lumbar support not the best for extended seating sessions
  • Armrests are not adjustable

If you sit at your computer desk for extended periods, this ergonomic chair is built to offer extra lumbar support whether you choose to rock back or seat straight up.

It is not just beautifully designed to catch your visitors’ eyes and inject a modern aura in your productivity space. With it mesh-design back, expect it to offer an airy-comfortable experience on your back that’s similar to the rest of the room’s temperature.

The mesh back is designed to comfortably support the curvature of your spine in place as you work away for hours at a time.

That extra lumbar support is boosted by a wing-type back support mechanism that covers the largest section of the center-back to last long and reliably even with daily use.

It helps a bunch that the chair offers a thick padded seat that is breathable. So you can keep cool even after seating in it for hours.

Keep in mind the chair arrives disassembled. But there’s a manual to help you assemble it within 5-15 minutes. While at it, decide whether to screw in the unadjustable armrest or keep it out.

When fully assembled, the office desk chair feels sturdy. And in case it tilts forward when you lean forward, tighten the knob below the seat to reduce the tilting.

Main Features

  • Sturdy mid-back mesh office chair
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustability
  • Supports a maximum capacity of 265 pounds
  • Ergonomic chair with lumbar support
  • 23.2 inches by 11 inches by 22.5 inches good size desk chair
  • Mobile and offers a 360-degree swivel ability


  • Solid build with a breathable back and seat design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid dual-wheel casters for all floors
  • Removable armrests
  • Adjustable desk chair for extended use
  • 6 Different color choices


  • The chair doesn’t recline back
  • The armrests are not padded or adjustable
  • Might be a bit tight if you have a large frame

With over eight color choices to pick from, you know this budget office chair is built to cater to your individual needs.

That works well whether you wish to blend the chair color in with your home or office decor or to accentuate your productivity mood.

And it shows in the design, too.

It comes with a solid mesh back with lumbar support for your lower back.

The mesh back and seat are breathable to ensure you remain cool and productive even after extended use.

You can assemble it within 15 minutes. The plastic armrests are non-removable.

But they are ergonomically designed to help you feel comfortable and your arms well-supported for hours of typing away at your computer desk.

If you weigh below 260 pounds, this computer desk chair is for you.

Also, expect to swivel freely, roll across the room floor in swiping motions and adjust your seat height to a perfect relationship with your desk for optimal productivity and comfort.

Main Features

  • Ventilated back and seat sponge
  • Sturdy nylon lumbar support
  • Ergonomic design
  • BIFMA Certified chair solid base
  • 360-degree swivel and dual-wheel casters
  • Custom seat-height adjustability


  • Quick assembly and adjustability
  • Multipurpose office chair--work, gaming, reading
  • Good-size executive-design with ventilated back
  • Solid base with lock height control
  • Comfortable considering its size and price


  • The seat sponge could be cushier
  • The chair might make squeaky sounds some people won’t like
  • It doesn’t rock back

Benefits of the Best Budget Office Chairs

  1. Value for money: Not everyone can afford to buy a $1,500+ office chair. So getting one of the best budget office chairs on this list assures you’ll get the most bang for your bucks.
  2. Good lumbar support: while you might not get the kind of specialized lumbar support you would if you bought a high-end office chair, affordable office chairs also offer decent plastic or nylon support features to cuddle your spine’s shape and keep you in good alignment so you can be more productive for the longest time.
  3. Great design for the money: Each top budget office chair here comes with a unique design to match your furnishing taste and modern sophistication. The AmazonBasics Classic office chair, for example, sports a high-end look, complete with thick bonded leather that’s contoured over the ergonomic back and seat.
  4. Easy assembly: You can often easily assemble the entire chair in under 15 minutes. If the armrests are removable, it can be even faster--if you prefer to not add them to the frame.

Key Features of Budget Office Chairs

There are some benefits you’ll want to check for before clicking that “Buy Now” button. Here are the vital ones to not miss even if you’ve spotted a great deal.


The two areas to gauge adjustability in a budget office chair have to do with tilt and seat-height. The latter is a must while not many budget office chairs offer the full-tilt rocking capability of mid-rangers.

Together with swivel and 360-degree-rolling casters, adjustable seat-height ensures you don’t have to strain to move about and settle in to work best.

Back Support

If you can find an affordable office chair with lumbar support, buy it. A budget chair will offer plastic or nylon lumbar support and can help prop up your spine curvature just right to boost your comfort over an extended period.

Quality Construction

​Pick an office chair with a BIFMA certification for a good-quality swivel mechanism. The valve and seat-height lever mechanism also affects how the chair’s seat adjusts, tilts back and forth, and avoids annoying squeaking sounds.

In case of any problem such as cracks, peeling leather or jammed casters, return to the seller immediately.


​Some people prefer to remove office chair armrests. If you are that kind, ensure you get a chair with removable armrests. Note, though, that armrests help relieve strain from your shoulders when working at an office desk.

You might not get adjustable armrest at this price point. Instead, look out for budget office chairs that have ergonomically designed armrests.

Tips for Buying and Using the Best Budget Office Chairs

  • Decide what you want to do with it before buying. For example, the best budget office chairs for lower back pain come with lumbar support while the best computer desk chairs for extended work are cushier--complete with ergonomic armrests and bonded leather upholstery
  • Ensure the chair is returnable in case it ships in with a problem
  • If you buy a bonded leather padded office chair, do not clean it with abrasive detergents. The chemicals can peel off the leather and shorten the lifespan of your otherwise gorgeous office chair
  • If you notice the bonded leather peeling off, cut the peels off using a sharp pair of small scissors to curb further peeling
  • Check to see if the seller offers decent packaging when shipping. Good packaging reduces chances that your office chair parts could arrive damaged
  • Check the warranty, longer warranties mean the manufacturer/seller is confident in their product and so can you. Anything less than a year-long warrant is suspicious
  • Read Amazon reviews before buying. You may find a hack you could have never known from reading the chair’s manual
  • Confirm if the office chair is built with carcinogenic materials or whether it can adversely affect your reproductive health when it consistently warms up under you. Look out for a warning label underneath the seat.


​Do the best budget office chairs come pre-assembled?

Not necessarily. In most cases, you’ll have to assemble it yourself. But the process is usually straightforward and fun, taking a maximum of 15 minutes for most people. The chairs may come with or without extra parts.

How much should a good office chair cost?

The best office chairs come in all sizes and price ranges. How much to spend on an office chair will depend on what you see will satisfy your needs at the size and price you are looking for.

Are mesh office chairs better?

Mesh office chairs are a great fit for you if you need a breathable office chair, especially if you get hot from seating in a sponge or memory foam. If you choose a mesh back design, be sure to pick one that offers medium flexibility so it doesn’t start to sag in no time.

Summing Up

We highly recommend theAmazonBasics Mid-Back Padded Office Desk Chair. It offers an excellent blend of comfort, sturdiness, and great looks.

You’ll love the soft bonded leather cushioning on the back and seat even when you work long hours at a time. The chair supports easy mobility, offers a BIFMA Certified swivel and base quality, and holds up to 275 pounds of weight. The armrests are ergonomically positioned and padded as well for all-around comfort.

Over to you.

Using the best budget office chair for your specific needs can add years to your life, reduce back pain, and make you more valued at work for your increased productivity.

The sooner you can get the best affordable desk chair, the faster you can reap these benefits.

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